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Chapter 576 - Opening a Company?

Medical Master
     Chapter 576 Opening a Company?

    “Where in the world could you find a way to get all you what?”

    The keeper of Yaowang Mountain shook his head and said, “What I mean is that it’s better to count on yourself rather than others.”


    Fang Qiu was confused.


    The keeper nodded and explained, “In fact, it has been many years since the property of the traditional Chinese Medicine began to decline due to the pesticide residues. I can’t change this fact because everyone is eager for quick success and instant profit. The purpose of those pharmaceutical factories and dealers is simply to make money. They will naturally produce whichever kind of drug that can bring them great profit. Even though your report restrains them from continuing the business for the time being, the deterring effect will only be temporary. As long as there are profits to make, people will kill to get into the business.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    He also knew that the calmness at the moment was temporary, and some people would eventually start to produce medicine of sub-quality again.

    It was impossible to expose every kind of defective medicine in the market.

    “So,” the keeper of Yaowang Mountain stated, “instead of relying on other people’s conscience, it’s better to run up a new flag and cultivate genuine herbs, allowing the public to reject the bad products instead of letting the bad products ostracize the good ones.”

    He sighed when speaking of this. “Alas.”

    Then, the keeper of Yaowang Mountain continued, “I’ve thought about it for a long time. Compared with cracking down on these fake and inferior drugs, it’s better to plant more genuine herbs in various provinces following the ancient methods and let the herbs grow in a natural way. That will fundamentally improve the quality of medicine. Unfortunately, I have no money or power. No one wants to listen to me. Even though I have this idea, it’s impossible to carry it out.

    “Of course, the market of Chinese patent medicine, even the whole Chinese Medicine market, is the same.

    “It’s utterly impossible to really wake up those mean-spirited businessmen with the spasm of pain this time. It’s just a scare to them. It can’t really make them come to realize their mistakes and change their mind. When the heat wears off, they will continue to do it.

    “However, if there is one pharmaceutical producer who really produces good herbs and traditional Chinese Medicine and really puts the benefit of the folks before anything else, he will be able to openly defeat those wicked merchants in the market and become a flag and benchmark of the industry. He will let all the other major producers know that only by producing genuine drugs can they earn more money. And only then can a virtuous cycle be formed.”

    Hearing the words of the keeper of Yaowang Mountain, Fang Qiu nodded feverishly.

    It was true that the keeper of Yaowang Mountain was right.

    At present, this kind of blow was of little use to those black-hearted drug merchants.

    If he wanted to change the current situation of the Chinese Medicine industry, he had no choice but to count on himself!

    “The reason why I said these to you is that I can see that you really care about the development of Chinese Medicine.”

    The keeper of Yaowang Mountain continued, “My plan requires someone with money, fame, and technology. If you want to completely change the Chinese Medicine market, this is the only way. You are now short of money, but you are famous enough. So, other than money, the only thing you don’t have is technology.”


    Fang Qiu was bewildered.

    “Yes, technology.”

    The keeper of Yaowang Mountain nodded and then added, “Producing ordinary Chinese patent medicine is very simple. But if you really want to do this, you must have a sufficiently good ‘competitive product’, because only really good medicine can be quickly sold out and become famous in the Chinese Medicine market. Only in this way can you make a stir in the entire layout!”

    “Professor Zhao, how to make this ‘competitive product’ then?” asked Fang Qiu earnestly.

    “It’s hard.”

    The keeper of Yaowang Mountain gave a brief answer, then, continued to say, “It’s too hard to develop a new drug. Here is a slightly simpler way—search in the vast sea of ancient prescriptions. Today, many of those prescriptions are still very valuable, but the production methods have been lost. If we can find the production method of one of them, then we’ll have the ‘competitive product’!”

    Speaking of this, the keeper of Yaowang Mountain gave a wry smile and added, “Sadly, we, living in this world, are strong in will but weak in power most of the time!”

    Fang Qiu, however, took all his words seriously.

    “To develop a new drug?

    “Is it really that difficult?

    “What if with the help of some special things?

    “For example, the Earth Treasure?”

    At this thought, Fang Qiu felt his heart skip a beat.

    “Even if I could, it would require that many Earth Treasures!”

    Fang Qiu had asked the keeper of Yaowang Mountain about the cultivation of Earth Treasures before but was told that the way to cultivate Earth Treasures had not been found yet.

    If the cultivation method of Earth Treasures could be discovered, given its special property, it would definitely make a cure with an excellent health-improving effect even if coupled only with a single kind of herb.

    Moreover, Earth Treasures themselves were actually Chinese herbs.

    Fang Qiu remembered clearly that according to the Scroll of Heaven and Earth Treasures, the one ranked 25th was Fairy Desert Cistanche. Since Desert Cistanche was a kind of Chinese herb, this Fairy Desert Cistanche was also a kind of mutated Chinese herb.

    If Fang Qiu could find the reason for the mutation of Desert Cistanche, as well as the necessary conditions and environment the mutation required, he might really succeed in cultivating Fairy Desert Cistanche.

    The most crucial thing was that Desert Cistanche was actually one of the nine magic herbs in Huaxia.

    Of course, Fang Qiu did not only think about that but also the ancient prescriptions mentioned by the keeper of Yaowang Mountain a moment ago.

    Although by far, he had not encountered any ancient prescription in books.

    Nevertheless, he already had a plan in mind.

    He had never seen any ancient prescription before probably because of his lack of knowledge.

