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Chapter 397 – I Can Try

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Qin Yu was anxious but he knew that the air bubble was incomparably firm, so firm that his strength couldn’t even hope to shake it. He stared with wide eyes until his line of sight was completely blocked by clouds. Only then did he look back. He had a bit of helplessness on his face, a bit of disappointment, but also some comfort.

    Although the two of them had yet to meet and even though Ning Ling didn’t know that he had already arrived at the Land of Divinity and Demons, wasn't it good that he knew she was doing well right now? Even if he couldn’t meet her today, there would always be an opportunity in the future. Moreover, after leaving the Ninerealm Holy Land they would return to the Infinite Realm. Maybe they would meet there?

    Thinking of this, Qin Yu’s state of mind was restored to normal. He closed his eyes and started to meditate. After an unknown period of time, he felt the air bubble shake a little. He opened his eyes to find that the air bubble had torn through the barriers of the world once more, arriving at the endless nothingness outside.

    17 air bubbles were all close to each other. He could see through his air bubble to the other titan warriors in theirs. In one air bubble, the titan named Tutou was covered in blood, unconscious. It was clear he was heavily wounded. It seemed these titans had also encountered dangers after entering Ninerealm Holy Land.

    At this time, Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows together. This was because he could feel that as well as Tuba, the other titans were also glaring at him with ice cold eyes. His heart chilled. Could it be that they knew he had become the Holy Land’s Saint Son? But even so, the titans had a close relationship with the Ninerealm Holy Land, so their response shouldn’t be like this, right?

    Before Qin Yu could think about this further, the air bubbles rapidly sank and they scattered in the air. Although he couldn’t see the titan warriors, his complexion grew increasingly gloomy.

    Something must have happened that he didn’t know about. He began to worry. He would soon return to the titan tribe and if he wasn’t careful, a massive problem was sure to erupt!

    His thoughts raced. He suddenly thought about the numerous cultivators he had seen together with Ning Ling when the air bubbles left the Ninerealm Holy Land.

    The Infinite Realm had opened multiple times before but he had never heard anything related to the Ninerealm Holy Land in the outside world. And as he recalled the attitudes of the titans before they entered the Holy Land, it wasn’t like they were readying themselves to face some great mortal enemy…could it be that the Immortal Sect cultivators and whoever else had relied upon some unknown method to forcefully enter the Ninerealm Holy Land?

    Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. He was a human outsider. While he had no connection to the Immortal Sect, would the titans believe that? He feared that they likely regarded him as the chief architect of whatever dastardly scheme had occurred.

    The more he thought about it the more anxious he became. This was because he was almost sure that the titans wouldn’t believe his explanation. As he remembered those terrifying blood fluctuations he had sensed in the titan tribe, his complexion grew increasingly ugly.

    The air bubble fell faster and faster. After an unknown period of time, the fog all around him vanished and a giant canyon appeared. Then, he saw the titan tribe hidden within and the great black lake deep in the tribe.

    Pa –

    The air bubble broke apart. Qin Yu landed on the island in the center of the lake.

    “Human outsider!” With a loud roar, a giant fist came rumbling towards him, accompanied by a terrifying aura.

    This attack came without any warning. Luckily Qin Yu was already on guard. His feet rapidly moved and avoided this ferocious strike.

    “Hold on! I can vow that I am completely unrelated to those other humans who entered the Holy Land. Otherwise, how could I possibly return here with you!” Qin Yu shouted out loud. He glanced at Tuba, “We have fought before. You should know that my strength is completely different from those people’s!”

    Tuba tightly frowned, as if he were thinking deeply about this.

    A titan warrior roared, “What nonsense! If you didn’t know them, then how come that female cultivator from the Immortal Sect would know your name!?”

    As he heard this, Tuba’s complexion darkened. He took a step forward and roared, “Give up…resisting…otherwise…die…”

    16 titans erupted their blood energy, causing space to tremble. Tiny cracks appeared and surrounded Qin Yu like a net.

