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Chapter 342 - Don’t You Think it Would be More Dangerous If it Were a Man?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 342: Don’t You Think it Would be More Dangerous If it Were a Man?

    After they heard the gunshot, the two of them immediately ran toward the snowy mountain and hid themselves while locating the other two parties who were fighting.

    They both switched on their walkie talkies again and Zhao Yu reported their situation.

    “Don’t act rashly!” Tang Jinyu said. This was clearly meant for Jian Qi.

    He pretty much knew what her personality was like.

    Jian Qi did not speak, only Zhao Yu replied, “Yes, Instructor Tang.”

    “Jian Qi!” Tang Jinyu yelled.

    Jian Qi coughed and replied, “Copy that, Instructor Tang!”

    Could he be any more worried about what she would do?

    Jian Qi was the observer once again. She picked up her binoculars and observed the situation on the opposite side.

    There was only one gunshot.

    Jian Qi looked around, trying to look for the person.

    After searching for a while, she still could not get a sight of anyone.

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. “Everyone seems to be better at hiding this time around! They are even more alert now!”

    Zhao Yu held onto his sniper rifle and aimed at the place where the shot was fired.

    Jian Qi turned and looked at Zhao Yu. She had a question.

    “Do you know why Instructor Tang doesn’t use a sniper rifle but only a handgun?”

    “You’re really observant about Instructor Tang, huh!” Zhao Yu teased her.

    Jian Qi said, “Because I was almost eliminated by his handgun the last time!”

    Jian Qi was overwhelmed. If Tang Jinyu had a sniper rifle instead of a handgun, she would not have stood a chance!

    After all, he knew her location from the very beginning, and she only noticed him when he was nearby.

    Even though she won, Tang Jinyu was clearly letting her win!

    Jian Qi raised her left arm and smiled.

    “I heard a rumor about Instructor Tang when I was in the army last time. Do you want to hear about it?” Zhao Yu asked.

    “Rumor?” Jian Qi raised her eyebrow and she smiled brightly. “I’d love to! Tell me!”

    Zhao Yu thought about it and then he said, “The Special Fire Team has always been a strong existence and it is a patrol team that everyone wants to join. This is actually my third time joining the eliminations and I was lucky enough to have walked till the end.”

    “As you know, the dying rate in the Special Fire Team is higher than any other patrol teams. In the earlier days, someone else and Instructor Tang were known as the two daggers of the Special Fire Team.”

    “However, that person has never shown up. It was as if that person has disappeared from the face of the earth. After that, Instructor Tang also went missing for a while and then he became very reserved upon his return.”

    “As for what you’ve asked. I think it must be related to this rumor. But this is just a rumor and it isn’t too reliable!”

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. Rumor?

    Before Jian Qi could reply, Zhao Yu looked at her and smiled. “Are you jealous? Don’t worry about it, that person was a man!”

    Jian Qi smiled at him. “Don’t you think it would be more dangerous if it were a man?”

    Zhao Yu said, “What do you mean?”

    “It means my dearest Instructor Tang is so outstanding that even men are after him. I’d be very pressured!”

    Zhao Yu. “…”

    Jian Qi was overwhelmed. “A missing man, and now there’s Instructor Lu. My enemies are really coming one after another!”

    “Zhao Yu, since we are considered brothers, you’re not allowed to fight with me!”

    Zhao Yu was speechless. He did not want to talk to her anymore!