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Chapter 543 - The Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Blood Carrots

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 543: The Human-Rabbit Hybrid Clan’s Blood Carrots

    Yun Jiuge rolled her eyes at Zi Shang and kept Qiu Sen’s body in the Magical Bottomless Bag.

    She turned to see Yun City in tatters. At this time, Da Meng and other human-beast hybrids had killed most of the human-beast hybrid puppets.

    “Miss Yun, are you alright?” Advisor Jun flapped his wings and flew over.

    “I’m fine. Tally the number of casualties and show it to me later,” Yun Jiuge instructed in a heavy voice.

    “Yes.” Advisor Jun took a look at A’dai and wanted to talk to him, but he flew away in the end.

    “A’dai, come here,” Yun Jiuge shouted for A’dai to come over.

    “Ow ow ow! Hungry, hungry, hungry!” A’dai flew to Yun Jiuge’s side and opened his mouth to yell about his hunger.

    “Stop with your ow-s. Just talk properly.” Yun Jiuge took out a bottle of Cherry Pills and poured them into A’dai’s mouth while she asked, “Do you still recall the past?”

    “Ow, I remember.” A’dai chewed the Cherry Pills by the mouthfuls. He then waved his wings at the busy Eagle Clan members in Yun City and said, “These are my people and I am their prince.”

    “In that case, do you still remember what made you successfully turn into your animal form?” asked Yun Jiuge as she gave A’dai a bottle of Spiritual Dew.

    “I remember. I was passing through a vacant plot of land at that time and discovered a tree glittering with a golden light and a few fragrant fruits growing on it. I changed form after I ate from it. But that golden tree was gone when I went to look for it later.” It was A’dai’s biggest secret. He did not even tell Elder Bai. He only spoke of the secret when Yun Jiuge asked him.

    “Do you still remember where the tree grew?” Yun Jiuge asked right away.

    “I remember. But after the black rain, the place has become Death Swamp, leaving only an empty flat ground,” A’dai said.

    “A flat ground. Don’t tell me it’s the Gray Castle?” Yun Jiuge looked at Zi Shang in shock.

    “It should be. No wonder they’re building a castle there. It must be for the golden tree.” Zi Shang’s eyes lit up.

    “We’ve to find the golden tree.” Yun Jiuge had a hunch that as long as she could find that golden tree, there would be hope for restoring her Holy Power.

    “The Gray Castle has tight security. It’s not so easy to breach it. We must deploy the human-beast hybrids with the Golden Light.” Although Zi Shang was able to break through with force when he turned into his original form, it was too easy to use up the Demonic Power which he had built for so long. It was better to save some up.

    “Let’s see how many of them have been killed and wounded first before we decide!” Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang Yu returned to the main hall in the hill.

    Advisor Jun soon tallied the casualties. 357 human-beast hybrids were slightly injured, 138 ones were seriously injured and 44 were dead.

    These dead and wounded ones were all human-beast hybrids with Golden Light. The ordinary human-beast hybrids were hiding in the plantation without casualties.

    “Miss Yun, Lord Yin Shili’s Yin Yang Qi has run out. If the Gray Castle attacks again, I’m afraid we can’t hold any longer,” Advisor Jun said with grave concern.

    “What do you think of Ye Zi’s plan to take advantage of this opportunity to fight back against the Gray Castle?” Yun Jiuge asked Advisor Jun for his opinion.

    “Lord Ye Zi is right. If we cut down weeds without taking out their roots, they’ll grow back again. We must be proactive and attack,” said Advisor Jun, nodding repeatedly. Their human-beast hybrids should have been warlike. Cowering and hiding like ostriches were not keeping with their style.

    “That’s a wise choice,” said Zi Shang, who was very satisfied with Advisor Jun’s answer.

    “How many human-beast hybrids do you think would be appropriate to bring?” Yun Jiuge asked Zi Shang.

    “A hundred elites would be enough.” Zi Shang had long thought of a good way to deal with the Gray Castle.

