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Chapter 331 - She Was Always An Exception (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 331: She Was Always An Exception (1)

    "Please tell me. Even if you were to tell me to climb a mountain of swords, or descend a mountain of fire, I wouldn't refuse. I promise to make sure to perfectly accomplish every task you assign me!" Assistant Lin struck a pose as if he was ready to put up a fight. He wanted the Boss to see that he was still very capable!

    Gu Yu's lips twitched upwards at Assistant Lin's behavior. Without wasting another word, he ordered directly, "Z Magazine just released a magazine. Go hand one out to everyone in the company."


    Assistant Lin had thought that there was something important that he had to go settle. Who would've known that… Gu Yu just wanted him to go buy some magazines? Isn't that too insignificant of a matter for him to do?


    Despite his cool tone, the sound Gu Yu just made was still enough to make one feel the stifling pressure from him. It sent chills down Assistant Lin's back as he replied hurriedly, "Got it! Mr. Gu, I'll be on my way now. I'll make sure that every employee of Gu Corporation gets their hands on the magazine!"

    Assistant Lin had practically scrambled his way out of the office. After picking up the cup of milk tea that he had just bought, he sucked a big mouthful of it in the hopes of suppressing his nerves. Then, not daring to delay the task any longer, he began dialing the related numbers to obtain the magazines!

    Since Gu Corporation had a massive number of employees, he ultimately ordered the magazines straight from the publisher. The publisher then went to the warehouse to collect the magazines before sending a large cargo truck to deliver them over.

    At four-thirty in the afternoon, Assistant Lin had finally obtained the magazines. When he started flipping through it, he finally realized why the Boss had requested him to purchase the magazines, and why he told him to issue one to everyone in the company.

    On one hand, he could support the sales of the magazine publishing company that Young Mistress was at. Under the relationship status section of CEO Gu's exclusive interview, it was also written that he was married.

    It turned out that he was indirectly trying to announce that he was already taken!

    Gu Yu's move surely was astounding!


    With a knock on the door, her secretary pushed the door open and made her way in. She first passed the document that required Xiao Chun's signature. When Xiao Chun was done signing the document, she then placed the magazine in her arms onto the table.

    Xiao Chun caught a glimpse of it. Raising her brows slightly, she asked, "What is this?"

    Her secretary replied, "Miss Xiao, this is the magazine that Assistant Lin had told someone to hand out. He said that Mr. Gu was giving this for free. Everyone has a copy of it."

    "Is that so?"

    Her secretary nodded and added, "If there's nothing else, I'll be taking my leave to get some work done."

    "Go on."

    Xiao Chun's gaze returned once more to her document, but she wasn't able to focus on it any longer. Eventually, she took the magazine over and began flipping through it.

    Gu Yu's exclusive interview…

    Gu Yu was never one to accept interviews. If it was not completely necessary, he would never be willing to appear in front of the camera. Despite that, he accepted an exclusive interview from Xu Weilai.

    Gu Yu would always make an exception for Xu Weilai any time she asked.

    Xiao Chun smiled bitterly, skimming over what the exclusive interview covered. Then, her gaze settled on the last question.

    "Relationship status: Married…"

    Xiao Chun leaned heavily into the back of her chair as her lips curved slightly. She wasn't even able to force out a bitter smile.

    Gu Yu and Xu Weilai were two people in love. Would they ultimately follow the normal tracks and end up getting married?

    Xiao Chun closed her eyes shut, trying to hide the sorrow rising within her. After a long time, however, a stray tear still escaped and trailed down her face.



    While Yun Rou was practicing at the piano studio, she vaguely caught her assistants saying, "Gu Yu's already married". In that instant, she played the wrong note. Her fingers pressed heavily into the keys, producing a sharp, ear-piercing sound.

    She heaved herself off the piano, making her way to her assistants in a few quick steps. Without the usual elegance she held herself with, she asked coldly, "What did you guys just say?"