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Chapter 395 – Emotions Up and Down

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     After thinking he had found the truth, the black-haired old man wiped the non-existent sweat from his forehead. He crawled up from the ground and revealed a blinding smile. “Little friend Qin Yu, I was too neglectful before. If I was disrespectful in any way, I ask little friend to not blame me.”

    Qin Yu was startled. He secretly thought, ‘It’s here’, but his face was still blank. He said, “Senior, I…”

    The black-haired old man smiled as if he understood everything. “Little friend need not explain. I know what must be done.” He turned and bowed. In the sky above the arena, countless runes appeared once more. Shrouded beneath those runes, everything that was destroyed began to rapidly be restored to how it was at the start. The black-haired old man had a dignified expression as he slowly reached out a hand and grasped at the void.

    Hum –

    All of the runes erupted with a radiant light. The light rapidly condensed together, transforming into a single token.

    The token was pure black with a pattern engraved on the back. Two strange runes were imprinted on the front. A boundless aura erupted from the token, instantly sweeping out in all directions.

    This aura reached an inconceivably powerful degree, as if a thousand rivers and mountains could be suppressed by it. There was also a trace of honor and majesty that left one’s heart shaking with awe.

    The phantom of the black-haired old man violently trembled. It seemed that this act had clearly taken a heavy toll on him. When the token finally finished condensing, his figure even became much more ethereal.

    “Little friend Qin Yu, accept this token. From this point on, you are His Highness Holy Son of my Ninerealm Holy Land. A trillion trillion lives serve beneath you and you have the qualifications to inherit the Holy Land!”

    Qin Yu was frightened a little. Even if he knew his harvests were going to be astonishing, he was still shocked by the black-haired old man! His Highness of the Ninerealm Holy Land…the master of a trillion trillion lives…the qualifications to inherit the Holy Land…

    But soon he composed himself. The master of this Ninerealm Holy Land had already been buried in the endless river of time and all of his subordinates had also perished. The so-called Highness was nothing but a remnant title.

    But even if this were just a title, as the Highness of the Holy Land, shouldn’t he be given many advantages? He had killed a projection of the Underworld Great Commander and had obtained the Eternal Primordial Fruit and Five Element Mountain as a result. Then, if he were given the title of His Highness, he should naturally receive even better rewards!

    Shua –

    The token flew over. Qin Yu grabbed it with his hand. Then, there was a loud explosion in his mind as the two strange runes on the token appeared. These two runes grew thousands of times over within his mind until they were like two mountains each emitting a blinding golden light.

    Qin Yu…

    This was unexpectedly his name!

    Bang –

    The two runes blew apart. Countless motes of light spread out into space, turning into countless stars in the sky. A small and thin figure appeared in the starry skies. Its back was hunched, but as it stood there, it seemed as if a trillion stars bowed before it.

    “I was called the Ninerealm Heavenly Monarch by a trillion lives. I wandered freely through the heavens for 10 billion years. To become my Saint Son can result in endless good fortune. I hope you cultivate well, so that one day in the future you may surpass my own life!”

    This deep voice possessed an endless dignity, as if it echoed through the entire universe. Then, it vanished entirely. After an unknown period of time, Qin Yu finally regained his senses. He didn’t know when, but he had fallen down to his knees and there was a look of reverent devotion on his face.

    Seeing Qin Yu wake up, the black-haired old man cupped his hands together and said, “This old servant greets Your Highness.”

    Qin Yu stood up and said, “There is no need to be so courteous. Rise.”

    The status token vanished from sight. With a thought, he detected that it had fused into his body. But as for where exactly it was, Qin Yu actually had no idea.

    But after focusing his senses a little, because it had already recognized him as its master, Qin Yu soon discovered what functions the token had. His eyes brightened with unbelievable joy.

    To summarize the most important points:

    First, by activating the token, with the status of the Holy Land’s Highness, he could freely enter and leave 90% of the Holy Land’s areas.

