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Chapter 326 - Manhun

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 326: Manhunt

    “Sergeant Ge, I say you head back in and get some rest. We will go look for Wenwen, if we see her, we will bring her back.”

    Mrs. Zhu and Mrs. Lin were on their way down when they heard the exchange. Mrs. Zhu took the initiative and reassured Sergeant Ge.

    Jiang Yao nodded and continued, “That is right, Brother Ge. This is the fifth floor, and we do not have an elevator. It is just too dangerous for you to be moving about. We will go look for her, do not worry.”

    After giving it some thought, Sergeant Ge thanked the ladies and said, “Alright. Thank you for your help.” With the current state of his body, he had to be extra careful moving around. A fall down the stairs was only going to worsen his already serious injuries.

    Jiang Yao locked the door and walked down the stairs with Mrs. Lin and Mrs. Zhu.

    “We wanted to continue shopping with you. Who would have thought we were given another mission to complete?” Once out of earshot, Mrs. Zhu muttered unhappily, “People used to say that a poor child matures faster. I say this Ge Wenwen is even worse than my son.”

    In her eyes, her son was a complete douche. But now, with Ge Wenwen as a comparison, she felt that her son was the best child she could ever ask for.

    “Cut it out. We are still here at the building compound, there are so many people around us.” Mrs. Lin interrupted Mrs. Zhu, turning toward Jiang Yao, she said, “Sergeant Ge lives right opposite you. Please keep an eye on him when he is alone at home.”

    Even though there was another person—Ge Wenwen, to Mrs. Lin, she did not exist.

    “Xingzhi already told me this morning. The chicken I bought this morning is for Sergeant Ge. We are neighbors and he is also Xingzhi’s comrade, it is only the right thing for me to help, isn’t it?” Jiang Yao smiled.

    Hearing that Jiang Yao bought a whole chicken just for Sergeant Ge, Mrs. Zhu stole another glance at Jiang Yao. If they could afford a chicken every month, they were considered well-off. Who would have thought that Mr. and Mrs. Lu were so generous with their money?

    Mrs. Lin smiled back. She never had to worry about Lu Xingzhi’s character. Sergeant Ge was his subordinate, naturally Lu Xingzhi would have asked his wife to help.

    The trio spent the rest of the time discussing their shopping itinerary while searching for Ge Wenwen. They finally located her at the entrance to the cafeteria.

    She was eating a chicken drumstick when they found her. At first glance, she looked like a little beggar, if not for the fact that they were in a platoon. Grimy face and dirty clothes, nobody knew where she had been the entire morning.

    Ge Wenwen was not afraid of Jiang Yao, but she was apprehensive of Mrs. Lin and Mrs. Zhu. Seeing the trio from afar, she finished the chicken drumstick in a couple of big bites and threw the bone away.

    The ladies did not care to ask where Ge Wenwen got that drumstick from, they called out for her to go back home.