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Chapter 540 - A Siege by Puppets

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 540: A Siege by Puppets

    “I don’t need your allegiance. I just need you to answer my questions truthfully.” Yun Jiuge cut Eyeball short and asked, “When was the order to attack the Yun City issued?”

    “Earlier today. I suspect that Nangong Yue has planted a spy in the Yun City. I mean, she issued the order to attack the city right after you left!” Eyeball spoke with a serious look on its face, “Master, I’m really good at finding out who are the spies amongst you. You can definitely leave that to me.”

    “Firstly, there are no spies in the Yun City. Secondly, I’m not your master. Little Grass is.” Yun Jiuge passed Eyeball back to Little Grass.

    “Don’t leave me with him!” Eyeball screamed hysterically.

    Little Grass giggled and began rolling and pinching Eyeball with its chubby claws. It was having a lot of fun with its toy.

    “Try screaming even louder than you are now. That would definitely please Little Grass,” Yun Jiuge warned Eyeball kindly.

    Eyeball stifled its screams at once after hearing her words. It then lowered its eyelid and disguised itself as a plain gray ball and allowed Little Grass to do whatever it wanted to it.

    “Ball ball stopped screaming,” Little Grass said disappointedly.

    “You can make it scream again once we return to the Yun City.” Yun Jiuge caressed Little Grass’ head.

    “Okay.” Little Grass slid Eyeball into a pocket on its green cloak before it patted on it several times and asked Yun Jiuge in an expectant voice, “Are we back yet?”

    “Almost! It’s right over there.” Yun Jiuge pointed at the Yun City in the distance.

    The Yun City was surrounded by numerous layers of gray vines at the moment, and there were also quite a number of puppet human-beast hybrids attacking it as well.

    Thankfully, Yin Shili’s Yin Yang Qi was able to shield off all the attacks for the time being.

    “Eyeball, are you able to get rid of those dead tree vines?” Yun Jiuge patted Little Grass’ pocket.

    “Nope. Those dead trees are not my underlings. I won’t be able to manipulate them,” said Eyeball in a deflated voice.

    “If you can create a pathway for us to fly through, I’ll let you get away from Little Grass for two hours.” Yun Jiuge decided to strike a deal with Eyeball.

    “No. I have to get away from it for a day at least.” Eyeball lifted its grayish-white eyelid and began haggling for a better deal.

    “Alright. One day it is then.” Yun Jiuge took Eyeball out of Little Grass’ pocket at once and wrapped the Moon Spirit Silk Thread around it before she warned, “If you try anything funny, I’ll get Little Grass to stab you with a needle, burn you with fire, scald you with hot water, throw you into the Demonic Mice’s nest and watch you get bitten into pieces…”

    “Stop it. I’ll definitely behave myself.” If Eyeball had hands, it would definitely have raised it in surrender right now.

    Its life was entirely in Yun Jiuge’s hands now. It did not have any other clones that it could use at the moment, and that naughty child’s fearsome ability to render it immobile would be more than enough to finish it off as well.

    “Hurry up and open up a pathway for us then,” Yun Jiuge said.

    “I’ll open one up right away. Get those two stupid black eagles to follow behind me closely.” Eyeball shot out a ray of red light from its pupil and created a small pathway within the vines.

    Upon the sight, A’ze and A’fei immediately quickened their pace and flew through the pathway before charging straight towards the skies above the Yun City. Thereafter, they made their way past the Yin Yang Qi barrier that Yin Shili had put up and landed on the Yun City safely.

    “You’re finally back! Any later and you would have to collect the corpses of the human-beast hybrids!” Yin Shili instantly emerged before Yun Jiuge.

    “What’s the situation right now?” Yun Jiuge surveyed the whole Yun City, and noticed that the human-beast hybrids all had looks of despair upon their faces. They looked like the world was about to end soon.

    “It’s really not looking good right now. The barriers that Ye Zi had put in place previously have all been set off, and they would probably not be able to last much longer given how strong the attacks are. Huh? Why are you the only one who has returned? Where’s Ye Zi?” Yin Shili looked to the left and right of Yun Jiuge, but he did not notice the man that they could rely on the most in times like these.

    “He’s busy stopping the reinforcements from coming over. He’ll probably only return after some time. A’ze, I want you to call all the clan leaders and elders over. I’m going to assign missions to all of them.” They could not afford to sit idle right now. They have to go on the offense and attack them as well.

    “Understood.” A’ze flew away to carry out her orders at once.

