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Chapter 542 - Qiu Sen’s Death

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 542: Qiu Sen’s Death

    “Qiu Sen, put him down.” Yun Jiuge desperately operated the Holy Power within her body. But she used up too much earlier in the fight against the Black Armored Monkey Demons. The little that was left was only enough for a strike.

    “I won’t put him down, unless you exchange the secret of the Awakening of that fat bird and the human-beast hybrids with me,” said Qiu Sen, greedily looking at A’dai at the side.

    “Ow, ow, ow!” A’dai immediately roared with anger. Two fireballs shot over from his open mouth.

    Qiu Sen used Little Grass to block and everything sprayed onto Little Grass.

    “A’dai, shut up!” Yun Jiuge glared at A’dai and he immediately dared not make a sound.

    “What use can you have for this bird as a Devil Cultivator? How about this? I’ll exchange the top secret of the Yin Corpse Sect with you,” Yun Jiuge tried to negotiate with Qiu Sen.

    “Hahaha!” Qiu Sen burst out in wild laughter. He looked at Yun Jiuge as if she were an idiot and said, “What use can I have for Yin Corpse Sect’s lousy Cultivation Technique?”

    “You’re not Qiu Sen,” Yun Jiuge suddenly said. No matter how arrogant Qiu Sen was, he would not look down on Yin Corpse Sect’s Cultivation Technique in this way.

    “You’re indeed the reincarnation of a Goddess. You’ve a little bit of foresight,” Qiu Sen smiled and admitted without refrain.

    “Who are you? And what’s your relationship with Nangong Yue?” If Qiu Sen’s core had changed, then Nangong Yue was also likely not herself.

    “Exchange it for the secret of Awakening the Golden Light if you want to know. Or else I’ll eat the little guy.” Qiu Sen used force to choke Little Grass’s neck and stuck out his bright red tongue to lick its face.

    Little Grass’s whole body trembled in fright. Its big eyes were full of fear as its two small hands tried to pry Qiu Sen’s hands apart while its little feet desperately scrambled in the air.

    “Master, I want to save Little Grass. Quickly let me out,” Cute Little Baby shouted in Yun Jiuge’s Cognitive.

    “What can you do? Don’t cause any trouble.” Since Cute Little Baby’s return, it had been planting every day. It had no fighting power to speak of.

    “I’ve one chance to teleport. Put me on top of his head — I’ll knock him unconscious and take back Little Grass,” said Cute Little Baby, who had saved for so long to obtain a teleportation opportunity. Originally he had saved it for rescuing Yun Jiuge in the future. It now needed to use it first to save Little Grass.

    Yun Jiuge looked at Little Grass’ increasingly purple face and could only give it a shot. She said, “I’ll first attract his attention, then you teleport over at the first opportune moment.”

    “Yes.” Cute Little Baby’s round face tensed as it braced its energy while staring at Qiu Sen.

    “So, have you decided? Do you want this Fiendish Demon Fetus or to protect these useless human-beast hybrids?” Qiu Sen patted Little Grass on the face and asked Yun Jiuge with a grin.

    “Let it go and I’ll give you the Awakening method. But I can’t give A’dai to you,” Yun Jiuge said in a low voice.

    “Fine, inscribe the Awakening method onto a jade tile with your Cognitive. If it works, I’ll let it go,” said Qiu Sen as he slightly loosened his hands that were squeezing Little Grass. But he still firmly shackled its body.

    “Okay.” Yun Jiuge took out a piece of jade tile from the Magical Bottomless Bag and simply inscribed a little Cognitive onto it. Then she threw it to Qiu Sen.

    Qiu Sen stared at the jade tile and his right hand conjured up a beam of black light to grab the jade tile over.

    Yun Jiuge took the opportunity to release the Magic Cauldron to hook the back of his head.

    Cute Little Baby’s teleportation was remarkably successful. At this time, Qiu Sen’s left hand grasped Cute Little Baby and his right hand caught the jade tile. He basically could not react.

    But just as the Magic Cauldron was about to hit his head, a black colored large hand came out of his neck to swipe the Magic Cauldron away.

    “Ah, move aside quickly,” Cute Little Baby screamed and spun toward Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge hurriedly dodged and saw the Magic Cauldron blast above Yun City.

