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Chapter 356 - Everything to Her Name

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 356: Everything to Her Name

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    In China at this time, there were not many locally made animations. On top of the high risk of suffering a loss, the cost of these animation productions was high.

    However, this was “Ride With the Wind”…

    Closing his eyes, Huo Beichen could feel a tremor in his heart.

    He could still recall the day when the girl had said that she wanted to make her comics so popular that it would one day become an anime, spear-heading the dawn of Chinese anime.

    She believed that one day, Chinese anime would become popular…

    She was so sure of herself when she announced her dream to everyone. Her words were still echoing in his head.

    Then, she was gone. She was no more.

    Ning Ke then brought her comics with her overseas and published it using her name. He did not stop her from doing that because publishing the comics had been her dream.

    Ning Ke knew that “Ride With the Wind” would remind him of her. Was that why she had insisted on Su Ye to come and ask him about its animation investment?

    Indeed, this was just a few million yuan—an amount that was quite inconsequential to his wallet.

    If the girl did not come back, he would do everything to realize this dream.

    Yet, this time, it was different. She  come back…

    He would do anything for her. If this was still her dream, he would do it. Nonetheless, deep down, he still hoped that she could go out, alive and kicking, and make “Ride With the Wind” into an anime herself.

    He had spent years accumulating this insanely obscene amount of wealth just so she could do anything she wanted and realize any dream she had. She would not be tangled by anything anymore when she walked her path.

    As the lift’s door closed behind him, Huo Beichen made up his mind.

    Huo Beichen then gave his order. “Contact my lawyer. I want to put all of my assets and properties under the missus’ name.”


    Su Ye was shocked upon hearing this.

    Weren’t they talking about “Ride With the Wind”? Why was his boss suddenly wanting to pass on everything under his name to the missus?

    Nonetheless, Su Ye still nodded in agreement. “Alright.”

    Then, he suddenly seemed to recall something, and hastily opened his mouth. “In that case, what about all those Huo Group’s shares…”

    Pausing for a second, Huo Beichen replied, “Those will still be under my name. It’s easier to manage that way. Still, pen down a contract so that when all things are said and done, those would still go under her name.”


    Although he knew that his boss was deeply in love with the missus, seeing him do so much for her, Su Ye could not help but feel a little uneasy about it.

    However, when he saw the happiness that was shining on his boss’s face, Su Ye conceded as a smile curved upon his face too.

    If his boss could build up one Huo Group, he could build a second Huo Group from the scratch again.

    Giving it all up to the missus was no issue.

    He had followed his boss for so long and he had not seen him smile this much ever. Well, not since that day 8 years ago…

    If giving up Huo Group would make his boss happy again, this would be worth it.

    After finally thinking everything through, Su Ye’s smile was as bright as the sun while his eyes were as curved as a fox’s. “Understood, boss.”

    Before walking through the door, Huo Beichen turned his head and looked at Su Ye. “Keep an eye on Ning Ke.”

    Su Ye nodded. “Yes, sir.”

    He understood what his boss meant—he would not be investing in that animation. Ning Ke had moved the wrong chess piece on the table.

    Turning his head back toward the door, Huo Beichen spoke once again. “So long as she doesn’t go near the missus, I’ll ensure that she lives a fulfilled life.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    Watching his boss grind his teeth, seething in anger, yet, not able to retaliate at Ning Ke one bit… Su Ye let out a sigh.

    It couldn’t be helped.

    Ning Ke was her sister, and they had been very close.

    When Huo Beichen had hinted to her that Ning Ke might have feelings for him, she not only did not believe it, she even made him promise her that he would take good care of Ning Ke.

    Su Ye began to feel very sorry for his boss.

    Ning Ke was probably the first enemy Huo Beichen could not defeat in any way—an enemy that he hated so much but could not lift a finger against.


    After finishing her porridge, Ning Meng sighed as she smelled the sweet aroma coming from the steamboat.

    Raising her phone, she started to browse Weibo, trying to pass time.

    Just then, as she was reading some news, she saw a notification.

    @NingMeng521: [I’m so happy! “Ride With the Wind” is about to become an anime. And this is all thanks to @HuoGroup.]