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Chapter 332 - She Was Always An Exception (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 332: She Was Always An Exception (2)

    Yun Rou had always been gentle and easygoing, so her assistants had got along quite well with her. They didn't seem to notice the shift in her mood either. Her first assistant answered, "Sister Rou, we're looking at the magazine that Z Magazine just published this week. It has Prince Charming Gu's exclusive interview. We genuinely didn't expect Prince Charming Gu to already be married. God knows who's the lucky one that got to be Prince Charming Gu's wife. I'm so jealous!"

    Her second assistant added, "Right, right. After he had been involved in scandals with Su Ziqian for three years, wasn't it rumored that good news was coming? Do you guys think that he and Su Ziqian went to secretly certify their marriage? That's why news of Su Ziqian came to an abrupt stop. She also stopped coming out for work. Since she got married into a wealthy family and is now a Young Mistress, there's no need for her to be in the limelight anymore!"

    However, her third assistant shook her head. She propped the spectacles on her nose bridge up, looking like she was possessed by Sherlock Holmes himself. She said, "I don't think it's Su Ziqian. I looked through some media outlets that focus on scandals. They all said that Su Ziqian had been secretly thrown out by the company. In my opinion, he hadn't truly acknowledged Su Ziqian despite her being by his side for three years. If we were to talk about someone that he had acknowledged, the only person would be his ex-fiancee, Xu Weilai!"

    "Look, you guys, who wrote this exclusive interview? It's Xu Weilai! We all know that Prince Charming Gu is someone that likes to keep a low profile. He doesn't enjoy being in the spotlight. This time around, however, he was even willing to reveal his current relationship status in this exclusive interview. I bet a hundred dollars that Xu Weilai is secretly his wife!"

    To everyone's surprise, once she finished her words, the third assistant was given a firm slap. She was slapped so hard that she almost lost her balance, completely confused by what had just happened.

    The other two assistants that witnessed Yun Rou slapping her before their very eyes were also confused out of their minds.

    Yun Rou's eyes were filled with boundless fury, yet a smile remained on that beautiful and charming face of hers. However, it was a smile that sent chills down one's back.

    She closed her eyes shut, taking in a deep breath to suppress her rage. She returned to her gentle self, the one that made people believe that she could do no harm to any animal or person. Having regained her composure, she asked gently, "Are you alright? Sorry about that just now, practice didn't go too smoothly for me. I will be performing in just a few days. You guys also know just how important this first stage is for me, right?"

    Of course, her three assistants nodded their heads in agreement.

    "I hope that by hiring you guys with such high pays, you guys would be a little more professional while at work. Is that alright with you?"

    "Alright, we know that we're wrong. We won't gossip while at work anymore."

    Yun Rou broke into a bright smile. She turned to look at the third assistant, her gaze settling on the clear fingerprint on her cheek. Worry revealed itself through her facial expression as she asked, "Does it hurt so badly? Go buy some medicine later and put it under my name. You can take a day off tomorrow, so rest well."

    Clutching her cheek in pain, the third assistant forced out a tight smile, "Thank you, Sister Rou."

    "Alright, let's continue with practice."

    Yun Rou turned around elegantly. Sitting before the piano, she placed her hands onto the keys and started playing the piano once more.


    On the day of the customary family dinner…

    Gu Yu drove Xu Weilai back himself. When the car arrived at the family manor, the two got out of the car. Gu Yu stretched out his hand naturally, holding Xu Weilai's hand in his as they made their way to the main house.

    Gu Xue was the first one that came running out. She pounced onto Xu Weilai, wanting to give her a hug. However, she was forced to hit the brakes at the chilly look Gu Yu gave her. She stopped dead in her tracks as she was about half a foot away from Xu Weilai.

    Her gaze swept up and down Xu Weilai as she asked in concern, "Sister-in-law, have you healed from your injuries? I had wanted to come to see you, but Yu…"

    Yet again, she felt that death glare from her cousin once more. She was so scared that her heart skipped a beat, no longer able to continue speaking.

    Curious, Xu Weilai probed further, "But Yu… What?"