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Chapter 984 - The Gambling Industry Has Always Been Known as One of the Three Treasures

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 984: The Gambling Industry Has Always Been Known as One of the Three Treasures

    The sounds of the gamblers in the hall were nerve-wracking. Gamblers mostly enjoyed gathering together to gamble in a group, the more the merrier. The gambling hall was a favorite amongst many gamblers, for they could express their excitement and show their true colors. The single gambling tables were meant for those who enjoyed putting on a front and pretending to be refined. Clearly, rarely anyone would do that in a place of unethical people.

    The sudden silence caught everyone’s attention.

    Wen Xinya caught sight of a man who was about 20 years old. He was a classic Russian man, with curly brown hair and grayish-blue eyes that seemed to be glassed over because of alcohol. He was clad in a blue shirt and his tie was draped messily across the embroidered eagle on his chest. His shirt was unbuttoned all the way to his belly button, exposing his fair but muscular chest.

    His belt hung loosely around his trousers, exposing his abdomen and some of his pubic hair. His trousers were stuck in between his legs.

    He exuded a sinister and lecherous vibe which belonged to an aristocrat.

    Wen Xinya could tell that he was a man who often indulged in vices.

    At this moment, he was still holding a beautiful girl in his arms. She was petite and of Russian and Chinese descent. However, she seemed to be struggling to get out of his embrace.

    Wen Xinya could sense that a commotion had broken out again after the silence.

    She asked in confusion, “What’s going on?”

    She had no idea if the man was causing trouble or not, but she knew that he was behaving inappropriately.

    Liu Yanhua answered, “That man is the youngest son of Duke Berveld who favors him. He puts on airs and acts like a tyrant just because he’s an aristocrat. He’s arrogant, haughty, yet brainy and scheming. He likes taking advantage of others but rarely lets anyone have evidence against him. Hence, most Russians don’t dare to provoke him.”

    Wen Xinya immediately understood. Duke Moville was the most prestigious duke in Russia. He could still keep his glory and power. He also held great authority in the political sector and owned most of the firearm business.

    It was no wonder that that man could be so overbearing and tyrannical. Yet, no one dared to provoke him.

    Liu Yanhua continued, “The gambling industry has always been known to have three treasures.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes lit up and she asked softly, “What are the three treasures?”

    Liu Yanhua took a deep breath and glanced at the girl in his arms before answering, “Women, bloodshed and drugs!”

    Her voice was cold and a little shaky.

    However, Wen Xinya could tell what she meant. “I only know that they sometimes use women to bring more luck during gambling. I’ve also heard of gamblers using drugs. However, I’ve never heard about bloodshed.”

    Liu Yanhua said coldly, “Be it in Southeast Asia where gambling is rampant, or Russia where gambling is a habit, or even Alaska, gamblers have always been superstitious about blood.” She paused and looked at the girl sympathetically before continuing, “They believe that Lady Luck will smile at them whenever there is blood, and put them on a winning streak. If you’ve ever been to Alaska, Southeast Asia or Siberia, you will know that those places hold the dirtiest businesses in the world. In those places, gamblers would be served with plenty of girls and drugs, regardless of age.”

    Wen Xinya’s heart skipped a beat. She finally understood that that girl was used to create blood for auspiciousness. For some reason, her heart sank.

    The atmosphere became tense and Wen Xinya knew that it was a hair-raising and heartless practice. Yet, people still did it openly.

    Wen Xinya grew frustrated upon hearing the girl weep and struggle. “Will Lucifer ignore such unethical practices too?”

    Liu Yanhua answered, “Just wait and see!”

    At this moment, a girl in black walked towards the man from the Berveld Family and said, “Sir, this is the Elegance Room and everyone here has to follow our strict set of rules and system, regardless of their status and identity.”

    The man laughed out loud and began sizing the girl up as if he were about to skin her alive. “Hahaha! Miss, you’re so pretty. Men won’t like it if you keep pulling a long face!” He then raised her chin gently and continued, “Also… you shouldn’t malign me. Since when have I broken the rules here? Everyone knows that I always follow the rules.”

    His voice was crisp and clear as if he were talking to a lover. A look of innocence graced his exquisite face. Scanning the gambling hall, he asked, “Aren’t I right?”

    Everyone began responding to his question.

    A sullen expression formed on the woman’s face and she shifted her gaze onto the girl who was continuously struggling. “I’m very sorry, but you’re prohibited from…”

    He screeched menacingly. “Prohibited from what?”

    The woman wanted to tell him that Si Yiyan could not tolerate guests using blood to boost auspiciousness in the Elegance Room and that anyone who refused to cooperate would be made to leave and blacklisted. As soon as she tried to speak, she answered, “Miss, you’re such a spoilsport. I brought my girlfriend here for a tour in the Elegance Room and a wonderful night. Yet, you had to be a wet blanket and kill my joy. Is this how you treat guests here?”

    The woman was stunned to hear his reasonable and self-righteous explanation.

    After being stunned for a moment, the guests broke into an uproar again.

    Wen Xinya cursed in her head,

    It was no wonder that Liu Yanhua said that he was a tough nut to crack. People like him loved twisting logic. That was probably why no one dared to offend him.

    While the heir of the Berveld family flirted with the girl openly, the guests began jeering and regretting not using that as an excuse to bring a virgin with him.

    The bead curtains moved and Wen Xinya entered together with Liu Yanhua, who was wearing a black and white mask.

    The woman in black quickly retreated upon sight of them, appearing extremely polite and respectful.