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Chapter 982 - Being a Mediator for Once

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 982: Being a Mediator for Once

    Wen Xinya sat by the side, secretly amused by the two of them. One was old and sly while the other was scheming and conniving. They were both experts at negotiating and beating around the bush to assert dominance.

    Duke Moville first mentioned the Moville Family’s current financial situation before agreeing to use the resources in exchange for the document. An impatient person would get anxious and lose the upper hand.

    Yet, Si Yiyan was mysterious and unpredictable. The mines and resources were extremely tempting, for they were the real benefits. Yet, Si Yiyan managed to remain cool and collected throughout the discussion.

    Since the decision had already been made, Wen Xinya was no longer interested in listening to the rest of the conversation. She began to fiddle with the chessboard in boredom.

    Next, a pair of long and slender hands began picking up the white chess pieces.

    His fingers were long and perfect for playing the piano. They were so beautiful that she could not help but take a few more glances.

    Si Yiyan and Zhong Rufeng had the most beautiful fingers that she had ever seen, and so did Mr. Wei.

    His knuckles were defined and exquisite.

    They were smooth like precious jade, intricate and elegant like God’s most perfect creation.

    Si Yiyan’s fingers were bony, elegant, refined and long. It was as if time had taken a toll on his hands which were meant for playing music and calligraphy.

    She could not describe the pair of hands in front of her, though she did not wish to make a remark either.

    She looked up to see that the pair of hands belonged to Mr. Wei.

    Mr. Wei had left a deep impression on her. She remembered him for being cold and aloof like an iceberg that wouldn’t melt. He was mysterious and secretive, though he also seemed to have earned the trust of Duke Moville. However, he also acted like he wasn’t bothered about Duke Moville’s affairs either. She could not help but wonder how exactly he was related to Duke Moville.

    Ever since they entered the room, he appeared rather nonchalant. However, she began to grow wary after seeing that Si Yiyan had kept his guard up against him.

    The two of them began playing chess silently.

    Si Yiyan took a quick glance at Mr. Wei before looking away.

    Duke Moville’s plan to gain dominance was ruined by Si Yiyan. Finally revealing his motive, he said, “Before the banquet, I’ve never imagined that I would one day get to sit together with Rex and discuss a business deal over some fine tea. There are no eternal enemies in this world. Why don’t I be the mediator for once and resolve the feud between Lucifer and the Ivanov Family? Why don’t we solve things openly?”

    The mines and resources were far too important to Duke Moville, and he obviously wouldn’t take them out for nothing. However, he felt that it would not be a bad thing if he could resolve the conflict between Lucifer and the Ivanov Family, so as to make Lucifer stop attacking them and gradually recover the firearms business that they had given away.

    Wen Xinya had a clear idea.

    Previously, Duke Moville had only tactfully expressed his intentions to be a mediator. Yet, he was now brazenly bringing it up.

    Si Yiyan pressed his lips tightly together and hung his head low to look at the chess pieces.

    Duke Moville’s face gradually grew sullen, thinking to himself that Si Yiyan was going overboard.

    Wen Xinya held Si Yiyan’s hand and said, “Since Duke Moville is so sincere about being the mediator, we don’t have a reason to turn him down. Let’s talk about it, then.”

    Having understood Si Yiyan well, she knew that he was not willing to resolve the conflict, mostly because he could not tolerate the insult from Anatoli as well as Duke Mo’s threat. He was bent on driving them into a corner.

    However, she felt that there was actually no need to do so since the Ivanov Family was probably already terrified enough to refrain from getting up to any more tricks. In the future, they would still have to rely on Lucifer’s raw materials supply in order to continue managing the firearms business.

    The Ivanov Family was just depending on the Moville Family to give them a little push. Now that even Duke Moville had to swallow his pride and succumb to Si Yiyan, the Ivanov Family probably wouldn’t stir any more trouble. She felt that there was no need for Lucifer to tarnish their reputation and become branded as ruthless and cruel thugs.

    It also did not make sense to push benefits away for the sake of a small fry.

    Duke Moville had already given in and there was a limit to his patience too. After all, Duke Moville was a Russian aristocrat and Si Yiyan did not want to fall out with him completely, even though he was not afraid of him.

    Si Yiyan held her hand, feeling a little displeased about her decision to take things into her own hands. However, he would be making things difficult for her and embarrassing her if he were to refute in front of everyone.

    Rubbing his hand tenderly, Wen Xinya comforted him. “Duke Moville, you’re right. There are no eternal enemies so long as there are profits to reap. We’re just trying to make a living. There’s no need to make things so inauspicious by creating so much bloodshed.”

    Si Yiyan frowned and remained silent.

    Wen Xinya continued, “The Ivanov Family has already been punished for offending you. There’s no need to ruin Lucifer’s reputation for the sake of a small fry.”

    Si Yiyan pursed his lips before easing the tension in them, though he appeared rather intimidating.

    Greatly taken aback, Duke Moville glanced at Si Yiyan and asked, “Rex, what’s your opinion?”

    Previously, he felt that Wen Xinya had a commanding aura and was not to be belittled. Hence, he was not surprised that Si Yiyan would be so head-over-heels in love with her. He also made it a point to be respectful towards her.

    However, he had never expected that Wen Xinyad had the power to influence Rex’s decisions.

    The feud between Lucifer and the Ivanov Family had been going on for a long time, and it would obviously not be resolved that easily. Hence, Duke Moville was rather worried about it at first. Yet, she managed to get him to make the decision effortlessly.

    Si Yiyan did not refute or blame her for acting on her own initiative.

    He found it rather incredible.

    Si Yiyan said calmly, “Bella has always been kindhearted and she focuses on harmony. Since she’s agreed with you, feel free to speak, Duke Moville!”

    Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that there was finally an outcome. Next, they would be proceeding to discuss about the details of the negotiation. Due to the gender imbalance in Russia, it would be inappropriate for her to stay in the room. Although Si Yiyan might not mind it, Duke Moville would definitely be bothered by her presence.

    Hence, she said smilingly, “I’ve been here for the entire day and I’m getting a little bored. I’ll go out to take a walk.”

    She was not worried about her safety since she was on Si Yiyan’s territory. The matriarchal token on her ear seemed to be a safety amulet.

    Si Yiyan said smilingly, “Liu Yanhua is right outside the door, let her accompany you.”

    Wen Xinya nodded smilingly.