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Chapter 357 - He Could Not Forget About Me

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 357: He Could Not Forget About Me

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    As she read this, a frown curved up on Ning Meng’s brows.

    Huo Group was going to invest in “Ride With the Wind” animation?

    Clenching her phone, Ning Meng could feel a powerful sense of displeasure seething within her heart.

    “Ride With the Wind” was the comic that she had drawn in the “real world”. Her biggest dream was to make it into an anime.

    Yet, Chinese anime was not popular. Most of the ones that existed in the real world were not making any profit. That was why she could not find anyone to invest in animating her comics.

    Yet, “Ning Meng” in this novel was so lucky…

    As she was deep in her thoughts, she saw a few comments under that post.

    @MultiscentedBeam: [Allow me to make some deductions. “Young Huo’s Wild Girl” is about the author’s own love story, and the main lead’s name is “Huo Bei”. The CEO of Huo Group is “Huo Beichen”. I can’t help but feel that the CEO of Huo Group investing in this small meager animation project is hinting that Huo Bei and Huo Beichen is the same person.]

    @SingleSugarCube: [Yeah, I think you’re right! So, our lovely author’s first love was Huo Beichen! She even said that they separated because of some external reasons. In that case, was this “external reason” the current Mrs. Huo? That woman was the one who grabbed Mr. Huo away from the author?]


    In an instant, all kinds of rumors started spreading.

    Thousands of fans’ private messages flooded into her inbox, asking if she was the one who ruined NingMeng521 and Huo Beichen’s love.


    These online creepers sure had keen, sharp noses and powerful imagination. With these few hints, they were able to catch all of that?

    Ning Ke’s post had been published a mere 5 minutes ago—meaning that she was online at the time.


    Ning Ke sent Ning Meng a private message: [Do you know why Huo Beichen invested in my “Ride With the Wind”? It’s because he could not forget about me.]


    This Ning Ke… was she some kind of human super glue? She was now sticking on her and not letting go!

    Was it so fun to play out such a drama in front of her?

    Letting out a snigger, Ning Meng replied: [Look, the night has only just begun, and you’re already so fast asleep that you’re dreaming?]

    After sending this message, there was a long pause from the other side. It seemed as though Ning Ke had gotten pissed after reading that.

    Soon, she sent a reply: [You can ask Huo Beichen. See if I’m the one who’s dreaming.]


    After reading this, Ning Meng was stunned. So, it was true that Huo Beichen had invested in her animation project?

    Perhaps it was as though the world had heard her doubt, but right at that exact moment, Huo Beichen opened the door and walked into the house.

    The man was wearing a full suit, his eyes scanning the dining area for half a second before spying her. The moment he saw her, his cold, aloof face melted into a warm smile.

    Everyone in the dining room turned quiet, seemingly intimidated by Huo Beichen. The noisy atmosphere in the dining area was now as quiet as a library.

    Qi Shan stood up like an obedient schoolboy and greeted his boss. “Good day, boss!”

    Zhen Shanmei, Li Shiyao, and Fei Bai also put down their chopsticks, preparing to stand up to greet the great Lord Chen.

    Huo Beichen looked at them coolly. “No, sit. Resume with your meals.”

    The ones who had just put their chopsticks down quickly picked them up again and immediately resumed their now seemingly stale, tasteless steamboat.

    Nodding at them, Huo Beichen headed toward the bedroom. “I’ll wash my hands.”

    After seeing his boss enter the bedroom, Qi Shan was the first to announce loudly, “I’m full!”

    Then, he stood up to clear the table.

    Zhen Shanmei, Fei Bai, and Li Shiyao too quickly stood up to help.


    When Huo Beichen came back with his hands cleanly washed and his coat taken off, the table was already squeaky clean. There were no bones nor a drop of spilled soup on the table.

    The table was squeaky, sparkling clean.

    The group of friends who had been eating at the dining table earlier was now sitting obediently on the sofa in the living room, greeting the man like cute elementary students. “Good day, boss!”


    Huo Beichen sat down at the dining table and looked at Ning Meng who was staring at her friends speechlessly.