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Chapter 344 - We’re Suitable No Matter Wha

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 344: We’re Suitable No Matter What

    Lightning was rather surprised to see Leng Yu siding with Jian Qi so soon.

    “Leng Yu, how did Big Sister Qi bribe you to be on her side? You even helped her today so that the boss did our groupings by drawing lots.”

    Leng Yu observed her surroundings. She said calmly, “It might be because of what I felt the first time I met her.”


    “Are you deceived by her innocent and kind appearance?” Lightning smiled and asked.

    Feng Yi was displeased. “Lightning, I’ll fire a bullet at you if you condemn my goddess again.”

    Lightning did not manage to say anything else when Leng Yu spoke coldly, “Feng Yi, you’re really so daring.”

    Feng Yi. “…”

    Who did he mess with?

    Lightning smiled. “Sister Leng Yu, please protect me.”

    Leng Yu spoke frostily. Her words were harsh and cruel. “Lightning, you’re so disgusting.”

    Lightning. “…”

    ‘Young girl, why would you annoy everyone like this?’

    Leng Yu continued with a cold voice, “It’s cute when Jian Qi calls me that. I feel like I’m going to throw up if you do the same.”

    Lightning. “…”

    Feng Yi burst into a fit of laughter.

    “Leng Yu, your comments are spot on.” Feng Yi suppressed his laughter and said.

    Lightning calmed himself down and asked her, “Leng Yu, when did you start to have such a vicious tongue?”

    Leng Yu was confused. “A vicious tongue? I was just describing my feelings in a normal way.”

    Then, Lightning took a deep breath. He suppressed his urge to pull the trigger of his gun and murder his teammates.

    Feng Yi was curious too. He then asked, “Leng Yu, do you like her because she’s cute? Is that so?”

    “No.” Leng Yu denied it calmly. She tried to remember the first time she met Jian Qi. “She was on sentry guard at the gates when I arrived. Her cap was covered with a pile of snow. Moreover, it was indeed cold. But, she seemed not to have felt the coldness. She could even joke around with the person beside her. She seemed so energetic at the time. So, I felt that she’s…”

    Leng Yu thought for a moment. Finally, she found a perfect word to describe the girl whom she met that day. “Crazy.”

    “Yes, she’s a crazy girl.” Lightning could not help but condemn Jian Qi again.

    Leng Yu paused for a while. She said, “Yes, she might be.”

    Lightning was surprised. “Why do I feel like your taste has changed for the worse after we have been apart for only a few months?”

    “I was only curious about her at first. But, I like her now because of her persistence.” Leng Yu replied placidly. “Not many people can be as persistent as she is.”

    Leng Yu liked her because of her persistence. That was also why she helped her so that the boss would do the groupings by drawing lots.

    “Don’t you think that she is quite suitable for Boss?” Leng Yu asked them.

    “I don’t think so.” Feng Yi scoffed coldly.

    She was his goddess.

    Lightning smiled. He pointed it out directly. “They’ll definitely make quite a good match given how relentless Big Sister Qi is in pursuing the boss.”

    Leng Yu smirked. She then remained quiet.

    “Leng Yu, let’s have a deal. Can you promise not to help Big Sister Qi be harsh on us from now on?” Lightning smiled gently.

    “Did I?” Leng Yu retorted.

    Lightning. “…”

    ‘Young girl, you’re so forgetful.’

    Who was the one who threw everybody off their backs on the ground directly for the sake of that crazy girl when she had just returned to the team?

    At that moment, Jian Qi could not help but sneeze. She had just changed her hiding spot with Zhao Yu.

    She rubbed her nose and complained out loud. She was annoyed. “Who’s scolding me behind my back?”

    Zhao Yu smiled. “It might be the four people who were framed by you.”

    Jian Qi. “…”