    Qin Yu was briefly stunned. Then, he wryly smiled. It seemed that these titans had already met Ning Ling; if so, it was truly impossible to clear his name. However, he couldn’t allow himself to be captured here no matter what. Once he fell into the hands of these angry titans, he could die at any time.

    But in this critical moment, there was suddenly a deep shout, “Stop!” Though the voice sounded old, it seemed to contain strength beyond description. It was like every syllable weighed 10,000 jins, causing those who heard to feel awe in their hearts.

    A figure quickly flew in from the direction of the tribe. As the figure stepped across the black lake, every step caused faint ripples to spread outwards. However, these faint ripples caused the entire sacred lake to quietly tremble.

    Shua –

    In the blink of an eye, the old titan that seemed far away suddenly appeared in front of him. His figure was much smaller than Tuba than the others; he was only a little bit more than 10 feet tall. His eyes were warm and bright, seeming to flow with wisdom.

    However, this old person had his eyes fixed on Qin Yu. His breathing gradually deepened and his eyes brightened with excitement.

    “Greetings, great priest!” Tuba and the other titans quickly restrained their auras and bowed, revealing absolute respect towards this newcomer.

    The great priest coldly shouted, “How bold! You dare to be so rude to my tribe’s honored guest? Hurry up and apologize!”

    Tuba and the others were left dumbfounded. Just what did the great priest mean by all of this? However, their lips began to move automatically due to their deep faith in the great priest. They all bowed, “We ask honored guest to forgive us!”

    Qin Yu’s thoughts turned, but he remained silent.

    The great priest was all smiled. “Honored guest is generous and benevolent; he wouldn’t lower himself to the same level as you juniors.” As he spoke to here, his face revealed a hint of anticipation. “I wonder if honored guest can show me your status token?”

    As expected, the relationship between the titan tribe and the Ninerealm Holy Land wasn’t ordinary at all! Qin Yu inwardly sighed a breath of relief. At least he had overcome this hurdle. With a thought, a token appeared in his hand.

    As the great priest saw it, his body froze and his eyes instinctively widened. He suddenly shouted, “Saint Son!” After several moments of silence, the great priest fell to his knees, tears streaming down his old face. “The titan race’s 103rd great priest greets Your Highness Saint Son! I knew that the Holy Land would never abandon us subjects! They would certainly come and save us!”

    Tuba and the others were all frightened. After a moment of stunned shock, they were awoken by the great priest’s roars. “Unworthy descendants! Why have you not hurried up and fallen to your knees! This is His Highness, the Holy Land’s Saint Son! How can the likes of you offend someone of his revered status!?” After a moment of hesitation he said, “Your Highness Saint Son, these titan juniors have offended your dignity. According to the rules, they should immediately be slain and their souls extinguished forever! If Your Highness agrees, this old servant will personally execute them here!”

    After this, no one believed that the great priest had gone crazy any longer. They could feel terrifying, earth-shaking blood energy fluctuations emanating from his old body. Tuba and the others turned deathly pale. With loud crashes they all fell to their knees.

    “Great priest, please forgive us!”

    The great priest’s eyes twitched but he didn’t even spare them a glance. “Your Highness Saint Son, please pass down an order!”

    It was clear that as long as Qin Yu nodded, this great priest would kill Tuba and the others.

    Qin Yu never imagined that the status of being the Ninerealm Holy Land’s Saint Son would have such a great deterring effect. Although the great priest had displayed respect and submission so far, he knew what sort of terrifying strength was actually hidden in that old and frail-seeming body.

    The Ninerealm Holy Land had already been destroyed and his status as a Saint Son was nothing but a name. If he really didn’t give up here, who knew whether or not this old fellow would go back on his word? In any case, he hadn’t suffered any losses either.

    All of these thoughts happened in the blink of an eye. Qin Yu put away his token and said, “It’s not a crime to be ignorant. Spare them this one time!”

    The great priest’s heart relaxed. He turned and shouted, “Didn’t you hear that? Why haven’t you thanked His Highness Saint Son for being so merciful!”

