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Chapter 276 - Preemption

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 276: Preemption

    Bo Muyi's gaze never left Su Cha. However, because he was busy with work, he had to go out for a while. When he came back, the competition was almost over.

    All he got to see was a girl in the crowd talking to Su Cha with a dejected look on her face.

    Bo Muyi narrowed his eyes.

    Although she was a girl, she was standing very close to Su Cha. One side of her body appeared to have brushed against Su Cha's shoulder for an instant. Bo Muyi felt uncomfortable with her intimate posture.

    He gripped his fist tightly, his deep eyes exuding an abyss-like aura that could make one shudder.

    Le Anqi felt uneasy all of a sudden.

    "What's wrong?"

    Su Cha was originally listening to Le Anqi's complaints. As Le Anqi did not pass, she was destined to be in that position.

    Although the situation was within her expectations, Le Anqi could not help but feel a little defeated. She leaned against Su Cha's side and sighed for a while. She was clearly crying, but no tears were shed even after a long time, which was funny.

    Le Anqi suddenly had a serious look on her face. Su Cha asked after her at once, and Le Anqi shook her head. "I don't know, I felt a chill down my spine…"

    She felt uncomfortable.

    Su Cha was baffled. She felt the air conditioner and said, "Maybe the air conditioner is too cold."

    Le Anqi: "…Really? I think it's just the right temperature…"

    Her heart turned cold.

    She suddenly shivered. "Do you think that some pervert has targeted me through the TV? Perhaps he's thinking I'm as beautiful as a flower and wants to kill me as a memento…"

    Su Cha: "…"

    Holding back her laughter, she knocked on Le Anqi's head. "Did you lose your mind because you didn't pass? It's just a matter of time before you have to prepare for the next round."


    Le Anqi stuck out her tongue and sighed again.

    She did not pass the first time around. How tragic!


    After the competition, Su Cha and Le Anqi went back together.

    However, the two of them parted ways halfway.

    Su Cha crushed had long since crushed the WeChat contact slip into pieces and threw it into the bin. She did not even want to look at it.

    Su Cha was happy that she got first place. Now that she had directly made it to the Top 50 in the country, she did not have to compete anymore.

    It was already a little late when she arrived home. After all, the competition had ended late.

    She was excited and could not wait to share the happy news with Bo Muyi.

    When she reached home, the sky was already dark. The entire Lookout Pavilion was brightly lit, but the place where they lived was quiet and without a single light on.

    This was strange.

    Even if Bo Muyi had not come back yet, the servants always turned on the lights for her. Something like this had never happened before.

    She walked into the room and felt someone…

    Through her enhanced vision, she saw and felt a familiar aura.

    However, the man's gloomy and irritable aura made her feel that he was in a bad mood.

    Su Cha thought about it carefully. She did not offend him today.

    When the man in the shadows moved slightly, Su Cha attacked first. "You scared me."

    The man who had not been able to vent his anger immediately apologized, "I'm sorry, Cha Cha…"