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Chapter 272 - That Was a Song Holding His Emotions

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 272: That Was a Song Holding His Emotions

    Several contestants from Yonggu City were in front of Su Cha. Other than Jin Mou, who directly passed, the rest were all waiting.

    To be honest, Su Cha found Mona unlucky to have been placed in the group before hers.

    Mona was in the same group as a contestant with the same style as her.

    This contestant's name was Ka Lian, someone who had returned from studying overseas. Her European and American style was more imposing than Mona's. Moreover, she had a good voice and was the best at rock-and-roll. Her singing could easily liven up the atmosphere. In comparison, Mona was slightly weaker.

    In the end, it was Ka Lian who passed and Mona was in the waiting area.

    After the competition results came out, Su Cha saw that Mona could no longer maintain her basic smile.

    Dong Yishan, who was in the last group, was worse off than Mona and directly entered the danger zone.

    This meant that, without a strong backing, she would have to go through such a strict voting system.

    When it was Su Cha's turn to go on stage, she closed her eyes and prepared to devote herself to the competition.

    There were strong contestants in Su Cha's group.

    Also, her group had more vocals. They were all talented singers, and the competition was intense.

    Today, Su Cha was wearing a simple casual outfit. She was wearing a chiffon top and a pair of wide-legged pants. Even if she was not showing her figure, she would not really dare to wear it so simply like this. She had embroidered a pattern on the lap of her pants. Her originally simple and clean pants hence became eye-catching with this color.

    The combination of plain colors and patterns was relatively simple in embroidery. The colors did not need to be too rich and vibrant, but it was not easy to perfectly showcase them. If the colors were too out of place, it would lower the overall style.

    Once she went on stage, it was not an exaggeration to call her the center of attention.

    After all, her appearance was too outstanding and her unique aura easily attracted people's attention.

    Quan Jia could not hide the smile on her face when she saw Su Cha.

    Although they did not contact each other after Quan Jian introduced the music teacher to Su Cha, it did not mean that the former stopped paying attention to the latter.

    When the contestants in the same group saw what the situation was, they forgot about things like having confidence in themselves. The others would inevitably feel anxious.

    After the competition began, a contestant who went sometime before Su Cha had successfully performed well. She had performed an extremely difficult song called "Waiting for the Wind," causing a sensation in the audience. Even the judges could not help but be amazed.

    Because the contestant had performed too well, the performance of the next contestants was inevitably dull. The people who went on stage after her were more or less affected by their emotions.

    When it was Su Cha's turn, silence resumed.

    She was going to sing a song from a period drama today. It used to be a popular drama theme song. It talked about a husband going to war and a wife waiting at home. In the end, news of her husband dying on the battlefield came.

    In the beginning of the song, the cruelty and coldness of the battlefield era were expressed. The latter half of the song spoke of a woman's broken heart, and it was recommended by Dai Xiaofu.

    Although she had never experienced it before, she had experienced something more cruel and heartless in the past. When she sang, there was a strange resonance. Together with her ethereal voice, Su Cha's beautiful and sad song became even more stunning.

    When that clear, wine-like voice spread through the entire venue through the microphone, everyone seemed to be able to feel the woman's broken heart. When they closed their eyes, they saw the cruel scene of the war. The song was like a siren, piercing through the hearts of people and reaching the deepest parts.

    While the audience could not help but be enchanted, the man watching the unique live broadcast in the office heard the singing coming from the TV.

    His eyebrows were tightly furrowed and his thin lips were abnormally pale. The knuckles of his fingers that were holding the fountain pen started to turn white. He felt as if his heart had been clenched tightly. The faint sadness in the song made him unable to breathe.