    How could Tuba and the other titans say anything else? They vigorously bowed their heads to the ground and said, “Thank you Your Highness Saint Son!”

    Even now, they had no idea how this human outsider had become the Saint Son.

    But this so-called Saint Son, just what was that?

    At this time, a pitiful cry resounded through the air. After the air bubble broke apart, Tuba had placed Tutou on the ground. Now, Tutou’s eyes widened in pain and he roared out loud. The wounds on his body rapidly split open and his flesh and blood started to darken, emitting a rotten stench.

    “This is bad! Tutou’s injuries have erupted! Great priest, please save him!” Tuba anxiously said.

    The great priest’s figure moved but then he came to a sudden stop. He looked over at Qin Yu.

    Qin Yu waved his hand and the great priest’s body flickered, arriving right next to Tutou. He lifted a hand and pressed it on his body. This speed shocked Qin Yu. If the great priest had any ill intent, there was no way he could have escaped.

    Bang –

    Potent fluctuations of aura turned into blood red light that covered Tutou. Soon, the great priest opened his eyes and revealed a gloomy look. “What a dreadful corrosive demonic energy. Whether or not Tutou lives, that will all depend on his luck.”

    He stamped his feet and the ground split apart, leading all the way to the depths of the island. Then, trickling sounds rang in the air as a pool of clear water began to rise from the bottom of the island.

    Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. This was because he could feel that the strength emitting from this water was the same as the cool energy that restored his wounds after the test of the sacred lake. Although his Demon Body had reached large success, if he could absorb this spring water he could definitely rise to another level!

    In particular, what surprised Qin Yu was that there was actually a lotus root growing in this pool of clear water. Moreover, this lotus root was in a just germinated condition. Just by glancing at it, an intense feeling of hunger rose in Qin Yu. He felt as if he wanted to directly eat up this lotus root!

    His intuition told him that the reason this spring water had such a formidable effect on the body was all because of this lotus root.

    The great priest lifted his hand and some of the spring water flew up, wrapping around Tutou. The terrifying wounds on his body slightly improved and his flesh began to regenerate. However, the great priest didn’t relax at all, and instead his expression became even more dignified.


    Tutou screamed in pain. His regenerated wounds burst apart and his injuries decayed even faster than before. Massive pieces of his flesh started to rot away.

    As for the spring water that wrapped around him, it was immediately tainted black and emitted a noxious odor.

    The great priest’s complexion was heavy. “The corrosive demonic strength in Tutou’s body is terrifying. Unless it can be instantly chased away, any method of treatment will be swallowed by it, making it even more dreadful.”

    Tuba anxiously said, “Great priest, is there nothing we can do?”

    The great priest hesitated. “If he swallows the Divine Lotus then Tutou’s life might be saved. But, the Divine Lotus is the holy object of my titan race and it is related to the destiny of my entire titan tribe. I cannot use it on him.”

    The titans all fell silent, sorrow on their faces. Although they each competed with each other and battles sometimes broke out, they had still grown up together and their relationships were deep and strong. But now, they had to watch helplessly as Tutou died. The taste of this could be imagined.

    The great priest took a deep breath, a bit of sorrow in his expression. He turned and forced a smile. “Life and death, this is the natural cycle of all things. I apologize for showing something so laughable to Your Highness Saint Son. Allow this old servant to take Your Highness away.”

    Tuba’s eyes flashed. He suddenly straightened his back and fell to his knees. “Saint Son…can…you…save…Tutou…please…beg…you…”

    The great priest roared out, “Tuba, you are far too insolent!”

    Hualala –

    The other titans all fell to their knees. “Your Highness Saint Son, please help! We will be eternally grateful!”

    The great priest’s fingers shivered with worry. “How bold!” It was with great difficulty that he managed to preserve the lives of these juniors. If Qin Yu was angered, the consequences could be imagined. But as he thought about how they were begging for mercy because of their blood brother, he felt worry, anger, and also pride.

    Taking a deep breath, just before the great priest was about to punish them, the silent Qin Yu suddenly said, “I can’t guarantee anything, but I can try.”