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Chapter 340 - I’m Embarrassed to be Praised Like Tha

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 340: I’m Embarrassed to be Praised Like That

    Everyone circled around to grab a piece of paper. Lightning and the rest went over as well.

    Jian Qi immediately ran over and grabbed one. She took a look at the number, and stood to the side.

    Lightning and the others took one each as well.

    Jian Qi took a look at each of their lots.

    She was in the same group as Lu Yao, Lightning was in the second group and Old Man Qiu was in the third group.

    There was only one piece of paper left in the box and Jian Qi reached out to it before Tang Jinyu could grab it.

    “Instructor Tang, let me take a look for you,” Jian Qi giggled as she opened up the lot.

    The number on the paper was three, Jian Qi frowned.

    She then smiled as she read out the number on Tang Jinyu’s paper. “Instructor Tang is in the third group. Everyone, let’s take a look at yours.”

    After Jian Qi was done saying so, she returned the piece of paper to Tang Jinyu and then immediately walked toward Old Man Qiu. “Old Man Qiu, let me take a look at your number.” Jian Qi grabbed his lot from him.

    “Oh, Old Man Qiu, you’re group number one!” Jian Qi shouted as she stuffed her lot into Old Man Qiu’s hand, taking his lot with her.

    Old Man Qiu. “…”

    ‘Big Sister Qi, are you a thief?’

    “Help me out and you won’t have to do your part anymore.” Jian Qi smiled.

    Old Man Qiu’s eyes brightened up. “Big Sister Qi, you’re welcome.”

    Old Man Qiu took a deep breath as he felt instantly relieved.

    As long as he did not have to do whatever else she had in mind, even if Jian Qi needed him to grab another lot, he would gladly do it.

    Before they swapped their lots, Tang Jinyu already knew Old Man Qiu’s number. He opened it the moment he took the piece of paper.

    Hence, Tang Jinyu knew that someone changed numbers intentionally.

    Tang Jinyu was speechless. Why could she not be more honest?

    “Big Sister Qi, which group are you in?” Old Man Qiu asked.

    Jian Qi opened up her piece of paper calmly and smiled. “Third. Finally in the same group as Instructor Tang.”

    Jian Qi went beside Tang Jinyu as she smiled brightly. “Instructor Tang, look! We are fated to be together.”

    Just before Tang Jinyu could say anything, he noticed Jian Qi making eye contact with Lightning.

    Lightning coughed and said, “Boss, you and Jian Qi must be fated to be together.”

    Tang Jinyu raised his eyebrow. He gave him a deadly stare.

    Lightning swallowed anxiously and continued. “Only Big Sister Qi can match up with Boss.”

    Lu Yao said unwillingly, “Instructor Tang would be perfectly fine with her. Jian Qi is such a strong and gentle girl. Instructor Tang, you must appreciate her.

    Tang Jinyu’s eyes darkened. Before he could say anything, the other two veterans continued, “Big Sister Qi is such an attractive lady. Boss, you must treat her with love and care. But of course, Big Sister Qi would also protect you.”

    “Boss, you should quickly sweep her off her feet!”

    “Boss, if you miss this one, there won’t be a better one next time!”

    Jian Qi looked at them as if she were shy. “I’m embarrassed to be praised like that.”

    The four men. “…”

    ‘We were all forced to do it. How could you still be shy?’

    Who knew they would lose the bet and now they were forced to do such a ‘terrifying’ thing!

    Indeed, you should not lightly give your word to a girl.

    Especially girls like Jian Qi. The thickness of her skin was not of an ordinary girl’s!