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Chapter 573 - Fill In the Application Form of College

Medical Master
     Chapter 573 Fill In the Application Form of College

    It took Fang Qiu 75 hours to see 1050 patients, and he only rested for 2 hours.

    After seeing the last patient, Fang Qiu was about to continue to see the next patient, but when he looked up and found that there was no patient, he said in a bland tone, “No patients now?”

    He didn’t feel relieved or take a deep breath or even let out a sigh of relief. Everything looked so normal.

    However, it was such a casual action that made all the audience in front of the TV, computer, and mobile phone moved.

    This was a Chinese Medicine doctor.

    This was the spirit of Chinese Medicine.

    This was the benevolence of Chinese Medicine!

    The show was over.

    On the show, Fang Qiu didn’t take a deep breath. However, the audience in front of the TV couldn’t help but let out long sighs of relief.

    There was no doubt that Fang Qiu’s 75 hours deeply shocked every one of them.

    Although in this era, working overtime had become a new normal. The government also provided various subsidies related to working overtime, but what Fang Qiu did was completely different from that because he didn’t want any reward.

    He just wanted to save people.

    Without any rewards, how many people in the world could be like Fang Qiu? Not to mention whether they can do it or not, it was still a question that how many people would be willing to do it.

    #Fang Qiu offered free clinical treatment for 75 hours!#

    As the show was over, the topic immediately appeared on Weibo.

    In just half an hour, the topic was heated, which was like a rocket, soaring wildly!

    At the same time, as one of today’s most popular shows, the ratings of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor had always been followed by many people.

    As soon as the show was over, the ratings report immediately came out.

    Not only did people immediately announce the show’s ratings on the Internet, but people of Central Television also instantly got a report of the ratings.

    As soon as the report came out, it was immediately delivered to Director Li Huawen.

    “What?” As Director Li Huawen received the report, he took a closer look and found that there were only their show’s ratings on the report.

    As for the ratings of other shows, it was obvious that the staff wasn’t able to count up.

    However, no matter for Director Li Huawen or anyone else, the ratings of other shows were completely meaningless.

    Even if they were counted, they would still be outclassed!

    On the ratings report, it went, “Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, the average number of the ratings in this period of time is 7%. The highest ratings at the same time are 7.3%!”

    At the sight of this result, Director Li Huawen was slightly stunned and there was a glimmer of expectation in his eyes.

    Although the audience ratings of this show were better than before, for Director Li Huawen, he was no longer excited by the small increase of the ratings unless the ratings directly exceeded 8%!

    This was already the tenth episode of the show. There was still quite a distance from 8% in the highest ratings.

    However, the highest audience ratings, 7.3%, really gave Director Li Huawen hope. If things went on like this, it was possible for the last episode to exceed 8%!

    It was only 0.7% left!

    Was it difficult to increase by 0.7%?

    Who knew? Maybe he would be able to do it.

    In addition to the expectation, Director Li Huawen seemed to see a glimmer of hope because he was going to do a live broadcast in the last episode!

    Soon, taking advantage of the hot discussion caused by the tenth episode on Weibo, the crew of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor also issued a post.

    “#The 11th episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor# There is no preview or spoiler. This is the last episode. The show that has lasted for more than two months is finally coming to an end. We’ll know who will be the champion of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor in the eleventh episode. We’ll also change into a live broadcast from recording! The specific rule is temporarily kept secret, which is something that even the contestants don’t know. Do you want to know?”

    As soon as the post was released, it immediately attracted the attention of countless people.

    The last episode would be changed from recording into a live broadcast? And it would be a final?

    The rule was completely kept secret.

    The key points became the focus of netizens’ public opinion.

    But at the same time, all the audience was also pleased.

    “Even the contestants don’t know the rule of the show.”

    “It seems that no one has ever heard of the rule since the ninth episode!”

    “There were two episodes without rules. I almost thought it was a show to experience Chinese Medicine. If it hadn’t been mentioned by people on Weibo, I would have forgotten it was a competition.”

    “It’s amazing. We actually watched two episodes without rules, and we didn’t even notice it at all.”

    “It’s all because this show is so good!”

    “It seems that the show’s crew is going to take full advantage of the last episode. It’s going to be a great show!”

    After watching the show, the ten contestants, including Fang Qiu, also saw the post issued by the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor immediately. They couldn’t help smiling wryly.

    When they went back to the capital after three days of free clinical treatment, Director Li Huawen had gathered everyone to have a meeting. In the meeting, he had announced in advance that the last show would be a live broadcast.

    At that time, everyone already raised all kinds of questions, feeling that this wasn’t proper.

    But people’s attention was distracted by the issue that Fang Qiu was slandered on the Internet.

    Now, as soon as the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor’s Weibo account released the news, everyone recalled it. Meanwhile, they were very depressed. They didn’t expect that the live broadcast proposed by Director Li Huawen was actually true!

