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Chapter 539 - The Might of the Naughty Child

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 539: The Might of the Naughty Child

    “That idiotic eyeball is being so arrogant right now! Why aren’t you sending Little Grass after it? Have you forgotten about its existence again?” Cute Little Baby asked angrily.

    “Who says I’ve forgotten about it? I was just about to release it! But are you sure Little Grass can really capture that eyeball?” Yun Jiuge glanced at the innocent-looking Little Grass.

    It had been a while since she last saw Little Grass. It was now a little taller than before and about the size of a three-year-old child.

    Cute Little Baby had since then knitted a green cloak for it, so it no longer had to move around naked.

    “Of course! Little Grass is the Fiendish Demon Fetus. It’s the perfect weapon to use against all kinds of demonic beings,” said Cute Little Baby proudly. It was acting as though it had given birth to Little Grass.

    “Little Grass, are you sure you can do it?” asked Yun Jiuge, who disregarded Cute Little Baby’s bragging.

    “Ball, ball. Catch, catch!” Little Grass broke into a wide grin and flashed two small white teeth that were about the size of a rice grain.

    “Off you go then!” Yun Jiuge released Little Grass from the Magic Cauldron.

    The gray vines that had been charging at Yun Jiuge incessantly all this time suddenly trembled and fled at the sight of Little Grass. It was as though they had seen something frightening.

    “Ball, ball! Don’t run!” Little Grass emitted black fog from its body and began running towards the eyeball that was floating in the air.

    “Ah! You naughty boy! Get away from me!” The eyeball led out a shriek before it turned around and flew towards the exit.

    “Catch, catch!” Little Grass stretched its chubby claws upwards, and the eyeball was instantly immobilized by an invisible burst of demonic energy.

    The eyeball struggled to break free, and its eyes even turned bloodshot in the process. Despite its best efforts however, it did not even manage to budge an inch.

    “Yay! Ball, ball!” Little Grass tiptoed and grabbed the eyeball in its hands before it began rolling it about. It was acting as though it had just gained a new toy.

    “Help! Save me!” The eyeball let out a miserable plea for mercy.

    “Didn’t you say that you’ve countless clones? Why don’t you try escaping once more, hmm?” Yun Jiuge broke free from the gray vines that had bound her and walked over to Little Grass. She then snatched over the eyeball from its hands and gave it a hard pinch.

    “Please spare me, Your Majesty!” The eyeball begged pitifully. “The truth is, I only have one clone. I’ve already destroyed it earlier.”

    “Get rid of these vines and release my comrades at once!” Yun Jiuge commanded fiercely.

    “Sure, sure,” replied the eyeball, who withdrew the gray vines in the fastest speed possible.

    A’ze and the other human-beast hybrids all fell to the ground weakly a short while later. However, Zi Shang was nowhere to be seen.

    “There’s still one person who’s missing. Where did he go?” Yun Jiuge pressed.

    “I don’t know. He’s been missing since earlier,” the eyeball said as it moved from left to right. It looked like it was shaking its head.

    “Lady Yun, Lord Ye Zi has already left via the passageway at the side. He wants you to lead us out of this place. He’ll stay behind to destroy the passageways,” A’ze said as he stood to his feet groggily.

    “When did he tell you that?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “Right before those vines burst out from the walls.” A’ze had only just finished his words when they heard rumbling sounds coming from the distance. In the next second, the ceiling began to collapse and rubble kept falling onto the ground.

    “Run for your lives! That lunatic has destroyed the passageways! We’ll all be buried in here if this keeps up!” The eyeball shrieked.

    “Little Grass, hold on to it tightly. Everyone! Let’s leave this place at once!” Yun Jiuge tossed the eyeball back to Little Grass before she led all the human-beast hybrids towards the exit.

    “Please let me stay with you! I don’t want to be with this naughty child!” The eyeball yelled in distress.

    Yun Jiuge turned a deaf ear to its plea. She raised a hand and used the Moon Spirit Silk Thread as a shield to protect them from the falling rubble. The entire group managed to make their way out safely before the passageway collapsed.

    “Oh my god! Lady Yun! Look over there!” shouted A’ze as he pointed at a patch of barren land in the distance with his wing.

