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Chapter 277 - Just a While

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 277: Just a While

    Hearing his apology, Su Cha walked over. In the darkness, she accurately grabbed the man's palm. "Are you in a bad mood today?"

    She remembered that he was normal when she went out this morning.

    "I saw you on the show live," the man answered directly. "Who was the one leaning on your shoulder?"

    When he said this, his voice became gloomy, as if the girl who leaned on Su Cha's shoulder had committed a grave crime.

    It was also because of this that he could not even be bothered to say the word "girl."


    Su Cha suddenly understood. Was he referring to Le Anqi?

    "Anqi is my classmate. She joined the show with me and we have a good relationship. Isn't it normal for friends to be close?"

    Holding Bo Muyi's hand, she felt around for the light switches and then waited for the lights to turn on.

    The whole room lit up.

    The bright light shone on the man's face. Due to the angle, the light seemed to have been cut into pieces and scattered on his face. His face was illuminated by the light, making his expression unclear.

    The only thing she could feel was his aura.

    There was a light fragrance that had a similar quality to his voice. When it entered her lungs, it filled it with coldness, one that seemed to seep through her limbs and bones.

    "I don't like it."

    Bo Muyi hugged her and pulled her into his arms.

    She was clearly about 1.7 meters tall, but right now, she looked like a delicate little girl. After getting her to sit on his lap, the man rested his forehead on her neck and said in a low voice, "I just don't like people approaching you. I don't like that anyone can touch you, no matter who it is."

    He was a little gloomy. He should have said what he meant more directly.

    But he said it that way because he was worried that Su Cha would not like it and that she would be angry.

    As far as he was concerned, Su Cha was his and no one else could touch her. Although he knew that was unrealistic, he thought that she should at least not let him see it.

    "But I can't…"

    The girl hugged him back and gently kissed his cheek. "I will work with a lot of people in the future. The makeup artist can apply makeup on my face, but I will definitely not let irrelevant people touch me. I don't like it either."

    She would not like anyone to be overly intimate with her, be it male or female.

    For example, Le Anqi only held her arm occasionally. She was not as intimate as other girls. She could tell that Su Cha disliked such contact.

    Bo Muyi lowered his eyes and hugged Su Cha quietly, feeling slightly better.

    Su Cha's body was fragrant. Her entire body smelled good. Every day, he just wanted to hug her and not get up.

    As he sniffed the air, his movements suddenly became cautious. From Su Cha's neck to her cheek, his originally quiet fingers became restless as he crawled into her clothes.

    Su Cha shrank her neck and patted Bo Muyi's back. "I haven't had dinner."

    After the competition ended, she went home directly. She did not have time to prepare anything and had not even eaten dinner yet. Naturally, she was a little hungry.

    Bo Muyi, who was a little infatuated, hummed, "Shall we go and eat later?"

    His voice was deep and husky at this moment. When he spoke with such a clear voice, it was as if he had grabbed the tip of her heart, causing her to be restless.

    Su Cha's restrained body also softened. "Just a while…"

    Bo Muyi chuckled and placed Su Cha gently on the bed. "Okay, just a while."