    The most important thing was that everyone had been wondering what the rules of the last few episodes of the show would be at that time.

    In the end, they still didn’t know.

    As for the rules, the ten contestants were all confused!

    They really didn’t know.

    They had recorded the show for two episodes like this. And the last episode would be a live broadcast about the final. So why didn’t they announce the rules of the last two episodes? Were there only the top ten contestants in the country? Was there no such thing as the top five and top three contestants?

    Would they determine a champion among the top ten contestants?

    Everyone felt confused.

    The next day, just when everyone was making wild guesses about the rule, all the people of the crew divided into ten groups were out and went to the places where the ten contestants had gone to offer free medical treatments.

    Of course, the crew’s action this time was completely confidential.

    No one, not even the people from the other production teams knew about it!

    On Monday, it happened to be the first day for the college candidates from all over the country to fill in the application form of college.

    All the students had received the notice early in the morning, so they all returned to their schools quite early, ready to fill in the forms.

    In Jiquan City, Zhang Guangshou, the top scorer of sciences, also returned to his school.

    But on the way to school, he had always been followed by the teacher from Capital University’s enrollment office.

    In the past few days, the teacher from Capital University’s enrollment office had never left. As long as he had time, he would follow him and give him all sorts of persuasion so as to make him apply for the Capital University.

    Even though Zhang Guangshou had rejected him many times, the teacher still refused to let him go.

    Zhang Guangshou had no other choice but to wait for this day to come.

    Once he finished filling in the application form, this annoying teacher from Capital University’s enrollment office would no longer pester him.

    With the persuasion of the teacher all the way, Zhang Guangshou returned to school and entered the classroom where he was in.

    The teacher of the enrollment office followed him in and continued to persuade him.

    He even called over Zhang Guangshou’s class teacher.

    However, the class teacher only said that he would let Zhang Guangshou make the decision by himself.

    All the students had arrived.

    The application forms were handed out.

    Under the gaze of the teacher from Capital University’s enrollment office, Zhang Guangshou took over the application form and directly made the Chinese Medicine School of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine as his first choice.

    As the teacher from Capital University’s enrollment office saw this, he let out a helpless and wry laugh.

    “Zhang Guangshou, have you really thought it over?”

    Under the request of the teacher from Capital University’s enrollment office, Zhang Guangshou’s class teacher walked over and glanced at his application form. He said, “This is important for the rest of your life. It’s still not too late to change it.”

    Zhang Guangshou nodded and answered with great certainty, “I’ve thought it over.”

    “All right.” The class teacher nodded gently to show that he respected his decision.

    “Teacher, I can hand in the application form now.” Zhang Guangshou stood up.

    “Not yet.” The teacher from Capital University’s enrollment office immediately stopped him and said, “There are five choices, and you have only filled in the first one. You can take Capital University as the second choice. If the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine doesn’t give you the admission, our university will still want you.”

    “No, thank you.” Zhang Guangshou said with a smile, “If University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine doesn’t want me, I’ll take the college entrance examination again.”

    Upon hearing that, the teacher immediately darkened his face.

    His plan was very simple. Although Zhang Guangshou’s first choice was the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, he could still make him only gain the admission of Capital University as long as Zhang Guangshou took Capital University as one of his choices in the application form.

    Unexpectedly, this guy actually only filled one university in the form, which made him unable to do anything even if he wanted to do something behind the scenes!

    “Are you sure you don’t want to fill in?” The class teacher looked at Zhang Guangshou in surprise.

    “Yes, I’m sure,” Zhang Guangshou replied with a nod.

    “All right.” The class teacher nodded and took Zhang Guangshou’s application form.

    This time, the teacher from the enrollment office of Capital University was dumbfounded.

    It was over. He didn’t have any chance at all.

    As a teacher of one of the best universities in the country, he was really depressed!

    He hated himself for seeing such a good talent slip away from his grasp, which was really frustrated.

    As the top scorer of sciences, it would be great if he could apply for Capital University, which would not only show his place as the top scorer but would also bring honor to the university.

    But unfortunately, in this world, there was such a person who didn’t care about fame at all and only wanted to do whatever he wanted.

    However, as he left the school gloomily, the teacher from Capital University’s enrollment office also received a message saying that Wang Pei, the top scorer of liberal arts in Jiquan City, only filled one school in the application form, which was the Chinese Medicine School of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    As he saw this message, the teacher couldn’t help but smile wryly.

    It seemed that he was not the only one being depressed.

    The two top scorers of Jiquan City, which claimed to be the best at learning, actually applied for the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. They even neglected the world-famous Capital University and Qinghua University.

    How unbelievable that was!

    For a moment, the teachers from the two top universities’ enrollment offices all hated the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and Fang Qiu so much!