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Chapter 400 – Magic Devouring Demon Spider

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Qin Yu didn’t stay for long. He glanced around and said to Tuba and Tutou, “You two can cultivate here without worry. Once I leave the Infinite Realm I will let you out.”

    “Yes, Your Highness.” Tuba and Tutou knelt down.

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He didn’t stop them from bowing. With a thought, his figure vanished and he appeared in front of the great priest.

    “Great priest, when I entered the token just now, did you happen to notice where the token was?”

    The great priest thought for a moment and then said, “This old servant could only sense that there was something unusual with a point in space, but I wasn’t able to find Your Highness’s token.”

    Qin Yu thought that it was indeed what he expected.

    The token could be placed inside his body. After Qin Yu opened it, it would lose its concealing barrier and fuse into a point in space. This was an extremely small and narrow space. Even someone as powerful as the great priest was only able to faintly sense it at such a close distance. It was clear that the token had an extremely formidable ability in hiding itself.

    Of course, the great priest was strong when it came to the body and weak when it came to the soul; this also had to be a point of consideration. Even so, if there was some danger in the future it would be a good idea to use this token to avoid disaster.

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “Great priest, if there isn’t anything else, then I will bid my farewells here.”

    The great priest bowed, “I bid Your Highness farewell!”

    Qin Yu stepped forward and turned into a stream of light, rapidly flying out from the canyon and vanishing from sight.

    A titan walked up the side of the great priest, a puzzled look on his face. “Great priest, since His Highness is the key to saving our titan race, why didn’t we send stronger tribesmen to follow by his side? That would better guarantee his safety.”

    The great priest shook his head. “His Highness seems kind but his feelings remain vigilant. If we send tribesmen that are too strong to follow by his side, I worry that this will give birth to fear and misunderstandings. Tuba and Tutou are the most outstanding juniors of our tribe. Because of the erasure of the Infinite Realm’s rules, they have had to forcefully suppress their cultivation. So, once they enter the Land of Divinity and Demons their strength should rise rapidly and they should have the ability to protect themselves.”

    There were some words that the great priest didn’t say. He sent out Tuba and Tutou because their strength wasn’t too different from Qin Yu’s. If those three people could experience some tribulations in the outside world, then they might be able to develop true friendship through adversity. As long as the three people were on good terms, their titan race had a chance for a future.

    “I hope that our tribe can smoothly last until that day!” The great priest muttered to himself. He silently turned and shouted out, “Pass down orders: seal the canyon and block out the Infinite Realm’s rules!”

    Several breaths of time later, a blood red beam of light shot up into the skies. It spread out in midair, turning into a giant sphere of light that covered the entire titan tribe.

    A hundred miles away from the canyon, Qin Yu turned and looked back. He saw the blood red beam shooting out from the canyon. Then, his eyes flashed and he continued making his way forward.

    The closing of the Infinite Realm would occur in ten days at most. His hopes of finding Ning Ling during this time period were slim. Still, Qin Yu didn’t give up hope. He passed through many places but in the end didn’t find anything.

    On this day, eight days had passed. The Infinite Realm could close up at any moment. Qin Yu darkly sighed, briefly pausing at the peak of a mountain. A gust of wind rushed against his face, curling up his black robes. His complexion was dark but his expression was still firm.

    Even if he couldn’t find Ning Ling this time, his strength right now was far greater than when he first entered the Infinite Realm. At the very worst, he could spend some time and cross the Land of Divinity and Demons to go to the Immortal Sect.

    As long as there was a will, there was a way.

    He stepped forward and leapt up into the air. His figure flickered through the forest several times before vanishing.

    The ninth day.

    Qin Yu could feel faint fluctuations being sent throughout the Infinite Realm. It seemed that it would close up at any time.

    He took a deep breath and dropped, finding an ancient tree to rest on.

    For the last bit of time he had, he planned on waiting here for the Infinite Realm to close.

    But as soon as Qin Yu sat down, two cultivators rushed in from afar in a panic. After his King step Demon Body reached large success, his hearing became even sharper and he could faintly hear what those two people were talking about.

    Immortal Sect…female cultivator…trapped…horrifying…as these words fell into Qin Yu’s eyes, his eyes flashed open. His figure flickered and he blocked the way of the two people.

    “Who is it!?” The two cultivators were shocked. As they saw it was only Qin Yu, they calmed down a little, though they still remained wary. They hadn’t even discovered this cultivator until he appeared in front of them. If he had ambushed them…thinking of this, their expressions became even more dignified.

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together and said, “Fellow daoists, do not misunderstand, I have no ill intent at all. I just inadvertently heard you two mentioning some female Immortal Sect cultivator that fell into a trap? What does she look like and where is she now?”

    The two cultivators glanced at each other. One of them said, “We just happened to be passing by. We happened to see a young and beautiful Immortal Sect cultivator trapped in a stone forest around a hundred miles in that direction.”

    Qin Yu nodded. “Thank you!” His figure flashed and he rapidly flew towards the direction they pointed in.

    “Senior-apprentice brother, that is a magic devouring demon spider. Although that person’s cultivation isn’t weak, if he goes over there nothing awaits him but death.” Another cultivator said, frowning.

    The man who spoke coldly sneered. “He was the one who asked us for information and we only truthfully responded to him. Why do we have to manage what he does afterwards?”

    “Mm, senior-apprentice brother speaks reasonably.”

    The two people quickly left.

