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Chapter 346 - You Cannot Do This in an Ambush

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 346: You Cannot Do This in an Ambush

    She took a look around. Clearly, there were three teams attacking them just now. Now, they had eliminated one of the teams. The remaining two teams of people should belong to one group.

    Jian Qi looked through the scope. She quickly aimed at the sniper in front of them.

    Zhao Yu knew that she would not listen to him. As such, he aimed at another target in a different direction.

    “I’ll count to three. Then, we’ll shoot together!” Jian Qi said.

    “Sure!” Zhao Yu replied.

    “One… two… three!”

    Then, they pulled the triggers at the same time.

    Jian Qi smirked as she managed to hit the target. Right after doing so, she hid herself once more.

    Zhao Yu was there beside her. He did the same too.

    “Did you manage to hit the target?” Jian Qi asked.

    Zhao Yu shook his head. He was slightly upset. “My target managed to dodge in advance.”

    “It’s fine. They should have seen us by now. We better change our location.”

    Lightning and Leng Yu were right opposite them. Lightning glanced at Leng Yu who had stopped after rolling around on the ground for a short while. He was worried as he asked, “Are you okay?”

    Leng Yu shook her head. “Luckily, I discovered it right on time!”

    At that particular moment, she heard Feng Yi’s upset voice in her earpiece. “I’ve been eliminated!”

    Both of them were speechless.

    They were silent for two seconds. Leng Yu said, “It might be Jian Qi just now.”

    “How do you know?” Feng Yi asked.

    “I saw them when they were at their first location just now. I’m sure that it was them from where they were shooting at just now.”

    Lightning could not help but complain out loud. “Feng Yi, are you sure that you’re not a spy who was sent by Big Sister Qi? How could you be eliminated by her so soon?”

    Feng Yi. “…”

    ‘Damn it! I’m quite upset too!’

    ‘How could I be eliminated by my goddess!’

    ‘It’s humiliating!’

    Both Lightning and Leng Yu changed their locations.

    At the same time, both Jian Qi and Zhao Yu changed their routes too. Unfortunately, they bumped into Old Man Qiu and Crocodile.

    They had disguised themselves and they intended to change their routes. However, they bumped into each other accidentally.

    Hence, both parties took out their guns and aimed them at their opponents.

    “Big Sister Qi, what a coincidence!” Crocodile smiled and said.

    “Yes, it’s true. Enemies are bound to meet each other!” Jian Qi smiled coldly.

    Crocodile said, “You sound dangerous!”

    Zhao Yu secretly gave his deepest condolences to the people in front of them.

    Jian Qi smirked. She pulled the trigger without any hesitation. She did not even say anything else.

    That gunshot came as a great shock to the others.

    The others were speechless.

    She did not hold back in the slightest.

    Crocodile was stunned when he saw the blue smoke rising from his body.

    ‘Can’t you give me a signal before you start shooting?’

    “It’s a war. What are you daydreaming about?” Jian Qi smiled wickedly.

    The others were speechless.

    ‘Young girl, cruel much?’

    ‘You cannot do this in an ambush!’

    Crocodile took a deep breath. He tried his best to suppress his anger and desire to fire the bullet at the girl in front of him.

    Jian Qi turned the gun and aimed it at Old Man Qiu beside him.

    Old Man Qiu smiled. “Big Sister Qi, do you plan to eliminate me just like that?”

    At that moment, Zhao Yu was also aiming his gun at him. If he were to hold up his gun against Jian Qi, Zhao Yu would certainly eliminate him there and then. However, Jian Qi would eliminate him if he were to remain motionless.

    Jian Qi smiled softly and looked at Old Man Qiu kindly. “You exchanged with me just now so that I have the chance to be on the same team with Instructor Tang. So, I’ll let you go this time. Don’t worry.”

    Crocodile was annoyed. “Big Sister Qi, you’re being unfair!”

    Jian Qi’s smile deepened. “Yeap, it’s true.”

    Crocodile. “…”

    ‘How can she be so pompous?’