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Chapter 358 - Did Not Invest. Not First Love.

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 358: Did Not Invest. Not First Love.

    Ning Meng had not realized that Huo Beichen's powerful aura was that intimidating to her friends.

    All she did was browse Weibo for a bit and then whoosh! All her friends had now fled to the sofa, leaving her and her husband alone together at the dining table.

    After staring at the now empty table, Huo Beichen gloomily looked at the happy idiots who were now hanging out in the living room.

    He had not eaten his dinner yet and had thought that he could at least have a few bites at the table after joining them.

    Yet, they had cleaned up the table. The huge steamboat, the dishes… they were all cleaned up. Now, what was he supposed to eat? The table?!

    An icy cold aura started to seep from his body as he glared at the happy idiots, jerking them to sit up straight, fearing for their lives.

    Suddenly, Ning Meng opened her mouth. "May I ask you something?"

    As soon as he heard her voice, the lich-like Lord Chen instantly turned into a warm, friendly, loving husband, beaming the sunniest smile at Ning Meng. "Yes?"


    Qi Shan, Fei Bai, and Su Ye were stunned seeing their boss like this. They had never seen their boss's mood improve dramatically in such a short time.

    Besides, was this warm, loving husband in front of Ning Meng truly even their boss?!

    As they were astounded by what they were seeing, Huo Beichen walked toward Ning Meng and hunched down to look at her.

    Ning Meng pulled a long face and raised her phone, sticking it right up to his face.

    "Look. What's the meaning of this?"


    Everyone was shocked yet again!

    Where was the usual brown-nosing from the missus? Where were all the sweet-nothings? Did she not want to live? How could she talk to the boss like that?!

    Huo Beichen took a good look at her phone before his warm demeanor instantly turned cold.

    ‘See? Can you see that? Boss is angry! Missus, run! You're dead! You're so dead!'

    As everyone was worrying over the missus' life, Huo Beichen opened his mouth obediently. "It's my fault."


    What. On. Earth. Was. That?!

    Had they just heard a heart-felt apology from Lord Chen's mouth earlier?

    Not realizing just how much of a shock she was pile-driving into the three stooges' hearts, Ning Meng probed further upon seeing her husband admitting to his guilt so quickly. "What fault? Be honest with me."

    "I did not invest in that animation. However, I also did not make myself clear."


    Everyone stared at Lord Chen with their jaws rolling on the ground.


    Staring at the obedient, earnest Huo Beichen, Ning Meng could not help but feel as though she was bullying the man.

    However… Huh, so he had not invested in that animation.

    Satisfied, Ning Meng patted his shoulder with a smile. "Good boy~ Lord Chen, have you eaten?"

    Clearing his throat, Huo Beichen opened his mouth gloomily. "No, not yet."

    "Wait here then. I'll make some tomato egg noodles for you."

    She then skipped into the kitchen chipperly.


    The happy idiots stared at the dining area in total shock. Especially the three stooges. They had never seen their boss like this before? Could it be that she had slipped in some drugs into his drink…??

    Qi Shan weakly asked, "Boss, are you… possessed by some evil spirit or something?"


    Everyone glared at the Straight-Laced Qi Shan who was akin to trying to pull a strand of hair from a lion.

    However, all Huo Beichen did was shoot him a cold look. "Do you want to go to S Club?"

    Hearing this, Qi Shan let out a sigh of relief.

    Thank God! His boss was still himself. That cold, heartless overlord that he knew.


    At an apartment, Ning Ke was sitting on the sofa while browsing Weibo on her phone.

    After sending that last message, she had been waiting eagerly for that woman's reply.

    Yet, there was no response from her.

    Ning Ke frowned as she stared at her phone.

    This woman… she looked a lot like her sister. Still, her sister did not have a body that was as voluptuous as her. On top of that, she had already done some background checks on this "Ms. Ning Meng". She was indeed the little princess from the Ning Family. 8 years ago, she had been at a different privileged private high school.

    This Ning Meng was not the same person as her sister who had quit school at an early age. Her sister was dirt poor. They were not the same person.

    Just as she was deep in her thoughts, suddenly, her phone vibrated.

    She lowered her head and saw a Weibo post.

    @HuoGroup: [Did not invest. Not first love.]