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Chapter 330 - This Is My Token Of Gratitude (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 330: This Is My Token Of Gratitude (2)

    Although Gu Yu didn't say much, she could still feel his dangerous gaze as well as his body temperature that had turned extremely hot.

    A wise person understands what to do at certain times. If she had said that she wasn't satisfied, the situation wouldn't have ended with just a kiss. As she spoke, she pushed Gu Yu's chest forcefully with both of her hands without waiting for his reply. Then, she quickly got up from his lap and rushed out of the study room without looking back.

    Xu Weilai ran straight to the kitchen without stopping. She took out a bottle of mineral water and opened the cap. She drank the whole bottle of water in a single gulp before she managed to suppress the flame in her body.

    She heaved a huge sigh of relief. She covered her face that was still slightly warm. She couldn't help but laugh in a very soft voice.

    Coincidentally, Mrs. Lin was walking past the kitchen at the time and saw Xu Weilai's smile. She couldn't help but exclaim in silence that Spring was coming. The season of love was arriving soon.


    The study room.

    Gu Yu furiously restrained the urge to chase after Xu Weilai when he saw her running away in a hurry. He stood up and walked over to the balcony of his study room. He leaned against the railing and stood there for a moment, allowing the night breeze to blow against him gently.

    He only went back into the study room when he started to feel cold. He sat on his chair and prepared to continue with his work.

    But, when he glanced at the magazine on the table, he picked it up and opened it. He read the article about his exclusive interview very seriously.

    After he had finished reading, he reached for his safe and pressed the password to open it. He then placed the magazine inside. There was already a massive pile of magazines and newspapers inside the safe. They were all published by the Z Magazine publication company.

    Or rather, it was more accurate to say that they were all exclusive interviews, articles of news, and casual writings.

    As long as she wrote it, Gu Yu collected everything.

    Now, looking at the magazines and newspapers, Gu Yu found them very interesting, too. He didn't even know how much he loved Xu Weilai personally.


    The next day.

    The moment Assistant Lin arrived at the company, he was called into the office by his big boss.

    He walked in as though he was confronting a formidable enemy. In that short span of around ten seconds, all sorts of possibilities went through his mind. Was Mr. Gu going to complain about his poor handling ability because of what happened with Yun Rou yesterday? Was he going to make him pick between two choices again?

    Or could it be that this time, there wouldn't even be two choices for him to choose? Maybe Mr. Gu had already decided for him and would ask him to leave directly.

    No wonder his left eyelid kept blinking when he woke up this morning. It was a sign that something terrible would happen today!

    Please don't do it!

    He didn't want to leave Mr. Gu!

    He had feelings for Mr. Gu!

    It was always right to admit his mistake at the very start. The moment he reached the front of the desk, and before Gu Yu could open his mouth, Assistant Lin started tearing up. He gave a forlorn expression and began pleading with Mr. Gu pitifully. "Mr. Gu, I know my mistake. I will work even harder the next time and help you to block any ladies that wanted to come near you. I will make sure that they don't disturb you. Please have some mercy on me. I have been with you conscientiously for so many years. Even if I didn't achieve anything, I still take some credit for working hard! Please don't chase me away to Africa or the Philippines. I can't bear to leave you!"

    Gu Yu raised his eyebrows and looked at Assistant Lin with an emotionless expression. He remained silent for a second before opening his mouth and saying in a cold tone, "Assistant Lin, if you don't change your disgusting expression immediately, you can pack up instantly."


    Assistant Lin quickly stopped crying and turned stern. He resumed his posture as an elite worker and said thoughtfully, "Mr. Gu, what orders do you have?"

    Gu Yu leaned back against his seat and raised his head slightly. "I have something for you to do immediately."