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Chapter 328 - Becoming More And More Like A Husband (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 328: Becoming More And More Like A Husband (2)

    When Yun Rou reached the lift lobby, she saw a familiar figure walking towards her. Their gazes met, and Yun Rou gave him a gentle smile that she always has on her face. She greeted the person first. "Uncle, long time no see!"

    Gu Xiong hadn't seen Yun Rou for a long time, but ever since she became very popular, she was all over the newspapers, television, and the internet. So, when he saw her now, she wasn't an unfamiliar figure.

    "It's you. It has been a while. Has it been more than ten years?"

    "Yes, it has been more than ten years."

    Gu Xiong sized up Yun Rou. Even at a young age, she had an exceptional aura. Her charisma is all the more striking now that she is all grown up. She was an artist. Her entire body was like a work of art, done with great care and precision.

    Gu Xiong only spoke after he finished admiring Yun Rou. "You came to look for Yu?"

    Yun Rou smiled. Gu Xiong went into a trance for a while when he saw her smile. "Yes. I had some things to discuss with him."

    She paused a moment before alluringly brushing her hair on the side of her forehead with her hands. Then, she continued, "It's about the brand ambassador for the Gu Corporation."


    As a shareholder of the company, Gu Xiong naturally knew that the corporation was recently looking for a new brand ambassador. "Does this mean that you will be working with the Gu Corporation soon?"

    Yun Rou was very popular of late, and she was currently a hot topic among the public. She was also going to start her worldwide concert tour soon, so if she put out the Gu Corporation's name during her worldwide concerts, it was a free advertisement for them. They could not only advertise in their country but overseas as well. It would help the Gu Corporation broaden its overseas market.

    Gu Xiong couldn't help but smile at the thought of this. "That is good. This time, Yu made a good choice."

    With pity, Yun Rou, however, said, "Uncle, I'm afraid that you will be disappointed; Yu didn't choose me. It's probably because I still lack something. I didn't meet his criteria."

    "However, Yu has good taste. I'm sure that he will find someone even more suitable and outstanding as your brand ambassador. Uncle, you don't have to worry about this."

    Ding! The lift was here.

    "Uncle, I will be leaving now. See you next time." Yun Rou nodded at Gu Xiong politely. She moved her feet and walked into the lift.

    The lift door closed slowly.

    But, very quickly, Gu Xiong used his hand to block the lift's door from closing. The door re-opened, and he walked in. "Yun Rou, are you free now? Can you come to my office and have a chat with me?"

    Yun Rou lowered her eyelids to hide her joy. Her plan had worked. She smiled and replied, "Sure, of course."


    When Xu Weilai received Gu Yu's text, she was still outside. That day, her exclusive interview with Gu Yu would be released. So she went out to buy the magazine.

    Gu Yu told her that he would be back home late. If she was hungry, she could eat first. There was no need to wait for him.

    Unconsciously, Xu Weilai smiled when she read the message.

    Gu Yu was indeed becoming more and more conscientious. He was turning more and more into a "husband."

    That night.

    Xu Weilai came out of the bathroom after she had finished bathing. She dried her hair and saw the magazine that she had placed on the sofa. She thought for a moment and picked it up. Then, she walked out of the bedroom and headed for the study room.

    She raised her hand and knocked on the door. The man's pleasant and low voice sounded almost immediately. "Come in."

    Xu Weilai walked in and stood beside him. She placed the magazine on the table and pointed to it with her finger. She smiled and said, "I came to deliver this magazine to you. Look, I chose your most beautiful photo for the cover. Are you satisfied?"

    Gu Yu glanced at the cover of the magazine with his black eyes. He turned to Xu Weilai, who was smiling brightly like a blossoming flower. He replied, "Yes."

    As soon as he finished speaking, he abruptly grabbed Xu Weilai's wrist and pulled her towards him. Xu Weilai lost balance and sat on his lap.