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Chapter 988 - Missy Has Gone Missing

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 988: Missy Has Gone Missing

    He had a thin and bony back which was trim yet graceful and classy. At the instant that Avrora knocked into his spine, she felt as if she had just been smashed against a hard rock. She immediately felt an immense ache in the tip of her pronounced nose as her forehead turned red.

    She thought that Si Yiyan had stopped walking because he was touched by her confession. Hence, she was extremely thrilled. “Rex, are you willing to accept me?”

    She subconsciously rubbed the tip of her nose, filled with excitement instead of anger. It was her first time being in such close contact with Si Yiyan’s body.

    She stared at his slender spine lustfully while imagining what it would feel like to be in his arms. She imagined the perfect curvature of his spine that would form when she laid on top of him. She imagined how sexy and charming his broad shoulders would look when he thrust himself in and out of her.

    At this moment, Liu Yanhua caught sight of him and darted towards him like he was her lifeline. “Rex, Missy has gone missing.”

    Liu Yanhua felt that Si Yiyan’s dragon mask looked extremely daunting and much more menacing than usual, though she was unsure if she was hallucinating.

    Si Yiyan asked in a gloomy, rumbling voice, “What’s the matter?”

    He remained shockingly calm and composed. However, Liu Yanhua understood him very well and she knew that the more rational he was, the more upset and terrifying he would be.

    Liu Yanhua answered, “I accompanied Missy to the casino for a few rounds of gambling and we went upstairs afterward. Missy then said that she wanted to use the washroom, so I waited outside for her. However, she was gone for a long time, so I decided to go in to look for her, only to discover that there was no one in the washroom. I searched high and low around the casino but I haven’t been able to find her.”

    Wen Xinya had always been sensible and rational, and it was not like her to just wander off on her own. The only possibility was that she had met with a mishap. Hence, Liu Yanhua immediately called the manager of the Elegance Room and ordered him to help search for Wen XInya while she proceeded to inform Si Yiyan of the matter.

    Si Yiyan’s gaze turned gloomy and he questioned, “How long has it been since she left to go to the washroom?”

    After some thought, Liu Yanhua answered, “About ten minutes ago.”

    Si Yiya’s expression was concealed by the mask, making him appear rather mysterious. Ten minutes… was not too long but not too short either. It was enough for a lot to be done.

    Liu Yanhua then briefly explained to him about the conflict that they had with Mr. Berveld as well as Wen Xinya running into Mr. Wei.

    Si Yiyan immediately said, “Send someone to look for Mr. Berveld and Wei Che. I want an outcome within two minutes.”

    Although Mr. Berveld was haughty and arrogant, he was rather smart and his brilliant wits were the reason that he could dominate the upper-class circle for such a long time without getting into serious trouble.

    On the other hand, Si Yiyan found Wei Che to be rather mysterious though slightly familiar at the instant that he saw him in the room. However, Si Yiyan did not have a clue as to who he was.

    Wei Che was truly secretive.

    He initially wanted to hire someone to check up on Wei Che after leaving the Elegance Room. However, Wen Xinya met with a mishap even before he managed to do anything. Could Wei Che have something to do with Wen Xinya going missing?

    Liu Yanhua answered, “I’ll see to it immediately!”

    Liu Yanhua found herself to be extremely useless. Si Yiyan had specially instructed her to protect Wen Xinya and take good care of her. Yet, she had failed to do so, thus making her feel terrible.

    Not having any time to dwell on it any longer, Si Yiyan turned around and faced Avrora.

    Avrora was deep in her trance, greatly taken aback by his sudden movement. “Rex…”

    After recovering from the momentary shock, Avrora gazed at him coyly, waiting for his answer happily.

    To her astonishment, Si Yiyan grabbed her throat and questioned sternly, “You mentioned about Bella just now. Did you see her somewhere? Where is she and when did she go missing? Come clean.”

    Now that Wen Xinya’s whereabouts were unknown, he could not overlook any details or clues.

    Gazing at Si Yiyan dreamily and feeling a little shocked, Avrora asked, “Rex, what… what are you trying to do?”

    Avrora’s face was as pale as a sheet and the tension in her throat reminded her that her neck would snap so long as Si Yiyan tightened his grip.

    She finally snapped out of her fantasy. Right from the start, Si Yiyan had been cold and distant towards her, and she was the one who staged and imagined everything like a silly clown, stooping low to suck up to him. The only person whom he truly cared about was Bella.

    Si Yiyan ordered. “Speak!”

    He was extremely impatient when it came to Avrora. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have strangled her while questioning her.

    Avrora teared up uncontrollably and tried to win his sympathy. “Rex, do you really not feel anything for me…”

    Growing increasingly impatient, Si Yiyan tightened his grip on her neck and threatened. “I don’t want to repeat myself for the third time.”

    Avrora felt as if he had squeezed all the air out of her lungs, completely depriving her of the chance to breathe. He made her feel the terror of death and made her struggle for her life.

    He was far too cruel.

    Struggling to speak, she exclaimed, “I… I’ll speak up!”

    Si Yiyan finally let go of her neck.

    Desperately gasping for fresh air, Avrora answered, “I think I saw her walk towards the rooms.”

    Si Yiyan let go of her neck completely and asked, “When was that? Was she alone?”

    Avrora fell onto the ground and coughed violently before answering, “She was alone. That happened less than five minutes ago.”

    Si Yiyan warned in an intimidating voice. “If you dare lie to me, I’ll dump you in Flower City and let everyone violate you.”

    Avrora shook her head frantically, wanting to explain herself and clarify that she was not lying to him. However, she was too agitated and her throat was too dry for her to speak. Feeling a sudden itch in her throat, she began coughing violently again.

    When she finally got a grip on herself, she looked up to see that Rex was no longer there. Sprawled across the ground, she began bawling uncontrollably.