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Chapter 398 – Eternal Brilliance

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     As he spoke, Qin Yu’s hand flashed and he took out a jade box. He opened it to reveal a fruit core. An astonishing vitality exuded from it. Just by taking a single breath of the scent, one felt fully energized.

    “Eternal Primordial Fruit!” The great priest shouted out loud, his eyes shining with excitement. “I never thought Your Highness would have an even more precious treasure! Tutou can be saved!”

    He took a deep breath, his voice full of deep reverence. “Your Highness, there is no need to worry. This old servant will only take a wisp of the core’s origin energy; there will be no damage to it.”

    Qin Yu nodded. “Alright.”

    Tuba and the others watched on with surprise and anticipation as the great priest received the jade box with both hands. Then, the great priest took out the core and looked at it with acclaim for several moments. He lifted a hand and pointed a finger down. A drop of blood the size of a pearl condensed on his fingertip, then, a wisp of pale white and green light shot out from the core and fused into the blood.

    The great priest quickly flicked his finger and the blood bead flew into Tutou’s body. Tutou’s body trembled as a massive amount of rotten flesh and blood started to fall off from his body. He screamed out in pain and fell to the floor, unconscious.

    The great priest stamped his feet. The ground shook like a living creature, directly burying all of the corrosive and poisonous blood. Tutou’s skin and flesh started to wriggle, rapidly restoring to its original state. A look of respite crossed his face as he fell into a deep sleep.

    The great priest let out a deep breath of relief. He smiled, “It's fine now. Take Tutou away; he will recover after he rests for some time.”

    Tuba respectfully bowed and thanked Qin Yu. Then, he picked Tutou up and left with the other titans.

    “Your Highness Saint Son, Tutou was disrespectful to you multiple times and yet you were willing to use such a treasure to save his life. You are truly a merciful and benevolent character. After he recovers and wakes up, I will personally have him come and kneel to you in apology.” The great priest handed back the jade box with both hands.

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “There is no need for him to apologize. What I want to know is that technique you just used to draw out the fruit core’s origin energy; does it cause any losses to you?”

    The great priest was stunned for a moment. He probingly asked, “Does Your Highness Saint Son want to take out the core’s origin energy?”

    Qin Yu nodded, not denying anything.

    The great priest earnestly said, “Your Highness, please forgive me if I am being rude, but if you directly extract the origin energy of the fruit core, you might be able to increase your strength, however this is not the best path to take.” He pointed a finger, “Your Highness, please take a look at this clear pool of water. With Your Highness’ eyesight, you should have been able to discover that the reason this spring water has the function of repairing and strengthening the body is because of this Divine Lotus. This Divine Lotus is something originating from the distant past, when a great priest of my tribe performed a merit for the Holy Land and was granted a lotus seed from a lotus throne. This Divine Lotus was cultivated from that lotus seed.

    “The spiritual strength here is barren and we do not have the appropriate methods for growing it. Because of that, this Divine Lotus grew incredibly slowly. But even though it has just germinated, it actually allowed the water it grew in to gain such mysterious powers. It is the most precious inheritance of my titan race.”

    Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. “Great priest, are you saying that this fruit core in my hand can also be cultivated?”

    The great priest bowed. “This old servant cannot guarantee success, but once you achieve that, the advantages you can obtain will be far greater than simply taking out the fruit core’s origin energy. While I dare to put forth such a possibility, ultimately everything is decided by Your Highness. If you really wish to take out the core’s origin energy, this is not difficult for me at all.”

    Qin Yu said, “Thank you for the advice, great priest. Since this core can be cultivated, I will try and attempt it.” It was no wonder that the great priest had emphasized that he wouldn’t harm the fruit core when saving Tutou.

    The titans were not able to fully cultivate the Divine Lotus, but since he had the little blue lamp, he actually had a bit of confidence. As he thought about some day when he had the possibility of having a fruit tree with Eternal Primordial Fruits hanging all over it, he couldn’t help but feel excited.

    He covered the jade box and placed it back in his storage ring. Then Qin Yu glanced at the spring water.

    The great priest carefully observed Qin Yu’s actions and expressions. He respectfully said, “Your Highness Saint Son is so noble and even forgave the juniors of my tribe for their discretions. We titans have no way to repay you; all we have is this spring water. Perhaps it might have some use to Your Highness Saint Son. Feel free to use it as you like.”

