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Chapter 357 - Chapter 357: The Old Man.

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 357: The Old Man.

    Ji Siying, being a C Rank Soldier, could not bear the blow of Miss Venom. She was just like a kite that broke its line in a hurricane. She flew backward uncontrollably. Since it was an internal force with poison gas added to it, after she fell to the ground, she spat out a mouthful of blood, her face was ugly to the extreme, and sweat was already dripping from her forehead.

    In Xiao Luo’s eyes, Ji Siying was a friend, so it was impossible to say that he felt no anger when seeing her being bullied by Miss Venom.

    Miss Venom turned around, smiled at him and said, “If you don’t want to die, don’t move!”

    King Kong also didn’t want Xiao Luo to be poisoned to death. He held his breath as he smiled and chimed in, “Listen to her and don’t move. The poison of that little green snake can easily kill an elephant. If you get bitten, even if treatment is timely, there is also the danger of paralysis.”

    However, just as he finished talking, Xiao Luo’s body suddenly burst into a powerful momentum. There was a sharp whistling accompanied by the catharsis of strength, Xiao Luo’s taut body fiercely rushed forward. He was like a sharp arrow leaving the string and a caged eagle breaking free. He reached out his hand, aiming at Miss Venom’s left shoulder.

    Without warning, no one thought that Xiao Luo, who was being eyed up by the snake on his shoulder, would dare to move. He also attacked Miss Venom. Was this not asking for death?

    The NSA members who were watching all turned pale with horror and were scared to death by Xiao Luo’s actions.

    In the same way, Miss Venom also didn’t expect Xiao Luo to ignore her little green snake. What made her eyes go even bigger was that Xiao Luo attacked her with domineering force. She had no choice but to strike as well but that wasn’t enough.

    “Peng ~”

    Two fierce forces collided with a dull sound, creating a ripple in the empty space. Miss Venom fell heavily to the ground eight meters away, deep red blood seeping out.

    In terms of internal force, she was absolutely inferior to Xiao Luo, hence she was code-named “Miss Venom”, because poison was considered her most deadly weapon!

    King Kong opened his eyes wide at this time. When he saw that Xiao Luo had two wounds on his neck from the snake bite, he shouted loudly regardless of his image, “Motherf*cker, you are really one impulsive chicken, son!”

    He was really taken aback by Xiao Luo and was speechless by his actions. He had just finished saying don’t move. And yet, he moved the next second. He not only made a move, but also struck Miss Venom. Coule Miss Venom’s body be directly touched by hand? He felt that Xiao Luo was dead, not to mention the poison of the little green snake, the poison of Miss Venom’s body would poison this guy to the point of death.

    “Quick call a doctor!!!”

    Ji Siying endured the pain and shouted hysterically at the NSA soldiers.

    Some people reacted quickly. For example, one rushed to the medical department of NSA headquarters. Even S Rank soldiers would die without medical treatment.

    Xiao Luo stood with the palm of his right hand turning dark, which spread along his arm toward his heart. The place where the snake bit on his neck also produced a burning sensation. The burning sensation was also becoming worse, as the area around the wound started to swell up rapidly.

    He immediately sat cross-legged, closed his eyes and stimulated his internal force. As he ran Yi Jin Jing, he refined the poison in his body.

    Soon, he entered a state of emptiness. Although he closed his eyes, he could still feel everything around him. He could tell that he was sweating all over. Above his head was white mist that curled up from his hair.

    Yi Jin Jing refined the poison in his body and his complexion also improved at the speed visible to the naked eye. The purple gas on his palm also gradually dispersed, and the red swelling on his neck also slowly subsided. The wound that was originally bleeding with black blood soon turned into a normal bright red color.

    This was obviously a sign of detoxification!

    The bunch of NSA soldiers were all dumbfounded. Could he detoxify himself and remove Miss Venom’s poison? He had that kind of ability?

    Everyone swallowed hard. Xiao Luo’s situation had simply overturned their cognition. They felt that their cognitive world had collapsed at this moment.

    Ji Siying also froze.

    Miss Venom was the one who was the most shocked, her pair of seductive and matchless eyes were full of surprise. She knew how domineering the poison on her body was, if it were any others, their whole arm would have to be scrapped. Her pet snake could poison a person to death.

    “He … is not afraid of my poison?”

    Her fine eyebrows frowned, this was the first time she met someone who was not afraid of her highly toxic poison.

    King Kong scratched the back of his head. He already felt that he himself was abnormal enough in the NSA, but then he met the more abnormal Miss Venom. And now, an even super abnormal person appeared. Oh, no, it should be said that he was a monster, a monster that could not be predicted by common sense. Even if he and Miss Venom combine, they both pale in comparison to him.

    After a short respite, all the poison was refined.

    Xiao Luo opened his eyes, moved his neck around and stood up, and moved his right hand again. All the discomfort dissipated.

    All the people around looked at him dumbfounded. From their eyes, there was deep incomprehension and shock. Of course, Xiao Luo knew why, but he would not explain anything.

    “Good lad, you’re incredibly proficient in Yi Jin Jing and Dragon Conquering 18 Palms, two peerless martial arts!”

    At this time, an old voice sounded, but no one could tell from which direction it was coming. It contained a chilling breath.

    “Whooshing whooshing ~”

    A figure came out of the office building with both hands on his back. The places where he passed produced countless illusory shadows, which made people unable to see his face clearly. But what was certain was that he was only walking. His speed of movement was amazing, the distance was shortened to inches. With a step, he was able to cover several feet.

    Xiao Luo only saw a flash before his eyes. He refocused and saw a bony old man suddenly standing in front of his eyes. His pair of squinting and cloudy eyes looked at himself.

    The old man’s hair and beard were all white, his face was engraved with weather-beaten wrinkles, and he was wearing a plain Chinese tunic suit.

    He looked ordinary, but no one would think that he was ordinary. His movement technique of shrinking distances into inches made people feel awe from the depths of their souls.

    Xiao Luo subconsciously stepped back and looked at the old man warily. The old man gave him an invisible oppressive feeling. He knew the old man was strong. As for how strong he was, he didn’t want to try.

    When they saw the old man, King Kong and Miss Venom quietly gave him respect. Other NSA soldiers did not know the identity of the old man, but they knew that he was a veteran NSA figure. Since the victory of the Anti-Japanese War in establishing the Chinese State, he had been at the NSA. The old man, whose martial arts could be described as “terrifying”, was an old senior who even the top leaders of the Chinese State respected very much.