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Chapter 442 - Tunneling

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 442 Tunneling

    The interference in Don’t Cry Valley prevented all kinds of equipment from working normally. Zhou Wen wasn’t worried about cameras here, but he still needed to pay attention to things like Companion Beasts.

    Some people liked to use worms, mosquitoes, and other Companion Beasts for reconnaissance purposes, making them harder to defend against than electronic equipment. This was because few people would notice them so they were especially useful in dimensional zones.

    Zhou Wen used the Truth Listener earring to pay attention to every movement around him, to ensure that any dimensional creatures could be discovered the moment they appeared.

    Suddenly, Zhou Wen sensed the existence of a dimensional creature. It was a green bamboo viper. It was sprawled on a bamboo joint, sharing the same color as the bamboo leaves, making it difficult for ordinary people to discover its existence.

    However, the Truth Listener earring had discovered its existence from afar. Zhou Wen didn’t know if the bamboo viper was a native dimensional creature of Don’t Cry Valley or it was manually placed there.

    Regardless of which one it was, Zhou Wen didn’t plan on alerting it. He circled around it and continued deeper into the bamboo forest without letting it discover him.

    Zhou Wen found quite a number of dimensional creatures along the way. He circled around them without alerting any of them. He hoped that he was heading in the right direction.

    As he walked forward, more and more dimensional creatures appeared. There were bamboo vipers, mantises that resembled withered leaves, and a frog hiding in the fallen leaves. These Companion Beasts weren’t very powerful, but they were distributed very regularly. It was difficult for one to dodge their line of sight no matter where one went.

    Zhou Wen wasted a lot of time to circle around these dimensional creatures. After passing through the bamboo forest, he saw a building resembling a blockhouse erected on the mountain wall.

    It was obvious that the building was man-made. It was highly likely to be the entrance to the Primordial Crystal mine.

    However, there was only one entrance without any windows. It was completely sealed. If one wanted to rush in, one had to break open the door and clash with the people from the bureau.

    This was the economic lifeline of the bureau. It had one of the four Censors, Cai Jin, guarding it. According to An Sheng, Cai Jin was as strong as Ják.

    With the help of other Epic experts, and with them having the terrain advantage, Zhou Wen didn’t think it was a good idea to forcefully barge in.

    After observing the surrounding terrain, Zhou Wen infiltrated from another side of the canyon and found a low depression. He summoned Tyrant Behemoth.

    The Epic Tyrant Behemoth was more than ten meters tall. It was like a small black mountain. In reality, it felt majestic and terrifying when he looked at it. He felt like it could pierce through a mountain with a single punch.

    “Tyrant, can you dig diagonally down in that direction? Be careful not to make too much noise.” Zhou Wen pointed in the direction of the mine.

    Tyrant Behemoth could devour extremely hard Primordial Crystal ores, so it shouldn’t be a problem for it to deal with ordinary rocks.

    Tyrant Behemoth took action after hearing the order. It lowered its head to the ground, and the two horns on its head spun like a huge drill, tearing open a huge hole.

    Zhou Wen saw mud splatter and hurriedly crawled in behind Tyrant Behemoth. Tyrant Behemoth was like a super drilling vehicle that violently drilled through rocks and kept proceeding underground.

    As there was nowhere to dispose of the rock and mud, the back of the tunnel was quickly blocked, just leaving a space slightly bigger than Tyrant Behemoth.

    The place Zhou Wen had chosen was still more than a thousand meters from the entrance to the mine. He was originally worried that Tyrant Behemoth would take too long to enter, but he had clearly underestimated Tyrant Behemoth’s strength.

    This was a fellow who was known to be able to eat a thousand mountains every day. Although it hadn’t advanced to the Mythical stage and couldn’t eat a mountain, it wasn’t difficult for it to dig a hole.

    After following Tyrant Behemoth for more than an hour, Zhou Wen guessed that he should have arrived at a stop under the mine, but he hadn’t seen any Primordial Crystal ores appear.

    Strange, why haven’t I seen any Primordial Crystal ores? Logically speaking, if there’s a mine here, I should be able to see Primordial Crystal ores nearby. Why aren’t there any? Zhou Wen found it odd.


    As he was thinking, he heard the sound of rocks cracking above him. He looked over and saw that there were several cracks above the tunnel that Tyrant Behemoth had dug open. There was faint light passing through the cracks.

    But for some reason, Tyrant Behemoth didn’t advance further. It looked up at the cracks.

    Eh! Could it be that Tyrant Behemoth went too deep down and missed the mining area? Zhou Wen made Tyrant Behemoth stop. He stood on Tyrant Behemoth’s body and leaned close to the crack to take a look inside. There was light inside, but all he could see was the ceiling.

    Using Truth Listener’s ability, a huge warehouse appeared in Zhou Wen’s mind. Rows of metal chests were placed inside.

    The entire warehouse was around a thousand square meters. There were plenty of metal chests in there.

    This place… Could it be their warehouse to store the Primordial Crystal ores? Zhou Wen’s heart stirred as he carefully observed using Truth Listener’s powers. He soon discovered that there were quite a number of mini Companion Beasts hidden in the warehouse. One of them, a cricket-like Companion Beast, was staring at the crack as though it had sensed something.

    Zhou Wen knew that he couldn’t alarm them; otherwise, Cai Jin and the other inspectors would immediately be alarmed. After some thought, he summoned some Blood Threadworms.

    These Blood Threadworms were obtained from the Zhuolu battlefield. They were finer than hair. It was very difficult to notice a few of them with the naked eye.

    He let the Blood Threadworm crawl into the warehouse and carefully approach the Companion Beast in the warehouse before letting them burrow into their bodies.

    The Companion Beasts were ordered by their owners to remain motionless. This made it easier for Zhou Wen to take action. The Blood Threadworms crawled into their bodies and immediately affected their nerves. Although they wouldn’t immediately die, they fell into a state of dementia.

    Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen got Tyrant Behemoth to drill a huge hole into the warehouse. The man and pet crawled inside.

    Zhou Wen raised his hand and chopped open a metal chest’s lock. He lifted the lid and immediately, a blinding light emitted from the box. All the boxes were filled with Primordial Crystals.

    Holy sh*t, aren’t there thousands of metal chests in this warehouse? If the items inside are all Primordial Crystals… Zhou Wen didn’t dare imagine what would happen. As for Tyrant Behemoth, he was already salivating at the box of Primordial Energy Crystals that Zhou Wen had opened