    Ancient prescriptions must be very precious, and they were something that ordinary people could not easily attain.

    Then, what about the treasure books possessed by those craftsman doctors, doctors of brightness, and highly-skilled doctors?

    Those treasure books were not something that ordinary people could get.

    Moreover, each one of them was an ancient medical book!

    Who knew if there would be surprises hidden in those treasure books?

    With that in mind, Fang Qiu immediately thought of Xu Miaolin.

    He had to consult Xu Miaolin about those treasure books before he could know the answer.

    Next to him, at the sight of Fang Qiu’s thoughtful look, Sun Hao patted Fang Qiu on the arm lightly and asked, “What are you thinking about? Do you have an idea?”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    The other people in the study were all taken aback.

    “Good heavens! You even figured this out?”

    Zhou Xiaotian was the first to jump up and utter his doubts. “Mr. Zhao said the only way was to open factories and produce medicine by yourself. But you have no money now. And even if you have, where can you develop new drugs or how can you find ancient prescriptions to make medicine? Those ancient prescriptions have been passed down for hundreds of years and the production methods have all been lost.”

    The others all nodded in agreement.

    But the keeper of Yaowang Mountain’s eyes glinted with excitement. He gazed at Fang Qiu and asked, “Do you really have a solution?”

    “It’s not a real solution yet.”

    Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “I just have some rough ideas at the present.”

    As they talked, Fang Qiu was making a mental note that he must go to visit Xu Miaolin tomorrow and ask about the treasure books. Then, after the program was filmed at the weekend, he would figure out a way to find Fairy Desert Cistanche.

    Desert Cistanche was originated from Beijiang.

    It seemed that he had to make a trip by then.

    “Honestly, I’m not surprised that the youngest is going to run a company.”

    Zhu Benzheng blurted, “Think about it. The youngest is so popular now. He has almost become the spokesman for our Chinese Medicine circle. What’s more, the number of his fans on Weibo has exceeded 15 million, which is still heading toward 20 million. With his current fame, money is no problem. As long as he comes out and voices his idea, people will rush to cooperate with him at once. After all, marketing drugs in the name of the youngest will certainly be a success!”

    Sun Hao and Zhou Xiaotian immediately nodded in agreement.

    “The youngest, hee-hee.” Zhou Xiaotian chuckled and said, “If you are opening a company, don’t forget your dudes. Isn’t there an old saying? ‘Don’t forget your poor friends when you get rich’!”

    “Yes, yes, yes.”

    Sun Hao immediately echoed, “We’re brothers. The youngest certainly won’t forget us. Besides, we’re all studying Chinese Medicine. If the youngest really opens a company to produce medicine, there will be a place for us to put our real talents and knowledge into practice, won’t it?”

    “The youngest, I’m dead serious. You shouldn’t forget us when the good day comes,” Zhu Benzheng said in all seriousness.


    Fang Qiu gave a wry smile and remarked, “I hope I can find a way to do it. And I have to figure out how to make more money. It’s not good to form a partnership with others. Because in that case, my decision-making will be intervened, and I have to do things for the interests of my partners. So, if I were to run a company, I would only do that with my money and own the company by myself!”

    The next day.

    At nine o’clock a.m.

    As soon as the university library was opened, Fang Qiu hurried there.

    Xu Miaolin happened to be on duty that day.

    “Professor Xu.”

    Walking into the reading room, Fang Qiu greeted him.

    “This early?”

    Xu Miaolin looked at Fang Qiu in surprise while organizing his things. He asked, “What’s up? What brought you here?”

    “A big issue,” Fang Qiu answered.


    Xu Miaolin stopped what he was doing, sat down at the desk, and said, “Then I have to listen to what you’ve got to say. What is the big issue then?”

    “Here’s the thing.”

    Fang Qiu immediately told Xu Miaolin the idea of the keeper of Yaowang Mountain.


    After hearing the story, Xu Miaolin nodded while saying, “Today’s society is indeed like what Mr. Zhao said. If a conscientious pharmaceutical company is willing to do a great job that will make all the other merchants envious, perhaps it can really break the shackles that have so long been binding traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as completely shatter the third-largest factor that hinders the development of traditional Chinese Medicine.

    “But, where can you find such a company?”

    In the end, Xu Miaolin began to shake his head.

    “Professor Xu,” Fang Qiu asked straightforwardly, “do you know any Chinese Medicine doctor who has a treasure book that records ancient prescriptions?”


    Xu Miaolin shot Fang Qiu a surprised look and asked, “Do you want to do it?”


    Fang Qiu immediately nodded and said, “As long as there is a way, I must do it.”

    “How about this,” Xu Miaolin considered for a while and said, “I’ll help you inquire about it. Give me three days, and I’ll let you know the result.”


    Fang Qiu nodded at once.

    “But, you don’t really expect that you can find an ancient prescription and open a company of your own, do you?” asked Xu Miaolin.

    Fang Qiu nodded without hesitation.

    He had thought about it all night.

    In order to contribute to the development of Chinese Medicine, this was a must-have way!

    “Then you’ll have something to play with.”

    Xu Miaolin shook his head with a hollow smile and said, “Don’t you know what’s going on now? You’re almost the public enemy of all the drug producers in Huaxia. If you really open a company, you’ll be pushed around!”

    “Professor Xu, I believe the evil can never prevail over the good!” answered Fang Qiu.

    “I do appreciate this audacious attitude of yours!” Xu Miaolin replied.

    Fang Qiu, “…”