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Chapter 271 - The National Top 50 Competition (3)

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 271: The National Top 50 Competition (3)

    “It seems that our judges are very popular…”

    The audience screamed louder and louder. After they calmed down, the judges introduced themselves.

    From just a few short sentences, one could make out the judges’ personalities. Quan Jia had a straightforward personality. Yue Shang was more stable, and Zi You was the kind that was more coquettish.

    Of course, fans would not be able to tell that this Zi You was probably used to being praised because he was good-looking. As he spoke, he gave off a kind of frivolous feeling. Anyway, his whole body was filled with a sleazy kind of “I’m Very Handsome” feeling.

    Even if the contestants had such feelings, they would not say it out loud. In the fans’ hearts, no matter what Zi You did, he was very handsome.

    Su Cha was used to seeing beauty. People like Zi You were nothing to her.

    And with Bo Muyi blocking everything, any comparison was cruel.

    Sometimes, it’s not just the face that makes one good-looking, but also one’s character.

    There were many beauties everywhere, but those who had beauty that was more than skin-deep were probably only around one in ten thousand.

    Bo Muyi was indeed perfect. He had a face blessed by God along with his unforgettable aura and appearance.

    Many film and television stars in the entertainment industry were just superficially good-looking. They had nothing of worth to be gleaned under their skin.

    Such people often faded away the fastest.

    Besides, with Su Cha’s temper, she would not respond to Zi You’s actions.

    The video would also be broadcasted online. Given Bo Muyi’s attitude, he would definitely watch every match. If he saw the interaction segment, it would be fine if Su Cha did not respond, but once she did, he would definitely blow up.

    The host and the judges talked a lot on the stage. They explained the rules clearly.

    The contestant’s advancement this time depended not only on the judges but also on the live voting.

    The judges voted ten. The 100 contestants were divided into ten groups and were randomly placed into one group. After the competition, the live machine selected 100 audience members to vote. The first three contestants with the highest score would directly enter the Top 50. The last four would enter the waiting area, and the last three would enter the danger zone.

    Then the competition in the waiting and danger zones would be carried out in such a sequence.

    The competition could not be finished in just one or two days.

    The Internet stream would also be divided into top and bottom episodes.

    All 1000 viewers had the right to vote, but the 100 viewers whose votes were counted for each round were randomly selected.

    This method was very fair.

    At least in terms of the fairness of the competition,  had never had controversies before.

    In other words, as long as Su Cha performed well, she would not encounter any troubles like in Yonggu City.

    Su Cha was picked into group number five.

    When the competition began, all the contestants looked serious and nervous.

    The contestants from the various districts were thrown into chaos. Although they were assigned to one group, they were all competitors. If they did not perform well, they would not be able to advance directly, which meant that they were in danger and could be eliminated at any time.

    Half of the 100 contestants were to be eliminated. The competition process was cruel.

    The national competition was not like how it was in Yonggu City. At least everyone had a certain level of strength, and those who were at the top were naturally more eye-catching.

    There were not many people like Su Cha and Jin Mou who were born with good vocals, but there were also a few who had different styles.

    The competition this time was very intense. And after seeing that only a few contestants from each group got the chance to pass, those who had yet to go on stage became even more affected by the solemn expressions of the rest of the contestants.