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Chapter 261.3 - I Don’t Like You, I Love You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 261.3: I Don’t Like You, I Love You

    “You asked me to look at you just so you can sneak an attack like that?” Qing Yu managed to catch her breath, and admonished indignantly.

    “Of course not.” The expression on Lou Jun Yao’s face was innocent as he said: “I merely wanted you to look into my eyes to prove that everything I’ve said is sincere.”

    But seeing that bashful look on her face had been just too adorable and he could not help himself but to kiss her.

    Qing Yu harrumphed in indignance, not willing to continue with that farce. She cleared her throat and then said: “I am being serious here!”

    “Alright. You speak and I’ll listen.” Lou Jun Yao said with a smile and nodded his head.

    “Although Qing Luo Yan’s mind has become rather clouded due to all the dreams that she had been having, but she is still quite her normal self most of the time. As she still has her high level of cultivation with her, I do not dare to do anything that might alert her at this moment.”

    What she had intended was to first make Qing Luo Yan’s mind collapse completely, and by then, no matter how great her cultivated powers were, she would merely be a lunatic sunken deep into the inescapable clutches of guilt for her crimes, unable to even think straight, someone she did not have to fear at all.

    But she had underestimated Qing Luo Yan afterall.

    Lou Jun Yao stroked Qing Yu’s hair and said comfortingly: “You will have to plan this carefully. Even your parents had suffered at her hands back then, so how could she be taken down so easily by a young lass like you here? You must not be anxious.”

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow and lifted an arm to remove the hand violating her head. She then said: “Do not underestimate me. If I did not destroy my own cultivation back then, I would already be at the levels of gods now, where I would be able to squash Qing Luo Yan with just one finger. I wouldn’t have to go to so much trouble now.”

    “Oh? Really that powerful?”

    Lou Jun Yao had an eyebrow raised and his tone was strangely gloomy. “You must have destroyed your own cultivation because of that Qing Tian Lin!”

    “Huh?” Qing Yu was surprised. “Why are you suddenly bringing that guy up?”

    “I heard you say that your cultivation had reached very high realms but went on to destroy it yourself. It makes me think that you must have cared for a certain someone so much that you made that decision out of utter disappointment and grief.” Lou Jun Yao went on to complain, his eyes looking sadder with every passing moment.

    Qing Yu did not immediately understand what he was saying and it was only after a while that it dawned upon her, that the man was jealous.

    She was helpless for a moment and could only say: “I only saw him as a close family kin.”

    “But he had never thought of you as kin before.” Lou Jun Yao said with an angry snort.

    “That has nothing to do with me at all. I only know after he changed, I did not even see him as kin anymore.”

    Qing Yu did not really want to talk about that person anymore and she went on to change the topic. “Now that Little Bei has been reunited with his parents, will they continue to remain there in the Divine Healers Sect or will they go somewhere else?”

    “The Divine Healers Sect is now the safest place for them to be, so they will not be leaving the place for now. Don’t worry, they are all good people there in the Divine Healers Sect.”