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Chapter 354 - Caught a Cold?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 354: Caught a Cold?

    Zhen Shanmei lowered her head to check… and she saw that Qi Shan had been so happy with eating his food that his feet were clenching on the edge of his chair.

    In other words, Qi Shan's legs were not under the table earlier.


    Zhen Shanmei's mouth twitched upon seeing this. So, she had been stepping on Su Ye's feet this entire time?

    And that was why he had opened his mouth to help her!

    Feeling a surge of embarrassment, Zhen Shanmei glared at Qi Shan.

    Gosh, she wanted to murder this man so much!!!


    Suddenly, Fei Bai let out a loud sneeze.

    Li Shiyao looked him in concern, "Did you catch a cold?"

    Fei Bai looked at her and pondered for two seconds before nodding his head.

    Li Shiyao placed a few dishes on his plate. "Then you should eat more. After recovering your energy, you'll get better. It's quite odd, though. I thought you were very healthy. How did you fall ill? Could it be that your body is actually quite feeble?"


    Fei Bai, the "feeble bodyguard", looked at her in confusion.

    That sneeze was caused by the strong spicy steam that was fuming from the steamboat. Well, it felt nice to have the little queen to care for him for once.

    Seeing this, Qi Shan took a glance at his girlfriend who was focusing on eating her meal. Then, he shifted his seat closer toward Zhen Shanmei before sneezing loudly.


    Zhen Shanmei heard the sneeze and immediately looked at Qi Shan. "Caught a cold?"

    Qi Shan nodded, intending to fish some sympathy from her.

    Contrary to his expectations however, Zhen Shanmei then shifted her seat away from him, "Then stay away. I don't want to catch a cold from you."


    Qi Shan looked at Su Ye resentfully. This was all Su Ye's fault! Because of him, his girlfriend had now begun to distance herself from him.


    Just as Qi Shan was wallowing in self-pity, his phone vibrated with a beep.

    Qi Shan and Zhen Shanmei instinctively looked at the phone after hearing the beep, and they saw a WeChat message…

    I Am Your Bae: [Hey, dear. I'm pregnant.]


    Zhen Shanmei and Qi Shan stared at the message in confusion.

    Qi Shan had some enoki mushroom in his mouth, and wanting to explain the situation to his girlfriend, he hastily gulped down the mushroom.

    Just then, his phone beeped again.

    I Am Your Bae: [I am going to do a pregnancy check at the hospital tomorrow.]


    Overwhelmed with anger, Zhen Shanmei slammed her chopsticks onto the table and glared at Qi Shan furiously.

    In the meantime, the enoki mushroom had gotten stuck in Qi Shan's throat.

    Coughing profusely, Qi Shan tried to explain himself. "No… cough, cough… it isn't what it… cough, Mei Mei, hear me out… cough, cough…!!"


    Zhen Shanmei gave Qi Shan a huge, loud slap on his face. "You're a jerk!"


    Everyone looked at them, wondering what the commotion was about.

    After receiving the slap, Qi Shan finally was able to swallow down the mushroom.

    Putting a hand on his swollen face, Qi Shan anxiously explained, "No, you've got it wrong! That's not my child! I…"

    Before he was able to finish his words, his phone beeped again.

    I Am Your Bae: [So, I'll ship out the goods to you tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding~]


    Zhen Shanmei stared at the message in confusion.

    Qi Shan looked at her, almost driven to tears, "She's an online seller. I am her customer!"


    After pausing for a few seconds, Zhen Shanmei caressed Qi Shan's swollen face with care. "Oh my. If it's just an online seller, why were you so out of breath? This misunderstanding could have been avoided, you know… does it still hurt?"

    "Of course it still hurts! My face is swollen! Now, tell me. How are you going to make it up to me?!"

    "… how about this? I'll slap the other side of your face. When both sides of your cheeks are swollen, it'll look symmetrical. Others won't be able to know that it's swollen."


    Qi Shan was bewildered by his girl friend's "solution".


    Ning Meng finally could not hold it in any longer and laughed out loud.

    Her laughter was so loud that Su Ye could hear it from the balcony. Su Ye turned his head toward them while Ning Ke's voice could be heard from his phone. "Come on. You're all my friends, are you not? You have to help me…"