    The puppets guarding the Gray Castle mainly operated by relying on Demon Qi. As long as they flew around to draw in the Death Energy near the Gray Castle and turned it into Life Energy, those human-beast hybrid puppets and demons would be greatly limited. They would be able to double the results with less efforts during the attack.

    “Not a problem at all to provide 100 elites,” Advisor Jun answered.

    “Quickly recruit the candidates. We’ll set off in two hours,” Zi Shang said.

    “So soon?” Yun Jiuge frowned. Two hours were simply not enough for everyone to recover.

    “That demon soul has been wounded by us. We’ve to kill it while it’s still down,” said Zi Shang, who thought two hours were long.

    “I’ll let them know now.” Advisor Jun turned and flew away at once.

    “A’dai, you and A’hui will go to the Gray Castle to check on the situation. See if you can locate the spot of the golden tree which you found at the time on the way,” Zi Shang called A’dai over.

    “Ow!” A’dai could also see that his people were in a critical situation and obediently went to handle the matter.

    “Zi Shang, it’s too dangerous with so little time…” Yun Jiuge was going to have a good talk with Zi Shang when the voice of the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader came from outside the door, “Miss Yun, I’ve something to inform you.”

    “Come in!” Yun Jiuge could only put aside the matter with Zi Shang first.

    The human-rabbit hybrid clan leader came in holding a sike deer’s animal-skin bag in hand.

    “Miss Yun, the carrots you’ve asked us to plant before have now grown.” The human-rabbit hybrid clan leader placed the animal-skin bag on the table and then took out neatly tied up bunches of carrots from inside.

    There were three piles in total. From left to right, the colors were more brightly colored and rosy red than the one before.

    “Have these been planted with your blood?” Yun Jiuge pointed to the reddest pile of them all and asked.

    “Yes, the land here is good, and the harvest is better than I expected,” the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader said.

    “It looks good.” Yun Jiuge picked one up to smell. There was a strong smell of blood inside, and even a trace of Spiritual Energy. To be able to grow Spiritual Energy in a Spirit Restricting Area like the Secret Realm, this blood carrot would be especially useful to Cultivators.

    “Of course it’s good. I’ve used my blood to grow them.” The human-rabbit hybrid clan leader repeatedly stressed her hard work. She did not want to make an offering in vain.

    “Give me all these blood carrots and I’ll hand over this bottle of Medicinal Pills in exchange with you. There are ten Spiritual Pills inside. Taking it once can let you all evolve once more.” Yun Jiuge took out a bottle of Cherry Pills and put it on the table.

    “Thank you for your generosity. I’ll send the carrots over immediately.” The human-rabbit hybrid clan leader carefully put the Cherry Pills away.

    Their human-rabbit hybrid clan suffered the most casualties during the attack on Yun City this time. Ultimately, it was because their fighting capability was too poor. They would be more secure with this bottle of Spiritual Pills.

    After the human-rabbit hybrid clan leader left, Zi Shang picked up a blood carrot to taste. He said, “The Spirit Energy is extraordinarily strong. If there are Cultivators injured here, this is definitely the most suitable Spiritual Pill.”

    “That’s right, so you’d better eat it. It’s useful to keep some too.” Yun Jiuge swatted Zi Shang’s hand away and kept all the blood carrots.

    “Let’s go over to the human-rabbit hybrid clan’s side and get the rest of the blood carrots. Then we’ll select people.” Zi Shang popped the remaining carrot into his mouth.

    Yun Jiuge and Zi Shang collected the blood carrots and went to look for Advisor Jun.

    Advisor Jun had already gathered 100 elite soldiers. Yun Jiuge’s guards were among them as well as clan leaders and elders from the various clans who had taken the initiative to volunteer for the assignment.

    “All of you, go back to rest and reorganize. We’ll set off in an hour’s time.” Zi Shang waved his hands to dismiss them after he took the head count. The mission to counterattack the Gray Castle was extremely dangerous this time. It was possible to leave and not return. It was good to let them say goodbye to their clan people.