    Second, by holding the token, he had the qualifications to move all Elders of the Holy Land and to control 70% of the guardian puppets.

    Third, as the Holy Land’s Highness, in a life or death crisis, he could activate the protective powers of the token, enough to resist the attack of a World level powerhouse.

    Fourth, the Holy Land’s Highness had the qualifications to obtain a massive amount of cultivation resources. He could enjoy the privileges of numerous followers, his own contingent of personal guards, and a vast and boundless estate of his own.

    Qin Yu trembled with excitement. He had a feeling that the land he stood on would be surnamed Qin from now on!

    He lifted his hand. The token condensed in his palm and he tried to activate it with his thoughts.

    Because only by activating the token would he truly be able to use it. Otherwise it was only an inert object.

    Mm? There was no response?

    Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He tried several times but there was still no change to the token.

    “Senior, is this broken? How come I can’t activate it!”

    The black-haired old man respectfully said, “Your Highness, please call me Black Lake. This token was granted by the master; it is impossible for it to be damaged. However, because your cultivation is too low, you have not achieved the minimum requirements to activate it.”

    Qin Yu’s face stiffened. His complexion seemed to fall from joy to extreme sorrow, as if he had just gone up and down. In the previous moment he had been at the pinnacle of his life enjoying the most beautiful scenery there was, and in the next moment he crashed into a dark and lifeless abyss. Holding onto a bit of hope, he cautiously asked, “And what cultivation do I need for it to be enough?”

    The response he received caused him to almost want to curse out loud!

    Black Lake answered, “According to Your Highness’s current world, after reaching the Calamity Immortal realm, you should be able to fulfill the lowest requirement for activating the token.” Seeing Qin Yu’s face as dark as iron, he continued to say, “By satisfying the lowest minimum, you can only activate the token for an extremely short period of time. If Your Highness wishes to thoroughly activate it, you will need to at least reach the level of touching upon the world.”

    Qin Yu gnashed his teeth. It was like he had found a giant treasure trove but every gem within was so large that he couldn’t even hope to lift it! This was an incredibly sorrowful feeling!

    “Fine! Since my cultivation is too low to activate the token, I will just put that to the side for now. Then, the cultivation resources I can obtain – that shouldn’t be too little, right?”

    Black Lake smiled. “Of course. Once Your Highness’s status is confirmed, you can naturally obtain the resources you deserve. Your Highness, please wait a moment.”

    Qin Yu relaxed a little. He quickly comforted himself. It was fine as long as he had cultivation resources. After refining them, his strength was sure to rise by several levels.

    This could be called luck within misfortune!

    Black Lake lifted his hand and grasped out, a look of pride and satisfaction on his face. “As the Highness of my Ninerealm Holy Land, out of all the treasures there are none more enviable than the Leviathan Roc Wings. This treasure was created using the wings of the North Sea’s Leviathan Roc as the foundational material. Then, countless treasures were added to supplement it. It was personally refined by the master, and you only need a drop of blood to complete the refinement process. Normally the Leviathan Roc Wings are kept within your body, but they will unfold as soon as you stimulate them. A single flap will bring you 90,000 miles away. Not even an existence that has touched upon the world might have this speed!”

    Qin Yu listened in a mesmerized daze, his heart racing as his eyes lit up like stars. With the Leviathan Roc Wings in his hand, who cared about the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor? He could even disregard the strongest Calamity Immortal realm existence! A single flap of his wings would bring him 90,000 miles away; just who could chase after him?

    Seeing Qin Yu’s excited expression, Black Lake smiled with even greater pride. But soon, his smile froze and his eyes filled with disbelief. After a long moment of silence he awkwardly said, “Your Highness, the Leviathan Roc Wings within the storehouse are temporarily missing for the time being. You might need to wait a period of time.”

    A cold bucket of water being poured over him – this was what Qin Yu currently felt. The smile on his face slowly vanished, replaced by a gloomy darkness.

