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Chapter 353 - Are You Done With Your Spit-Take?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 353: Are You Done With Your Spit-Take?

    Ning Meng was baffled to hear this.

    When Zhen Shanmei entered, she had even winked at her. "Quick, tell me the details! This is the first time I'm hearing that someone can get sick after having an intense intimate night!"

    Ning Meng was still unable to say a word. She did not turn her head, but she felt everyone on the sofa looking at her at the same time. She truly wanted to put a piece of adhesive tape on Shanmei's mouth to seal it shut!

    As Zhen Shanmei was changing her shoes at the door, she suddenly noticed that there were quite a few pairs of shoes there. Only then did she realize the situation. "You have other people here as well?"

    Ning Meng could only cringe further. How difficult for her to finally realize! She thought that Zhen Shamei would stop talking, but instead, her next sentence was, "Are they here to get tips from you, too?"

    Instead of answering her, Ning Meng decided to go straight to a chair and sit down. She then saw that they had brought some steamboat soup base and leafy vegetables. "I just had a fever last night. I can only eat bland food today."

    ‘So, why on earth did you guys bring along steamboat soup base?'

    Qi Shan chimed in, "Yeah, we know. You'll be eating congee while we eat the steamboat."

    He began moving the tables and chairs as he spoke, laughing as he continued, "Boss was afraid that you would feel lonely. So, he asked us to come over and accompany you! He has an international conference now and will be back a bit late."

    ‘What plastic friendship. Hmph.'

    The six of them sat around the table and started to get the steamboat going, chatting while eating. The environment was rather lively which made Ning Meng feel warm on the inside. It was at this moment…


    An unharmonious sound was heard throughout the room. Ning Meng instinctively turned to look at Zhen Shanmei who was sitting at her side. Zhen Shanmei was holding on to her stomach with her cheeks flushed red. She was experiencing some stomach discomfort that day as she had eaten some food that did not agree with her stomach. She thought that she would be fine eating steamboat, but after two mouthfuls of food, her stomach began to act up again. Alas, she could not hold in the fart that she had just let out.

    The problem was that this had happened in front of so many people. As a woman, this was quite embarrassing! She turned to look at Qi Shan, who was also looking at her. She wanted this b*stard to help cover for her, but considering his low EQ… Therefore, she aggressively stepped on his foot.

    Qi Shan, who was confused, looked at her in a panic, still not saying a word. Zhen Shanmei was getting anxious and aggressively stepped on his foot again. Qi Shan continued to try and read the situation. Zhen Shanmei was about to step on his foot again when Su Ye stealthily spoke up. "Sorry, that was me. I'm not feeling too well today."

    Zhen Shanmei and Qi Shan were perplexed. Qi Shan looked at Su Ye, and then at Zhen Shanmei. His face sank. She was his girlfriend. Why would Su Ye be the one protecting her now?! It could not be that… He also had his eyes on Zhen Shanmei?! This episode passed, and everyone continued eating. However, after a while…


    Zhen Shanmei could not hold in her fart again. She lowered her head and stepped on Qi Shan's foot in embarrassment. Qi Shan seemed to have understood this time and was about to say something, but Su Ye cut in first. "I'm extremely sorry about that. I could not hold it in."

    Qi Shan was furious. What did this scumbag think he was doing? He then saw Zhen Shanmei throw an appreciative glance at Su Ye. Qi Shan immediately banged his fists on the table. "Why the hell did you take credit for that?! I was the one who farted! Next time, every fart from Zhen Shanmei is my fart!"

    Zhen Shanmei was extremely tempted to push his head into the steamboat pot! She had stepped on his foot so many times, and yet, he had not done anything! Why would he want to wreak havoc now?!

    Just as she was thinking about this, Su Ye's phone rang. His face was plastered with complicated feelings. "I need to pick this up."

    Having said that, Su Ye walked out to the balcony.

    Zhen Shanmei was utterly confused!