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Chapter 343 - Aren’t You Afraid of Being Beaten up by Boss?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 343: Aren’t You Afraid of Being Beaten up by Boss?

    Zhao Yu switched on his earpiece as he looked through the scope of the sniper rifle again.

    Jian Qi was slightly surprised at what Zhao Yu said just now.

    Although it was just a rumor, Jian Qi felt that it was highly probable.

    Feng Yi told her before that Tang Jinyu was a upright person who cared for others. He was committed to his promises too. As such, he would certainly be upset if his comrade was no longer there with him.

    Moreover, Jian Qi knew that he was not merely a comrade to Tang Jinyu according to what Zhao Yu had just told her.

    She had only seen Tang Jinyu using the sniper rifle once. It was when he wanted to save the child who was being kidnapped at the mall.

    Some people did not have to show their true abilities in front of others but they would always end up surprising people during critical moments.

    Just like Tang Jinyu.

    Although it was only a gunshot, it was enough for her to know how good Tang Jinyu’s marksmanship was.

    Jian Qi felt that it was a pity for him to give up on the sniper rifle.

    “How’s the situation over there?” Tang Jinyu’s voice was heard again coming from the earpiece. At the same time, Jian Qi’s thoughts were interrupted.

    Zhao Yu replied, “We still haven’t found the target.”

    “Instructor Tang, do you want me to put a bait out there?” Jian Qi smiled and asked.

    “Look for the target!” Tang Jinyu said and directly rejected her suggestion.

    Jian Qi could only obey his command and take up the binoculars to look at the area opposite them.

    After a short while, Jian Qi looked at a certain position across from her through the binoculars. She smiled and said, “Found it.”

    Zhao Yu was looking for the target too. He did not think that Jian Qi would be able to find the target in such a short time.

    Certainly, Boss was right in asking Jian Qi to be a spotter. Her observation skills were just like a radar.

    “At ten o’clock!” Jian Qi said.

    Zhao Yu grabbed his binoculars and looked at where she pointed out. Soon, he found the target. He then held up the rifle and aimed the sniper rifle at the target.

    “Instructor Tang, do you want me to fire now?” Zhao Yu asked.

    However, they heard some gunshots aiming at their target from another direction right at that moment.

    Jian Qi turned the binoculars in her hands quickly and looked at the target through her binoculars. At the same time, she instantly found the enemies’ hiding spots.

    She grabbed her sniper rifle excitedly. Although she was only helping Zhao Yu, they had now come to a complicated situation which involved three different parties. She needed to take action no matter what happened.

    “We’ll take action as soon as one of them dies!” Jan Qi smiled wickedly. Her plan was well thought out.

    Zhao Yu agreed with her.

    Tang Jinyu listened to their conversation. He frowned slightly. “Both of you move away from your location now!”

    Zhao Yu was puzzled. “Instructor Tang, this place is rather secluded!”

    He obeyed Tang Jinyu’s order even after saying so.

    Jian Qi was sad to leave as she was forced to give up the chance to get rid of her target.

    However, she needed to obey the boss no matter what.

    They moved and changed locations quickly.

    Lightning was ambushing them right across from them. He frowned. “They’re gone!”

    Leng Yu smirked. “Don’t underestimate Boss.”

    Lightning sighed sadly. “This is indeed quite difficult given that we are facing Boss and the cunning Big Sister Qi.”

    “Don’t condemn my goddess.” Feng Yi reminded him.

    Lightning smiled and said, “Feng Yi, do you still remember which team you belong to?”

    Leng Yu was rather surprised. “Does Feng Yi admire Jian Qi?”

    “Have you finally found out?” Lightning broke into laughter.

    Leng Yu said coldly, “Aren’t you afraid of being beaten up by Boss?”

    Lightning could not help but burst into laughter.

    Feng Yi. “…”

    ‘Young girl, you’re crossing the line!’