    With a loud bang, the Defense shield over the top of Yun City disappeared in an instant. The remaining human-beast hybrid puppets in the surroundings immediately turned over the wall and battled with the Golden Light human-beast hybrids. The scene was chaotic.

    “Master, I didn’t mean to. He’s too powerful,” wailed Cute Little Baby, who had gotten into trouble, as it returned to Yun Jiuge’s Subconscious mind.

    Yun Jiuge did not have time to berate it. She fixed her gaze on Qiu Sen and said, “Don’t you dare try anything.”

    “It looks like you won’t give up until you’re faced with death. I must teach you a lesson.” With a cruel smile, Qiu Sen grabbed Little Grass’s body in his left hand while his right hand squeezed its arm, as if about to pull it off.

    “No!” Yun Jiuge screamed. Her Holy Power transformed into a golden arrow to shoot toward Qiu Sen.

    Qiu Sen knew the strength of the Holy Power’s arrow and immediately put Little Grass in front of him as a shield.

    Yun Jiuge used her Cognitive to control the golden arrow’s movement, wanting to find a way to break through Qiu Sen. But he always used Little Grass as a shield in advance.

    “Shoot him!” At this time, Zi Shang’s voice suddenly rang out to Yun Jiuge’s ears.

    “Where are you?” Yun Jiuge’s eyes lit up. Her helper finally came back.

    “Don’t worry about me. Just shoot quickly,” said Zi Shang urgently. It was not easy to use the Cognitive to communicate through Mental Transference in this Spirit Restricting Area.

    “Okay.” Yun Jiuge gritted her teeth and the golden arrow shot at Qiu Sen.

    Qiu Sen did not expect Yun Jiuge to really attack.

    He threw Little Grass in the direction of the golden arrow and his figure retreated briskly.

    Yun Jiuge used her utmost strength to make the golden arrow turn in a big bend. It brushed past Little Grass’s arm to fly toward Qiu Sen.

    Qiu Sen’s hands rotated like wheels and cast out countless spells to shoot out beams of black light to block the golden arrow.

    The golden arrow was an overwhelming force and pursued relentlessly in its strike.

    At this time, Zi Shang’s voice rang out again in Yun Jiuge’s ears as he said, “Show weakness.”

    Yun Jiuge immediately reduced the Holy Power’s input and the golden arrow’s light gradually weakened until it was finally scattered by Qiu Sen’s black light.

    Qiu Sen’s eyes flashed in surprise. He was about to fight back and take down Yun Jiuge but Zi Shang stealthily appeared behind him. Zi Shang’s fists rained down on his body, viciously punching him to the ground.

    Qiu Sen abruptly threw up a mouthful of black blood. His entire body’s black light exploded all of a sudden. As Zi Shang was blown aside from the blast, Qiu Sen took advantage of the opportunity to charge forward.

    But he had flown for less than three meters when he was hooked back by Zi Shang’s tail. He then flew toward Yun Jiuge like a kite with a broken string.

    Yun Jiuge used the remaining Holy Power to coagulate into a golden flying arrow, which successfully shot through his chest.

    “Ow ow ow!” A’dai immediately opened his mouth wide and shot out countless fireballs at Qiu Sen.

    Qiu Sen’s face was burned to black charcoal by A’dai’s fireballs and he fell heavily to the ground.

    “Who the hell are you?” Yun Jiuge used Moon Spirit Silk Thread to bind Qiu Sen and wanted to interrogate him. However, she found that he was no longer breathing.

    “He’s dead?” Yun Jiuge was in disbelief.

    Zi Shang came over to step on Qiu Sen’s body with his feet. He glanced at his forehead and said, “The demon soul who occupied his body has already escaped.”

    “Where did that demon soul come from? How could it possess a body at will in this Secret Realm?” Even Wan Sha’s soul could not enter and leave freely in the Secret Realm.

    “We’ve to ask Nangong Yue to find out.” Zi Shang rubbed his fingers, wanting to burn Qiu Sen’s body with a demon fire.

    “Wait a minute.” Yun Jiuge hurriedly stopped Zi Shang and said, “Qiu Sen’s Holy Soul may still be there. Leave his body intact first.”

    “You’re right. After all, it’d be good to take a Golden Core Cultivator later to feed a demon beast,” said Zi Shang, nodding. It was indeed a waste to burn it like this.