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Chapter 278 - Is This Woman Crazy?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 278: Is This Woman Crazy?

    It was indeed just a short while.

    While the two of them were in a trance, Su Cha's phone suddenly rang.

    That ringtone was usually pleasing to the ears, but in Bo Muyi's eyes, it was no different from the most unpleasant noise. Not only was it ear-piercing, but it also had an additional attribute that made one's mood irritable.

    Blue veins popped on his forehead. The moment his phone rang, he felt the urge to smash it.

    Su Cha was pressed under him. Her eyes were originally misty, but when she heard the ring, she regained consciousness.

    Her eyes regained their calmness. Su Cha turned from within his arms and tried to reach for her phone. "Maybe it's something important."

    Very few people knew about her phone number since she was yet to announce it to others.

    Le Anqi knew that she lived at her boyfriend's house. She would usually send WeChat messages and not make calls.

    Most of the other contacts were on WeChat. Only a few could contact her straight on her mobile phone.

    Bo Muyi wanted to push Su Cha back, but his tone was stubborn and domineering. "Hang it up!"

    Su Cha rolled her eyes. Under Bo Muyi's fierce gaze, she took her phone and looked at the number. It was an unfamiliar one.

    She did not know who was calling, but she picked it up.

    Seeing that he was helpless, Bo Muyi lowered his body and leaned on Su Cha to listen.

    Su Cha answered the call and said softly, "Hello."


    It was a slightly flippant male voice.

    Su Cha was not the only one who was confused. Bo Muyi narrowed his eyes fiercely the moment he heard the man's voice. His entire body tensed up.

    Su Cha quickly pressed his head to the side of her neck, but he did not move.

    "You are?"

    Su Cha frowned. She did not know the man's voice, but she guessed that he was not from the production crew.

    "We just met on stage, did you forget so quickly?"

    The man pretended to be sad and seemed to be in disbelief. "I'm Zi You. Didn't you add me on WeChat?"

    Su Cha: "…"

    Bo Muyi heard everything clearly.

    She'd felt on the stage that this person was seeking, and now he even called her directly.

    He had announced her name without saying anything else, which had made her into a target.

    However, Su Cha was also disgusted by this person's harassment. As he was a judge, Su Cha did not go overboard. "I'm sorry, I don't think I need to add you."

    Even if this person was the emperor, she would not add him if she was unhappy with him.

    "Hehe, can't you give me some face?"

    Hearing Su Cha's blunt rejection, Zi You felt bad.

    Ever since he became famous, he had constantly been praised by others. Even the seniors in the industry would give him some face. In addition, he knew how to behave well, so he was considered a good person in the industry. Su Cha was the first person who showed him such disrespect.

    "I gave you a good score today. Can't we chat on WeChat?"

    He sounded impatient. He just wanted to seduce Su Cha because she was pretty, but he did not expect her to not take the bait at all.

    He had been waiting for a long time on WeChat, but there was no news. He directly asked the production crew for Su Cha's number and called her without any consideration. Su Cha did not want to add him.

    Su Cha no longer had the patience to argue with him. She did not even want to give him face. "Even without your ten points, I could still have gotten first place. You think too highly of yourself."

    With that, Su Cha hung up.

    Zi You: "…"

    Is this woman crazy?