    “Yin Shili, I want you to get back to work. If the defensive barrier gets destroyed before Ye Zi returns, then prepare to be whipped by him!” Yun Jiuge pointed at the defensive barrier that was beginning to fade away as the gray vines continued to swing about violently on the other side.

    “I’m a living corpse, which means I’m dead anyway. There’s no point in whipping me, is there?” Yin Shili snorted, but he still resumed his work of keeping up the barrier obediently.

    A short while later, Advisor Jun rushed towards Yun Jiuge with the various clan leaders and elders in tow.

    “I’ll make it quick. Do you see those dead tree vines over there? They are all being controlled by demonic beings at the moment. I’ll mark out the locations of those demonic beings later, and I want the human-eagle hybrids to attack them while the human-snake hybrids fire arrows as support. The human-fox hybrids will set up an illusion to trick the puppets, and the other human-beast hybrids that have undergone Awakening will watch over the north, south, east, and west areas of the Yun City…”

    Yun Jiuge gave all sorts of orders to the human-beast hybrids calmly. Her commanding presence allowed them to calm down, and they responded to her loudly before preparing for their missions.

    In no time, the human-beast hybrids who possessed the Golden Light were deployed to every nook and cranny of the Yun City by Yun Jiuge.

    “Lady Yun, how do you intend to mark out those demonic beings?” Advisor Jun asked.

    “Using this.” Yun Jiuge fished out Eyeball and handed it to Little Grass before saying, “Little Grass, take Eyeball with you and mark out every single one of those demonic beings. If it doesn’t listen to you, you can beat it up.”

    “Okay!” Little Grass answered in a loud and clear voice.

    “You promised me that I’ll be able to get away from it for a day! How dare you trick me!” Eyeball stared at Yun Jiuge in disbelief.

    “Hee hee! Ball ball is shouting again!” Little Grass flashed its two teeth that were about the size of a rice grain as its transparent saliva dripped onto Eyeball’s body.

    “Just let me die!” Eyeball wailed miserably.

    “I said you could get away from Little Grass for a day, but I never said it was today,” Yun Jiuge said.

    “Get to work right now! If you don’t perform well, I’ll seal you inside Little Grass’ saliva.” Yun Jiuge threatened Eyeball as she helped to wipe off Little Grass’ saliva. The biggest problem about children growing teeth was that their saliva would always fly about.

    “Just kill me now!” Eyeball yelled once before it flew forward with all its might, “Let’s go! I’m going to kill all those damned demonic beings! I’m having a hard time right now, and I need to make them suffer too!”

    “Lady Yun, who is this child over here?” Advisor Jun looked at Little Grass.

    “This is my demonic child, Little Grass. A’ze, I want you to help them out as well. Try to get rid of those vines as soon as possible.” Yun Jiuge waved her hand and instructed her bodyguards to follow after Little Grass and Eyeball.

    A’ze hesitated for a moment, but he eventually decided to do as he was told. The other human-beast hybrids followed suit as well.

    Eyeball flew around the city wall at breakneck speed as it kept shooting out rays after rays of red light from its eye. Its relentless attacks left behind numerous red dots in the Dead Tree Forest.

    The human-eagle hybrid clan members took on their human forms and began flying through the skies adeptly. The human-snake hybrid clan members wrapped themselves tightly around their bodies and shot at the demonic beings that were hiding within the dead tree vines.

    The demonic beings were extremely bulky, and as a result, they were very slow in their movements. The human-eagle and human-snake hybrid clan members did not have any trouble in killing them off.

    Due to their incessant attacks, the gray dead tree vines slowly began to wither. A short while later, the human-fox hybrid clan’s illusion caused the puppet human-beast hybrids to become disoriented, and they started attacking one another instead. It did not take long before the attacks on the Yun City decreased significantly.

    “Advisor Jun! Did you see that? I killed 15 demonic beings with Meng earlier.” A’ze flew over with Meng on its body.

    “We killed 50 demonic beings. How on earth did you derive at 15?” Meng rolled his eyes at A’ze as he held onto his crossbow. However, the excitement on his face was clear as day.

    “Looks like the tricks that the Divine Envoy uses aren’t as good as we thought!” A’ze snorted.

    “Don’t let your guard down just yet. The Gray Castle is in possession of the Monkey Demon Yin Corpse, and it’s immensely powerful and fast. All of you must maintain a distance from it if you ever encounter it. You must never get close to it.” Why hasn’t Qiu Sen’s Monkey Demon Yin Corpse made an appearance yet? That is the foe that they have to watch out for, Yun Jiuge thought.