    Qin Yu rapidly crossed the hundred miles. Soon, he saw a giant bare stone forest appear in front of him.

    The stones were haphazardly placed together, forming an array formation. Fog tumbled around in the stone forest and it was impossible to see inside.

    At this time, he could faintly hear the sounds of great movements occurring from within the stone forest.

    Qin Yu entered the stone forest without hesitation. The moment he entered the fog, his complexion changed. This was because he could feel the magic power circulating within his body suddenly stagnating. But with a thought, he deliberately sped up the circulation of magic power, breaking past that invisible stagnation. Then he stepped inside the stone forest, soaring into its depths.

    The fog became increasingly thick. Luckily, Qin Yu had incredible eyesight and he could vaguely sense his general direction. After passing by several giant stones, his complexion changed and he came to a stop.

    From up above, a white net fell over his head. This net was slightly wet as if it were just woven. It emitted a slightly silky smell.

    Qin Yu punched out, tearing the falling net into shreds. But as it broke apart, it turned into liquid that scattered downwards. His nose and mouth were suddenly filled with a heavy sour scent! The magic power circulating in his body seemed to fall into a swamp, becoming incredibly difficult and slow to move.


    Looking at the crushed net, Qin Yu instantly recalled information about a type of horrifying monster beast that could be found in the Infinite Realm.

    Magic devouring demon spider!

    This was a special type of monster beast that lived in the Infinite Realm. From the moment it was born it continuously weaved a massive network of webs, constantly layering its active territory. During its long life, it constantly reinforced its webs. It did this because its main body was weak and without the protection of these massive webs, it could be easily killed. At the same time, a magic devouring demon spider dwelling within its network of webs could be called an existence similar to a nightmare.

    This was because the webs of the magic devouring demon spider contained a strange type of poison. This poison could restrain the magic power within other beings without melting away their mortal bodies. Once they lost all strength and were too exhausted to resist, they would become food for the spider.

    Qin Yu revealed a look of hesitation. Then, he took a step forward and continued to rush deep into the stone forest. He wasn’t sure whether or not it was Ning Ling trapped inside, but even if it were only an extremely small possibility, he still couldn’t take that risk.

    The further he ventured in, the more his field of vision was covered in layers upon layers of spider webs, blocking all paths forward. If he wanted to go deeper into the stone forest, he could only force his way in. But by doing so, he would be forced to tear apart massive sections of spider webs, and when these webs broke apart, they would release even more poison.

    This was a problem without a solution.

    Qin Yu lifted a hand and punched out. The web in front of him trembled and disintegrated. The magic power within his body circulated slower but his body moved forward without stopping.

    Bang –

    Bang –

    With loud slams from his fist, he rapidly continued forward. His skin started to turn an ash gray color; this was an indication of the poison severely infiltrating into his body. If it were any other Divine Soul cultivator, their magic power would have frozen up by now and it would have been impossible for them to move it. But, Qin Yu had the five Nascent Souls within his dantian sea, so he could still persist.

    But the deeper he went into the stone forest, the harder the webs became to break. At first he could destroy the webs with a single punch but now it took him several strikes. At this rate, the losses to his magic power would become even more serious and his Five Element Nascent Souls would begin to rapidly dim down.

    Bang –

    The thick spider web in front of him withstood seven punches before it was torn apart. Qin Yu flew inside and finally saw a terrifying ten foot tall spider within. Its body was nimble and lightning-quick as it crawled along the webbing. The spider constantly released webbing from its rear, reinforcing a cage.

    A female Immortal Sect cultivator was imprisoned in the spider’s cage of silk. Her face was pale as she panted for breath. If it weren’t for a powerful treasure atop her head helping her resist, she would have long since become food in the magic devouring demon spider’s stomach.

    Seeing Qin Yu arrive, the Immortal Sect female cultivator was overjoyed. She anxiously said, “Fellow daoist, I am a disciple of the Immortal Sect, Shui Yuanling. I beg you fellow daoist, please save me!”

    It wasn’t Ning Ling.

    Qin Yu revealed a look of disappointment that soon vanished from sight. He hesitated and then stepped forward, rushing towards the cage of spider silk.

    The magic devouring demon spider also discovered this unexpected visitor in Qin Yu. It opened its mouth and roared angrily before spitting a massive glob of venom.

    “Fellow daoist, be careful!” Shui Yuanling hurriedly warned. It was because she was not cautious enough before that she had been struck by this poison. Because of that, she lost the strength to resist and was slowly dragged into the depths of the stone forest by the magic devouring demon spider.

    But Qin Yu seemed to not hear her at all. He didn’t dodge but instead smashed apart the poison. Shui Yuanling’s eyes flew open with shock and bewilderment. Was this person an idiot? She had even warned him but he actually punched the poison. She originally thought there was a chance she could survive with the arrival of a sudden helper, but now it looked as if they were both going to be spider food.

    The magic devouring demon spider was stunned, then it revealed a taunting expression. Then, as it expected, this human intruder fell down on the spider web.

    It hesitated for a moment and its massive body began to move forward. It tossed itself towards Qin Yu like a gust of wind. The magic devouring demon spider could feel the incredible blood energy within this human outsider’s body. If it ate him, perhaps it could complete its next evolution.

    In the blink of an eye, the magic devouring demon spider arrived. It opened its mouth to reveal sharp fangs that bit down at Qin Yu’s neck. But at this time, Qin Yu’s frozen body unexpectedly moved, dodging the fangs of the magic devouring demon spider and loudly punching it between the eyes.