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Chapter 327 - Becoming More And More Like A Husband (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 327: Becoming More And More Like A Husband (1)


    The corners of Gu Yu's mouth lifted. A cold smiled appeared on his face. "Yun Rou, who gave you the confidence?"

    "Am I wrong?" Yun Rou looked at Gu Yu. She didn't want to miss catching any changes in his expression. "If that's not the reason, why did you reject me without even considering the offer?"

    "Yu, you're a businessman. And a business magnate should place a priority on his benefits. No matter how you look at it, making me the brand ambassador of the Gu Corporation is the best decision."

    Gu Yu's gaze was cold. He gave her an enigmatic smile as though he had just heard a joke. When he spoke, his voice was as indifferent as always. "You said that you owe me because you left me, and so you want to use this chance to repay me. However, to me, this debt doesn't exist."

    In a single sentence, he erased all that had happened in the past.

    As is to be expected, Gu Yu never accepted betrayal. There's no forgiveness for anyone who betrays him.

    In the past, Yun Rou was someone special. And she still fancies herself to be so.

    Even after hearing such hurtful words from Gu Yu, Yun Rou was still able to maintain the smile on her face. "So this is what you think. That's good. Let's not talk about what happened in the past. In that case, why did you reject me?"

    "Yu, let's put behind our past and talk about this ambassador proposal alone. Our collaboration will be a win-win for both parties. My image is positive, and I'm a hero who brought honor to our country. As for the Gu Corporation, the biggest project this year for you is your collaboration with the government. I'm sure I don't have to explain the impact I can bring as a brand ambassador, right?"

    "Also, I'll be going my worldwide tour soon, so as the brand ambassador, I can promote my concert and let more people take notice of me and my performance."

    Yun Rou raised her head and straightened her back. She showed extreme arrogance when she said all these, but she had every right to do so. She won the international grand award as a pianist and gained considerable prestige in her field. Winning the award meant she was the first Chinese to achieve such distinction.

    Gu Yu looked up and scanned the clock hanging on the wall. There was impatience in the depth of his eyes. He frowned and looked at Yun Rou, his gaze devoid of warmth. Even his voice was cold as he said, "I don't need to give any reason if I don't want to use someone!"

    "However, I do have a reason for you now. A person who uses the past as an excuse, a person who can't differentiate her personal life from work, has no right to collaborate with me."

    "I, Gu Yu, never allow my emotions to interfere with my work."

    As his words rang in Yun Rou's ears, she felt her heart stabbed over and over again. She remained calm and composed, but she couldn't maintain her smile any longer. She pursed her lips tightly and remained silent. After a while, she laughed softly and replied, "Yu, I understand. However, my words still stand. If you need me, I will be here. If you change your mind, you can contact me anytime."

    Yun Rou took out her name card from her bag and gave it to Gu Yu.

    Gu Yu glanced at it. He extended his hand and took the name card.

    A flash of excitement instantly appeared in the depths of Yun Rou's eyes, but it soon disappeared. She watched as Gu Yu, without hesitation, throw her name card into a nearby rubbish bin immediately after he took it from her.

    Yun Rou clenched her bag tightly. She almost scratched it with her nails.

    Gu Yu raised his chin and moved his thin lips. "You can leave now."

    Yun Rou took a deep breath. Very soon, she suppressed all her emotions and smiled calmly. She gave a small nod to Gu Yu and straightened her back. She then turned and walked away on her high heels.