    Yun Jiuge turned to look, and noticed that the black soil at that patch of land kept rising and falling incessantly. It was as though there was a monster underneath that was going to make its way up to the surface at any moment.

    “Let’s return to Yun City first,” said Yun Jiuge. She sensed that the ‘monster’ behind the disturbance was Zi Shang.

    If Zi Shang wanted them to return to Yun City, then that must have meant that he was able to deal with everything here by himself, Yun Jiuge thought inwardly.

    A’ze and A’fei transformed into black eagles once more and flew towards the Yun City while carrying Yun Jiuge and the other human-beast hybrids on their backs.

    Yun Jiuge held Little Grass in her embrace as she sat on A’ze’s back. She then stared at the eyeball that was trembling in Little Grass’s grasp.

    “Please get me out of here!” The eyeball looked at Yun Jiuge pitifully. This time, it was really crying.

    “Why are you so afraid of Little Grass? Have you run into it before in the past?” Yun Jiuge found the sight before her unfathomable.

    “All the Magic Dolls in this world are evil.” The eyeball’s red pupil glinted with fear and it began muttering under its breath like a madman, “They’ll take pleasure in stabbing you with a needle, burning you with fire, scalding you with hot water, throwing you into a nest of Demonic Mice and watching you get bitten into pieces…”

    “Ugh!” Yun Jiuge’s face contorted in pain. She suddenly felt like her eyes were aching.

    “I’ll agree to anything. All I ask is for you to get me out of here,” said the eyeball, crying like an innocent girl who had fallen into a monster’s den.

    “That’ll depend on how you perform from here on.” Yun Jiuge found the sight before her to be very amusing. She did not think that Little Grass would have this much power over the eyeball.

    “I’ll definitely do a good job from here on.” The eyeball began bouncing up and down emotionally.

    Little Grass giggled happily before its hand reached out and flicked the eyeball. It seemed to be playing with a roly-poly toy.

    “Be good, Little Grass. You’ll get to play with it later.” Yun Jiuge removed Little Grass’s fingers from the eyeball before she asked, “You said you were born after the Black Rain. Is that true?”

    “No. I’m actually a Demonic Ball specially created by Nangong Yue to carry out missions for her. She created a total of 300 Demonic Balls, and we’re scattered throughout different Dead Tree Forests all over the Secret Realm. Our mission is to ambush the various human-beast hybrids’ lairs and capture them alive. We would then send them back to the Gray Castle for Lord Qiu Sen to turn them into puppets that they can use to attack Yun City,” the eyeball explained in detail.

    “What is Nangong Yue’s true identity? Why does she know how to create demonic beings like you?” Yun Jiuge could tell that the eyeball before her was full of spiritual energy. It could even be considered a high-level demonic being. It was definitely not something that any ordinary person could create. Not even someone as powerful as Wan Sha would be capable of doing so.

    All that guy is good at is to fight and kill others. He’s absolutely incapable of doing intricate work like this, Yun Jiuge thought to herself.

    “I don’t know what Nangong Yue’s true identity is. I was thrown into the Dead Tree Forest right after I was created. She would only assign a mission to us via the Demonic Pool,” the eyeball replied honestly.

    “What’s this Demonic Pool you speak of?” Yun Jiuge asked.

    “It’s the place where we were born. Nangong Yue is able to observe us through it, and she also controls our lives with it.” The eyeball noticed that Yun Jiuge had a strange look on her face, and it immediately added, “An accident happened when I was born, and Nangong Yue lost her control on me. That’s why I was able to become this smart and adorable.”

    “What is this accident that happened when you were born?” Yun Jiuge asked curiously.

    “I don’t know. I don’t have memories about it. But, what I do know is that I’m very different from the rest of the Demonic Balls. I’m extremely unique,” the eyeball said proudly.

    “That I can tell,” Yun Jiuge replied. Its bizarre personality was not something that normal demonic beings would possess.

    “Is that so? You are truly my confidante. I heard those dumb human-beast hybrids call you ‘Lady Yun’. Can I call you that too? I’m willing to pledge my allegiance to you as long as you don’t leave me with that naughty child,” replied the eyeball. It blinked at Yun Jiuge a few times to make itself look more sincere.