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Chapter 347 - Little Tang Tang, Come Quickly to Protect Your Goddess

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 347: Little Tang Tang, Come Quickly to Protect Your Goddess

    Crocodile heaved a heavy sigh. He was holding the gun in his hand tightly. Then, he put his gun away gloomily.

    “Big Sister Qi, just you wait and see. I’ll get to you next time around!” Crocodile gritted his teeth and said rigidly.

    Jian Qi merely hummed placidly in response.

    Zhao Yu could not suppress his laughter. ‘Young girl, how could you annoy the others like this? Aren’t you afraid of being ambushed by them?’

    Crocodile said, “Old Man Qiu, you should really shoot them now. You could at least get rid of one of them. It would be even better if you could eliminate a certain someone!”

    Clearly, everyone knew who he was talking about.

    Jian Qi was about to say something but a bullet was shot at them right at that moment. Old Man Qiu was the target. Both Jian Qi and Zhao Yu were slightly blocked so they were not within the shooting range of the sniper.

    Both Jian Qi and Zhao Yu instantly hid themselves.

    Jian Qi then smiled at Old Man Qiu. “I didn’t see that coming!”

    Old Man Qiu. “…”


    Had he been eliminated too?

    After that, Crocodile and Old Man Qiu grabbed the binoculars and took a look at where the sniper was.

    Crocodile was pleased when he saw who it was. He smiled and put down his binoculars. “Big Sister Qi, I need to remind the two of you. It’s not easy to tackle that person.”

    Jian Qi looked at his smile and she figured out who the sniper was.

    “It’s Leng Yu!” Jian Qi said.

    Crocodile was surprised that she knew who it was. “You’re smart indeed. I’ll tell you the truth. Leng Yu’s marksmanship is exceptional. It’s true!”

    Jian Qi and Zhao Yu glanced at each other.

    Jian Qi said calmly. “Let’s split up!”

    Crocodile. “…”

    “Big Sister Qi, don’t you want to face her head-on?”

    “Do you think that I’m a fool like you?” Jian Qi asked him calmly.

    Her opponents were hiding themselves in a nice spot. If they were appear in front of them, they would certainly be eliminated. Was she crazy to do that?

    Old Man Qiu could not suppress his laughter. ‘Young girl, you have such a vicious tongue.’

    After that, both Jian Qi and Zhao Yu left the area.

    Time went by. The number of people was decreasing gradually.

    Lu Yao was the only one left in the first team. Lightning and Leng Yu were the only ones left in the second team. On the other hand, all of the four members were still alive in the third team.

    In fact, they were searching through the entire mountain instead of waiting around, doing nothing.

    However, by doing so, they would easily reveal their locations.

    Bullets came toward them from two different sides when Jian Qi and Zhao Yu were changing their locations.

    They hid themselves swiftly. Zhao Yu exclaimed, “I feel like we’re going to be eliminated!”

    “We’re the strongest team. How could we be eliminated?” Jian Qi said as she picked up her speed.

    Zhao Yu smiled. He did not dare to linger anymore.

    Leng Yu adjusted her sniper rifle from afar. She then aimed her rifle at Zhao Yu who was running at the moment. She pulled the trigger.

    Zhao Yu was shot head-on.

    Lu Yao was at the slope opposite them. He was ready to shoot Jian Qi but Jian Qi managed to take a leap and hide herself behind a stone.

    Lu Yao frowned. He was about to adjust his rifle to aim at the person opposite him again but a bullet was then shot at him.

    Lightning smiled and said to Leng Yu. “We got rid of two of them at the same time. Now, Big Sister Qi is the only one left.”

    Zhao Yu smiled awkwardly at Jian Qi. “It seems like the strongest team is slightly weak too.”

    Jian Qi was hiding at the side. She was still calm. “They’re just too strong.”

    Zhao Yu smiled. ‘Young girl, you’re so positive!’

    “Try your best and get rid of them.”

    Zhao Yu then switched on his earpiece. Then, he said to Tang Jinyu, “Instructor Tang, I’m out!”

    Tang Jinyu was silent for a few seconds. He asked, “How about Jian Qi?”

    “Little Tang Tang, faster come and protect your little goddess. I’m surrounded by a group of people!” Jian Qi said pitifully.