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Chapter 274 - Isn’t It Good to Stay Alive?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 274: Isn’t It Good to Stay Alive?

    “Get out.”

    The cold and murderous words made Bai Kun retreat without hesitation.

    Feeling the terrifying pressure from the man, he felt his legs going soft.

    After struggling to get out of the door, Bai Kun patted his chest. “At this rate, my life will be reduced by a few years.”

    He smiled bitterly, but he blamed himself for talking too much.

    It was probably only during the time when Miss Su was around that the young master was much gentler than before. But how could he forget that that gentleness was reserved for Miss Su? How could they expect the young master to smile?

    His temper had never changed.

    There was only one Su Cha in the world.

    Just as he was about to leave, Bai Kun suddenly saw Ah Chen. He had just calmed down yet his heart skipped a beat again. “F*ck, why are you like a ghost? Weren’t you guarding Miss Su? Why are you back? If something were to happen to her again, do you think you would be able to escape so easily like last time?!”

    The expressionless Ah Chen glanced at Bai Kun. “Young Master asked me to come back.”

    Bai Kun: “…”

    Sometimes, Bai Kun could not understand the young master’s way of doing things. He complained about what had just happened, saying, “I’ve received the latest news that the person from the Zong family has finally woken up and is about to return to the country. I just asked if I should tell them about Miss Su. The young master looked as if he was ready to devour me. It’s my fault for talking too much. During this period of time, because Miss Su was living closeby, I forgot how our young master truly was…”

    Ah Chen’s eyes deepened. “The one from the Zong family?”

    Bai Kun nodded. “Yes. It’s a miracle that that person could still wake up even after so many years of sleep. The Zong family must be ecstatic.”

    Ah Chen sneered. “I think you are too talkative. What does the Zong family have to do with Miss Su?”

    Bai Kun hesitated for a moment. “Ah Chen, I haven’t been with the young master for as long as you have. Can I not know about what happened back then?”

    Ah Chen’s eyes flickered. “I’m not sure either. I was not by Young Master’s side when it happened.”

    Bai Kun nodded thoughtfully. “Then forget it. Young Master has asked me to investigate the Lian family’s new illegitimate son…” He lowered his voice. “She used to be Miss Su’s childhood sweetheart. I wonder what Young Master is thinking.”

    “It doesn’t matter what you think.”

    Ah Chen frowned slightly. “Let’s not discuss this matter. If Young Master hears it, we will not be able to bear the consequences.”

    Bai Kun: “…”

    It was not easy for him to catch someone he could gossip and speak to without any scruples.

    Bai Kun definitely had professional qualities. If it were someone else, he would not have said a single word. But Ah Chen was different. He had been by the young master’s side for a long time. He knew many things better than Bai Kun did. Ah Chen knew what the young master had instructed him to do, which showed how much the young master trusted Ah Chen.

    After talking to Ah Chen, Bai Kun watched him enter the office before leaving.

    The Lian family?

    Tsk tsk tsk.


    The competition continued. After Su Cha heard the judges’ comments, her eyes flickered.

    Su Cha’s performance had undoubtedly stunned the judges. After the performance, there was an endless stream of applause. It was no less than what that other strong contestant received.

    After they finished their performances and waited for the public to vote, a staff member suddenly walked to the stage as if he wanted to tell them something. But when he came to Su Cha, he stuffed a piece of paper into her palm and whispered, “This is a WeChat message from Brother Zi You.”

    She paused and looked at the judges. The pretty man smiled at her and blinked.