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Chapter 275 - Top Advancemen

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 275: Top Advancement

    Under the spotlight, Su Cha could not do anything obvious.

    She closed her palm and held the note tightly in her hand.

    Seeing her expression, Zi You thought that Su Cha had agreed and smiled in satisfaction.

    Of course, everyone on stage was nervously waiting for the results of the vote to be announced. The staff did not hide it well, and the people around Su Cha heard it.

    All of a sudden, jealousy and hatred were directed at Su Cha.

    With so many contestants standing here, wouldn't it have been fine if Zi You did not bother the other contestants and just looked for Su Cha?

    Su Cha was indeed the prettiest among them.

    Zi You was also a hot young man who was up and coming. If she could hook up with him and create gossip, she could at least temporarily become popular.

    This was a great honor in the eyes of others. As for Su Cha, she just clicked her tongue.

    Zi You had a handsome but sleazy appearance. In the eyes of fans, he was the perfect idol. In the eyes of a straight man and a straight woman, he was no different from a sissy.

    The voting results were out. All the contestants who were paying attention to Su Cha shifted their eyes to the host.

    The host smiled and said, "Let's cut to the chase and announce the results for this round. Coming in at first placeā€¦"

    At this point, the host deliberately kept the others in suspense and smiled brightly. "Of course, it's our contestant Su Cha!!"


    "Su Cha, Su Cha, Su Cha!!!!"

    The audience started to clap and cheer. Su Cha's immense popularity also stunned the other contestants.

    But what made one uncomfortable was the host's words, "Of course, it's our contestant Su Cha."

    It was as if it's a forgone conclusion that Su Cha would win first place.

    Of course, this would make the other contestants uncomfortable, especially the contestant who had performed well like Su Cha, Chen Shengjun. She was number two.

    As soon as the host finished speaking, she turned her head to the other side of Su Cha.

    Many contestants were looking at them.

    However, Su Cha looked at the host quietly. After she received the pass directly, she bowed slightly to the audience. It was not an exaggerated gesture, but it was quite decent.

    The host smiled at Su Cha. "Su Cha got first in this round. Do you have anything to say?"

    She then held the microphone and said in a soft voice, "Thank you for your support. I will continue to work hard."

    Though the statement sounded too official, the girl's soft voice seemed to have a hint of obedience, adding a gentle and cute feeling to her words. Hence, even if she said very official-sounding words, her voice in addition to her contradictory strong aura managed to make people feel like she appreciated their support.

    Of course, they were very excited.

    After Su Cha finished her words, another round of screams could be heard. After Su Cha returned to her seat with her pass card, Jin Mou gave her a thumbs up.

    Considering how the girl was originally cold and indifferent, this action coupled with the slight curve of the corner of her lips made the sight a little funny.

    Her cold and arrogant appearance was pure.

    Su Cha curled her lips and nodded silently at Jin Mou.

    Le Anqi met Su Cha's eyes and smiled.