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Chapter 986 - The One Who Dances with the Devil

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 986: The One Who Dances with the Devil

    The woman in black brought the girl away.

    Mr. Berveld looked over, well aware that the girl whom he had intended to deflower was going to be under Lucifer’s unconditional protection. If anything were to happen to her, Lucifer would be standing up for her. Those were the rules of the Elegance Room that everyone had to follow and abide by.

    Wen Xinya cocked her head sideways to look at Liu Yanhua. “Mr. Berveld has broken the rules of Elegance Room. How should he be punished?”

    As soon as she said those words, all the guests present gasped in shock. Although they found it incredible, no one dared to doubt her since they were in the Elegance Room.

    A sullen expression formed on Mr. Berveld’s face and he glared at Wen Xinya coldly with his eyes glassed over.

    Liu Yanhua answered sternly, “There must be blood.”

    Before anyone else could even react, Wen Xinya whipped out Athena and fired a bullet which grazed across Mr. Berveld’s hand, making it bleed.

    Wen Xinya blew some air on her barrel and said, “There’s this Chinese saying that goes, ‘To err is human. What matters is that you learn from your mistakes and repent.’ Since you’ve learned your lesson, I shall punish you lightly, Mr. Berveld.”

    The blood then trickled down Mr. Berveld’s hand and onto the ground.

    The fleeting moment of silence made the gambler feel like gambling again.

    To the gamblers, blood was so important that they would forget about being humane, for they were too preoccupied with gambling and the superstitions around it. In fact, they had become slaves to gambling.

    Mr. Berveld remained silent while smiling throughout.

    Wen Xinya was smiling too.

    They faced each other in complete silence.

    He then took a few steps back and took a seat by a gambling table.

    However, Wen Xinya decided to head upstairs because she was no longer in the mood to gamble.

    The hollow stairs croaked whenever Wen Xinya stepped on it. Although it was rather unsteady, Wen Xinya enjoyed the feeling of stepping on clouds.

    The loud and crisp sounds of applause sounded in the air at the instant that she arrived on the second floor.

    Wen Xinya stood by the stairwell and looked in the direction where the noise was coming from, only to see Mr. Wei standing still like an aristocrat during the Renaissance, refined and elegant.

    Wen Xinya’s face grew sullen beneath her mask, not wishing to cross paths with him because she felt that he was too mysterious and shady.

    While applauding and chuckling, Mr. Wei said, “Interesting. I didn’t expect you to be such an interesting person on top of being so talented in chess and the arts.”

    There seemed to be a layer of fog on top of his blue eyes which made it difficult to tell his emotions.

    When they were in the private room earlier on, he was cold, aloof and standoffish. Yet, he was now acting so friendly and chummy with Wen Xinya, giving her a fresh impression of him. “Mr. Wei, you’re flattering me.”

    Her reply was cold yet polite.

    Seemingly not bothered by her attitude, Mr. Wei said calmly, “I am the beginning and the end. God doesn’t exist around me. I’ll rise above to the clouds and I’ll be as high as the sky.” He was reciting the portion of Lucifer’s verse that Wen Xinya had quoted earlier on. However, his tone was ambiguous. “Is that how you deciphered that person?” he asked.

    He was referring to Si Yiyan.

    Wen Xinya pursed her lips, her mask appearing unusually frigid under the strong beams of light. Mr. Wei was clearly an enemy. “I doubt that has anything to do with you, Mr. Wei!” Wen Xinya answered.

    Ignoring her answer, Mr. Wei continued self-righteously, “I just want to tell you, Lucifer has also said another line that goes, ‘Follow me and I’ll make you the devil of souls.’ Miss Bella, do you know that you’ve constantly been dancing with the devil?”

    Wen Xinya answered, “Lucifer also said, ‘I’m a bright and shining star. I am the light of the world. My followers should not be in the dark, but rather, they should thrive in the light.'” Wen Xinya could sense that there were hidden meanings to his words, though she was confused about what exactly he meant.

    Not at all offended by her sharp tongue, Mr. Wei walked towards her slowly and said composedly, “Do allow me to remind you, God doesn’t exist around him, but he isn’t God either. So… he’s not invincible.” He then laughed out loud and continued, “Let me tell you, those who dance with the devil usually end up in terrible plights.”

    Wen Xinya watched him leave while her right eyelid began to twitch.

    She was overwhelmed with an ominous hunch.

    Standing on the second floor, Wen Xinya looked down at the people in the gambling hall which she had a clear view of.

    She turned around and headed to the washroom on the second floor which was rather near her. Hence, Liu Yanhua did not insist on tagging along.

    Wen Xinya stood in front of the mirror and looked at her own reflection while her vision began to turn blurry for no reason. Her pupils dilated and she subconsciously shook her head.

    She then extended her fingers and shook them in front of her eyes, unable to focus at all because her vision was getting blurry.

    She finally discovered that something was amiss with herself.

    She had been tricked and set up. There were just too many possibilities and she could not figure out when she she had been drugged. It could have been something she ate, something she drank or the perfume of a stranger.

    She knew that there were too many people and too many possibilities. The person who had set her up only had two reasons to do so—because she was Rex’s lover and because she was Lucifer’s lady in-charge.

    It could have been because of a grudge or a feud.

    She tried to recall when she had been set up and who the person who had drugged her could be.

    Could it be Avrora, who had been behaving strangely? Or the sinister Mr. Berveld? Or was it the mysterious Mr. Wei?

    She reckoned that it must have had something to do with what Mr. Wei said to her—”Do allow me to remind you, God doesn’t exist around him, but he isn’t God either. So… he’s not invincible. Let me tell you, those who dance with the devil usually end up in terrible plights.”

    Gradually, she began to hallucinate and she suddenly closed her eyes before falling towards the wall and plastering her back against it. The chilliness of the wall seemed to have penetrated through her back and her bones before spreading to the rest of her body.

    Soon, she began to get used to the silent and painless feeling of dizziness. Supporting herself against the wall, she slowly left the washroom.

    All she could see was a white ray of light and she was just like a blind person trying to feel guide herself through.

    While trying to move, she yelled, “Sis Yanhua, Sis Yanhua, are you there?”