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Chapter 441 - Tyrant“s Evolution Completed

Let Me Game in Peace
     441 Tyrant“s Evolution Completed‘Killed Epic creature, Ancient Tomb Fox Demon. Discovered Dimensional Crystal.'

    ‘Killed Epic creature, Three-Eyed Cat Demon. Discovered Dimensional Crystal.'

    ‘Killed Epic creature, Ancient Tomb Fox Demon…'

    Matching the banana fan with Slaughterer's infinite Primordial Energy, his ability to kill en masse was virtually unparalleled at creatures his level. After fanning a few times, he killed many fake fairies and immortals.

    Zhou Wen saw the dimensional crystals that dropped and was about to pick them up when he saw a rainbow beam fly down. It was none other than the fairy sitting at the end of the grand hall.

    Zhou Wen struck out with a Grand Yin Wind at the fairy. With a wave of her hand, a rainbow beam met the Grand Yin Wind, diverting it aside.

    Zhou Wen immediately knew that the fairy was most likely at the Mythical stage. Although the Grand Yin Wind was strong, it wasn't at the Mythical stage yet. He would definitely be at a disadvantage against a Mythical creature.

    Zhou Wen turned around and ran down the stairs. The fairy chased after him as she released rainbow beams with both hands. They combined into a single rainbow beam that enveloped the blood-colored avatar like thousands of rays of light. The colorful rays seemed to have a life of their own, so no matter how Zhou Wen dodged, they continued chasing him.

    The colorful light came from all directions and Zhou Wen had no room to move. He gritted his teeth and switched to the Ancient Sovereign Sutra. At the same time, he used the Demon Dragon True Body to fend off the rainbow beams with his powerful physique.


    The rainbow beams landed on Zhou Wen, causing him to feel like he had been struck by hammers. However, the rainbow beams failed to tear through the scales on the blood-colored avatar's body. Instead, they shattered.

    What an amazing Demon Dragon True Body! Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he pounced at the fairy like a beast.

    The fairy's body phased away, leaving behind afterimages. At the same time, it constantly emitted rainbow beams from her hands. Although the Demon Dragon True Body wasn't afraid of the rainbow beams, he was repelled every time. He failed to approach her.

    Seeing that time for his Demon Dragon True Body was running out, Zhou Wen turned and ran downstairs.

    The fairy chased after him and constantly attacked. However, after Zhou Wen left the third level and returned to the foundation's second level, she didn't chase after him again and returned to the ancient building.

    The fake fairies and immortals on the second level charged forward. Although Zhou Wen's time in his Demon Dragon True Body had run out due to having zero Primordial Energy, he wasn't afraid of them. He switched back to Slaughterer and his Primordial Energy immediately returned to full.

    Combining the Overlord Sword with Transcendent Flying Immortal, he killed all the fairies and immortals that rushed at him.

    Zhou Wen realized that no matter how he killed on the second level, the dimensional creatures inside the palace didn't come out.

    I can't enter the palace, but it's not a bad idea to grind these Epic creatures. Zhou Wen summoned the baby tiger and killed all the fairies and immortals on the second and first levels. A few dimensional crystals dropped, along with one Primordial Energy Skill Crystal.

    Zhou Wen didn't head back up to the third level. He couldn't even deal with a single demoness. There were five of them inside, so it was useless even if he went up.

    Could The Thearch be one of the six demons in the hall? Zhou Wen thought.

    Zhou Wen hid in the cave and kept grinding. Although the demons who pretended to be fairies and immortals at Deer Terrace Pavilion weren't very capable, the dimensional crystals they dropped weren't bad. High-valued dimensional crystals would often drop, so Zhou Wen took the opportunity to raise his various stats.

    ‘Tyrant Behemoth has succeeded in evolving to the Epic stage.'

    After two days of grinding, Zhou Wen suddenly saw a notification appear in-game. He couldn't help but feel delighted.

    It's finally done! Zhou Wen hurriedly opened the Companion Beast column. Among the Epic Companion Beasts, there was indeed Tyrant Behemoth.

    In the game, he summoned Tyrant Behemoth and saw a majestic black monster appear on the game's screen. He couldn't tell how big it was in-game, but when he compared to the blood-colored avatar, he realized that the blood-colored avatar was only the size of its palm. This fellow was like a small mountain.

    I wonder how much this fellow will eat in the future. Can I really afford it? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

    Looking at the Tyrant Behemoth's stats, Zhou Wen immediately threw away his worries.

    Tyrant Behemoth: Epic (Evolvable)

    Life Providence: Extreme Strength

    Life Soul: Violence Crown

    Strength: 41

    Speed: 41

    Constitution: 41

    Primordial Energy: 41

    Talent Skill: Mountain Consuming

    Companion Form: Boxing Glove

    It's finally at the Epic stage. It's time to begin operations. Zhou Wen switched off his phone and walked out of the cave. He sneaked in the direction of Don't Cry Valley in the darkness.

    Unfortunately, Ják's Companion Egg hadn't grown. Otherwise, with Ják's shadow escape ability, he would have been able to enter Don't Cry Valley without a sound.

    Now, Zhou Wen had to force his way in.

    Thankfully, the bureau didn't place its key defenses here. It wasn't difficult to charge in. The mysterious force in Don't Cry Valley that made people cry was the best defensive barrier.

    Zhou Wen wore the Mutated Stone Chi armor and wrapped his entire body inside. Without even showing his face, he switched to his Godfiend Life Providence and charged at a checkpoint.

    The personnel from the bureau saw a figure fly over. Before they could react, it flashed past the checkpoint and disappeared into Don't Cry Valley. They almost thought they were seeing things.

    "I think something rushed in, right?" One of the inspectors looked at another inspector and asked with uncertainty.

    "It seems so. I didn't see it clearly." Another inspector wasn't too sure either.

    "Should we report it?"

    "Let's take a look at the surveillance cameras."

    The two of them checked the surveillance footage and slowed down many times before they saw a person wearing stone armor rush into Don't Cry Valley.

    "Quickly report to the Censor." The two quickly sent people into Don't Cry Valley to report to Cai Jin.

    After Zhou Wen rushed into the valley, the Truth Listener earring on his ear began to heat up. At the same time, a surge of Primordial Energy surged into his body, delighting him. This meant that the Truth Listener earring had shown its effects. Don't Cry Valley wasn't a dangerous land for him.

    He scanned his surroundings before flying in a certain direction.

    As no one reached the Primordial Crystal mine alive, Zhou Wen didn't know its exact location. All he could do was search the valley.

    In the large valley, there were bamboo forests everywhere. After the wind blew through the bamboo forest, there was a rustling sound. It sounded very strange.

    Although it didn't look big from the outside, the valley's space became huge after it had become a dimensional zone. In the endless bamboo forest, Zhou Wen rapidly moved in search of the possible location of the Primordial Crystal mine.

    The deeper he ventured into the valley, the more Primordial Energy surged into his eyes. Clearly, the mysterious force was gradually strengthening. However, to the Truth Listener earring, the mysterious force became beneficial, allowing Zhou Wen to replenish his Primordial Energy even when he used other Primordial Energy Arts.