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Chapter 273 - Im Sorry, Young Master, I Spoke Too Much

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 273: I'm Sorry, Young Master, I Spoke Too Much

    It was as if she had experienced something in person.

    This feeling gripped the man's heart tightly.

    He was a little upset. He did not know what had happened that made her behave like this.

    That feeling was not good at all.

    Although the girl's singing was heavenly, it made Bo Muyi feel worse than ever.

    After the song ended, his deep eyes fixed on the girl on the television.

    She was perfect on stage.

    She was no longer as delicate as before. She stood on the stage with a cold and noble aura, like a person who had experienced everything and had the ability to be independent.

    She stood there with everyone's attention on her, not afraid of anyone's gaze.

    It was as if the whole world had no choice but to endure her presence.

    His heart ached for her.

    He wanted to keep Su Cha forever under his wings. He had the ability to protect her forever.

    His slender fingers reached out and touched the air, as if he was trying to touch the girl's face through the screen. His slightly gloomy and clear voice slowly dissipated in the air, "Why…"


    The man looked away and lowered his eyes expressionlessly. "Come in."

    Bai Kun walked in with a stack of documents and said respectfully, "Young Master, the acquisition case in France has been completed…"

    The sounds of a variety show could be heard from the television. It sounded like the judges were commenting.

    Bai Kun did not need to turn around to know what the young master was looking at. Today was the day of Miss Su's competition. He had even taken care of the live broadcast.

    However, he did not say anything.

    The man was expressionless. All of a sudden, he threw the document gently on the table. The sound was not loud, but it made one shudder.

    Bai Kun's heart tightened as he heard an emotionless voice say, "Help me investigate another matter. Find out about the young master who just returned from the Lian family."

    Bai Kun was stunned. "Third Young Master Lian?"

    He knew who Bo Muyi was referring to without thinking.

    The Bo family and the Lian family had nothing to do with each other. At most, they shared similar interests in the Imperial Capital. However, the Lian family's situation was more complicated. Although the family had a few outstanding heirs, the young master had never paid attention to any of them. Yet now that the Lian family was suddenly mentioned, there was only one person he could be referring to—the Third Young Master of the Lian family.

    He knew this young master who had just returned.

    It must have something to do with Miss Su.

    Bo Muyi lifted his eyelids and glanced at Bai Kun. Bai Kun's scalp tightened and he did not dare to ask. However, he thought of something else and reported nervously, "Young Master, there's something else. I just received news that the person from the Zong family has woken up…"

    The man's eyes darkened.

    Bai Kun: "I think that person will return soon. Should we let them know that Miss Su is here…?"

    "Have you just learned how to talk?"

    In an instant, Bo Muyi's expression became terrifying. The murderous intent in his eyes was almost unconcealed. Bai Kun's heart skipped a beat, and cold sweat dripped down his face. He could feel that the young master was really angry.

    Even though he had been with Bo Muyi for a long time, Bai Kun was so nervous that his hands were trembling. "I'm sorry, Young Master, I was too talkative!"