    Qin Yu was overjoyed. “Thank you great priest. Then, I won’t be impolite about it. However, please don’t worry. I will not touch the Divine Lotus in the spring water at all.”

    The great priest relaxed. What he feared was that if Qin Yu couldn’t bear using the fruit core, he would shift his attention onto the Divine Lotus instead. However, with his worries dispelled, his smile became increasingly bright. “Then this old servant will not disturb Your Highness’ training. I will excuse myself first. If there is anything Your Highness needs, just call out. I will be on standby ready for any orders.”

    He turned and flew towards the black lake, bringing Tuba and the others straight back to the tribe.

    Qin Yu glanced at the spring water, a happy expression on his face. The status of being the Ninerealm Holy Land’s Saint Son had helped him out a great deal. He hoped this spring water would be able to push his mortal body further and allow him to reach perfection of the King step Demon Body. If he could awaken the Demon Body’s combat technique once more, his strength would rise enormously.

    He stepped forward and fell into the spring water. Countless wisps of cool aura rushed into his body. He closed his eyes and hurriedly absorbed them.

    Thump –

    Thump –

    Within his chest, his heart began to vigorously beat. The blood racing in his blood vessels emitted cheerful sounds. Qin Yu could clearly feel his body becoming increasingly powerful. Although it couldn’t compare with the Eternal Primordial Fruit’s effects, it was still extremely astonishing.

    Qin Yu remained in the spring water for a full three days. Because of his training, the pool of spring water dropped several feet from how high it was initially.

    It had to be known that even talented young titans like Tuba and Tutou could only obtain an extremely limited amount of spring water. If this were exchanged for an equivalent amount of spirit stones, Qin Yu would have spent tens of millions of spirit stones if not more!

    Shua –

    Qin Yu’s eyes opened and a divine light flashed in his pupils. His bones began to crack and pop with astonishing momentum. As he leapt up onto the ground, blood energy revolved within his body, absorbing the water on it and turning his black robes dry and clear.

    “Hah, I’m still a point away.” Although Qin Yu had a happy smile, he still felt a bit of regret. The spring water had allowed his body to reach the peak of large success in the King step, just a thread away from perfection. But, this small gap was like an insurmountable canyon. Unless he ate the Divine Lotus, it would be impossible for him to make a breakthrough.

    Qin Yu had promised the great priest that he wouldn’t use the Divine Lotus. He naturally wouldn’t go back on his word. Moreover, he was still puzzled by the great priest’s actions.

    This wasn’t the first time that the titans had entered the Ninerealm Holy Land so they should be well aware of what its true situation was like. To be straightforward: someone so formidable like the titan race’s great priest simply had no need to care about Qin Yu’s status as the Saint Son.

    Then how come he had been so respectful and submissive? Before clarifying these matters, Qin Yu believed he should remain vigilant and careful.

    His thoughts turned and he looked up, clearly saying, “Great priest, I have finished training.” As his voice fell, a shadow appeared at the other end of the great lake. In a few breaths of time it arrived in front of him.

    The great priest smiled and respectfully said, “Congratulations to Your Highness Saint Son for your cultivation reaching yet another level.” His eyes glanced over at the pool of spring water, and as he saw the Divine Lotus was still in perfect condition, he was thoroughly relieved.

    In order to avoid angering Qin Yu, he hadn’t dared to probe the island at the center of the lake in these last three days. In truth, he was quite worried about the safety of the Divine Lotus. The great priest was well aware just what kind of temptation the Divine Lotus was for someone that cultivated the body. If Qin Yu really did decide to eat it, their tribe would have suffered another calamity upon what they were already dealing with.

    Qin Yu sensed this but he didn’t reveal anything. “I must thank the Divine Lotus and the great priest’s generosity.”

    The great priest flicked his sleeves and the pool of spring water rapidly sank downwards, the ground closing up over it. “Your Highness Saint Son, my tribe has prepared a banquet to welcome your arrival. I hope that you can participate.”

    Qin Yu thought for a moment and responded, “Since the great priest is so sincere, I will have to bother you.”

    “This is the honor of our titan tribe!” The great priest’s face lit up with joy. He brought Qin Yu to leave the black lake.

