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Chapter 355 - The Only Person Who Still Remembers Sis Is Me!

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 355: The Only Person Who Still Remembers Sis Is Me!

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    Looking at the warm and friendly atmosphere inside, the cold, cautious look in his eyes softened as he responded to Ning Ke’s plea. “No.”

    Ning Ke raised her voice. “Su Ye! Not you too?! How could you be so cold-hearted? Have you all forgotten about my sister?!”

    Then, her voice trembled as she continued. “Turning ‘Ride With the Wind’ into an anime was one of her last wishes… if you’re not going to help me, I’ll go and beg Huo Beichen myself!”

    Su Ye retorted coldly. “If you can find him, why are you calling me, then?”

    There was a long pause of silence from the other side of the phone. It was clear that Ning Ke was surprised to see that Su Ye had seen through her bluff.

    A moment later, the tone in her voice had softened. “Come on, don’t be so cold. Please help me… you’ll help me, right?”

    “I think you’re just using your sister as an excuse to come and mess with my boss and the missus’ relationship.”

    Ning Ke raised her voice in anger again, “Missus, Missus, Missus! I see now, you’re such a loyal dog to that ‘Missus’, huh? Have you forgotten my sister?! Have you forgotten how she brought joy into our gloomy lives?!”

    Su Ye was stunned upon hearing this.

    Ning Ke started to sob through her phone. “My motive doesn’t matter. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if everyone thinks I am trying to woo Huo Beichen. The only person who still remembers sis is me. And I’m the only one who would do anything for her!”

    Su Ye’s warm demeanor started to freeze into a cold, dark gloom as he looked at the city that was in the distance from the balcony.

    Neon lights lined up in the cold night, guiding the citizens back to their home from work… and it also guided him through the passage of time… back to 8 years ago… when “she” was standing there, waving at everyone with that trademark, cheerful smile…

    A moment later, Su Ye pulled himself together and said, “Fine. This is the final favor I’m doing for you. I’ll ask Boss later.”

    Releasing a sigh of relief, Ning Ke opened her mouth joyfully. “Okay. Thanks.”

    Before she could hang up, Su Ye’s voice could be heard from the phone again. “Ning Ke.”

    Ning Ke’s finger hovered above the red hang-up button.

    Su Ye then said, “Stop pretending to be her. Even if you look like her from head to toe, in Boss’ heart, you’re still not her.”

    Ning Ke screamed into her phone. “But that ‘Missus’ is not her either!”

    Realizing that her tone was a tad bit too harsh, Ning Ke spoke once again. “If Huo Beichen can accept that imposter, how could he not accept me?”

    Seeing how stubborn she was, Su Ye could not help but retort again. “8 years. It’s been 8 years! Boss is finally able to move on and start anew. Is it so bad for all of us to move on?”

    Then, his voice turned cold. “Do you know just what kind of life Boss led in the past 8 years? He was like a dead man walking. He was living in total darkness. That is until the missus arrived. Until she shone some light into his life, helping him smile again!”

    “Ning Ke, I’ll do you this favor and ask Boss about that comic adaptation. However, don’t expect me to do something like this again. If you dare to destroy Boss’ happiness, don’t be surprised and regret it later when I don’t reminisce on our friendship!”

    After saying what he had to say, Su Ye hung up his phone.

    Standing on the balcony, he took a huge breath as he lowered his head to look at the scenery. It was then that he saw that Huo Beichen’s car had arrived and was parked downstairs.

    Su Ye thought to himself.

    Thus, he went back indoors. “I’ll head downstairs for a bit.”

    To be honest, he did not even want to do Ning Ke this favor.

    However, the choice was not up to him.

    The one who needed to make the call was Huo Beichen.

    A few minutes later, Huo Beichen finally arrived, stepping out of the lift.


    Su Ye approached him cautiously. “Ning Ke gave me a call earlier. She asked for your investment and aid to adapt ‘Ride With the Wind’ into an anime.”

    Huo Beichen was stunned upon hearing this.