    Black Lake hurriedly said, “Your Highness, there is no need to worry. There is definitely a pair of Leviathan Roc Wings somewhere; it just needs some time to appear. Let us take out the second treasure.”

    Black Lake straightened himself, becoming a bit calmer. “Netherworld Spear. Master personally ventured into the Nine Nether World and fought a great battle with the Nine Nether Beast condensed from the world’s source. He seized the Nine Nether Water and combined it with the Extreme Cold Star Iron to forge this spear. Although it is part of a mass-produced batch of magic weapons, since the master refined it, it is absolutely a high quality item. With the Netherworld Spear in hand, not even a powerhouse that has touched upon the world would easily dare meet its edge!”

    But soon, that smile stiffened once more.

    “Cough cough…the Netherworld Spear is currently out of stock. But, Your Highness has many resources assigned to you; it is more than just these two things.”

    Qin Yu’s complexion paled and a deep foreboding feeling came over him. When the Ninerealm Holy Land was destroyed, could the entire storehouse have been emptied?

    “Precelestial Dao Embryo Fruit. By swallowing this fruit, your body can return to its precelestial state and you will possess a talent comparable to a precelestial life form. Your cultivation speed will cross 10,000 miles in a day…we are temporarily out of stock.

    “Undying Chaos Organ. It is a strange wonder treasure produced from the Chaos World, born in a precelestial land. It has an undying attribute. Once you refine it into your body, your body will become inextinguishable…out of stock…

    “North Sea Ice Crystal Marrow, to activate your body’s bloodline…out of stock…

    “Sunmoon Star Grass…out of stock…”

    Black Lake’s face gradually paled. Although there wasn’t any sweat on his face, he actually made the motion of wiping his forehead several dozen times and his voice increasingly filled with fear.

    Out of stock! Out of stock! Everything was out of stock!

    Qin Yu had a bitter expression. Indeed, there was nothing determined for sure in this world. While he had opportunistically managed to obtain the status of being a so-called Saint Son, it was actually impossible to truly obtain these rare treasures that he had never heard of before.

    He took a deep breath. Thinking about how he shouldn’t have obtained these things to begin with, Qin Yu felt much better about himself. His complexion gradually returned to normal.

    All of the resources that the Holy Land’s Saint Son had the right to obtain were completely out of stock. Even though Black Lake was only a puppet projection, he still seemed extremely awkward over the situation. He gently coughed and said, “It seems that there must be a problem with the Resource Hall. Your Highness should be able to return and receive them after some time.”

    Qin Yu shook his head, not saying anything. He faintly guessed what had happened. The Resource Hall that Black Lake spoke of should have been completely looted with the destruction of the Ninerealm Holy Land. It was naturally impossible for any treasures to be left behind.

    At this time, Black Lake’s eyes flashed. His originally blank eyes seemed to become much livelier. “As the Holy Land’s Highness, you have the qualifications to open the Secret Treasure Pagoda and obtain a treasure.”

    He lifted a hand and tapped a finger against the void. The phantom of a pagoda appeared, rapidly spinning so that no one could clearly see it.

    “Your Highness, you can call for it to stop at any moment, and the item chosen will naturally fly out.”

    Qin Yu no longer had any expectations for this. He casually glanced at it and said, “Stop.”

    The pagoda phantom suddenly stopped spinning. Then, a ray of light shot out towards Qin Yu.

    Qin Yu was startled. A look of pleasant surprise crossed his face. He quickly reached out to grab it.

    The object was cool as it entered his palm. As the light dispersed, Qin Yu’s complexion changed, revealing a strange and puzzled expression. How to say it…this thing was a soft and lumpy pile of something, a yellowish gray color. It was like…partially frozen snot.

    Although its appearance was disgusting, Qin Yu could actually feel a vast and boundless aura from it, as if he were facing an endless earth!