    Soon, after washing up and combing his hair, a grand banquet began. Qin Yu was respectfully seated in the seat of honor. The entire titan tribe, their ten thousand some tribesmen, all came to watch with eyes full of curiosity and awe.

    The banquet had just begun when a pale-faced Tutou arrived with several other titans and knelt down in front of Qin Yu.

    “My son Tutou didn’t know the identity of Your Highness Saint Son and offended Your Highness’s dignity. Thanks to the magnanimity of Your Highness, his life was saved. I brought him here today especially to apologize and express his gratitude towards Your Highness.”

    It was unknown what Tutou was told, but he had completely changed from his past unruly and violent self. Now, he respectfully bowed and said, “Tutou thanks Your Highness Saint Son for the graciousness of a life. In the future, I am willing to follow Your Highness and become your sword and spear, overcoming any obstacles for Your Highness.”

    Qin Yu smiled. “What happened has already passed. I do not blame you. It is just that I need to leave for the outside world soon, so bringing you with me may be a little inconvenient.”

    The great priest rose up at his table and respectfully said, “Your Highness Saint Son, although you have an honored status, the human outsiders do not know of this. It might be better to bring Tuba and Tutou with you and allow them to follow by your side. With your status, having guards to protect you is also natural.”

    Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “According to what I know, the life forms of the Infinite Realm cannot leave as they please.”

    The great priest waved his hand and Tutou and the others bowed down once more before taking several steps back and leaving. The other nearby titans also drew back, allowing the two a space to freely talk.

    “Your Highness Saint Son may not know, but your status token contains a massive space within and it can even carry life inside of it. Of course, those you carry within must be the cultivators of the Ninerealm Holy Lands as well as their subordinate subjects.”

    Qin Yu’s eyes brightened briefly before he revealed a helpless look. “Unfortunately, with my current cultivation I cannot activate the token, so how can I bring anyone away.”

    The great priest bowed. “I dare not conceal anything from Your Highness. Tuba and Tutou are the two most talented juniors of my titan tribe, and it is also a part of my selfishness that I wish to send them away. If the future of our tribe cannot be guaranteed, then at least if they are outside, there is still a chance that my titan race’s bloodline will continue to be passed down. So, I will try to find a way to help Your Highness open up a small portion of the space ahead of time so that they may go. Of course, my skills are limited and that is all I can do. To truly activate the token, that will depend on Your Highness.”

    Qin Yu smiled. “Since that’s the case, I have no problem with it.”

    The great priest was overjoyed. “Thank you Your Highness!”

    Qin Yu took out the status token and passed it to the great priest. This object came from the master of the Ninerealm Holy Land and its power was unfathomable. Since it already recognized him as its master, he could take it back with just a thought. There was no need to worry about any accidents occurring.

    When the banquet ended, Qin Yu looked up at the skies above. He seemed to casually ask, “Great priest, from the moment I stepped into the Infinite Realm, I seemed to have never seen nighttime. Is there a reason for this?”

    The great priest cupped his hands together, “This old servant has never left the Infinite Realm so I have no idea about the outside world. However, from ancient times until now, the Infinite Realm has always been in a state of daylight.”

    Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. “Was this the same even when the world was complete?”

    The great priest nodded. “Our tribe has encountered disaster many times, but our inheritance has never been severed. According to the ancient texts of our tribe, that is indeed true.”

    Qin Yu asked, “I wonder if I can glance through these ancient texts?”

    The great priest smiled. “Of course. Once the banquet ends, I will immediately have someone deliver them to Your Highness.”

    Two hours later, Qin Yu sat on a stone chair in his dwelling, carefully perusing through the titan tribe’s inheritance stones. These things were quite mysterious. They could contain a great deal of information and even record images. Through the numerous inheritance stones, Qin Yu could see the grandeur and glory of the Infinite Realm when it was still complete. It was in no way worse than the current Land of Divinity and Demons.

    And within these inheritance stones, there were actually some daily records written down by great priests from hundreds of thousands of years ago.

    Qin Yu glanced from and finally came to an answer. There really was no concept of ‘nighttime’ in the Infinite Realm.

    This was the so-called eternal brilliance.

    Although this was completely unrelated to him, Qin Yu inexplicably thought back to the little blue lamp and how it only released the sea blue light with its unbelievable abilities in the dark of night. But, what if there was no night? Was there some connection between this and the little blue lamp?