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Chapter 699 - Little theater side story

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 699: Little theater side story

    [“With each ending, it’s the start of a new world!  Today we will ask our director Lu ten rather embarrassing questions, alright?”]

    [Good!!!  Director Lu!  Pa, pa, pa, pa!]  The system talking to itself applauded very seriously.


    [“First question: What was your reaction when you met for the first time?”]

    “Falling down, falling down, and falling down.”

    [“Please be elegant and not crude, please answer again!”]

    “Sleep with her…..”

    [“Treat it as the system saying nothing, alright?  You don’t need to respond again!”]

    [“Second question: When was she the cutest for you?”]

    “Giving me eleven dollars and thirty cents, saying that it was just an attempt!”

    [“Ha, ha, ha, the system also felt the host was quite poor!”]  After all, she even wanted to borrow money from it!

    “I really thought it was one billion.  I thought that she was looking down on me, Lu Xi Feng, wanting to take care of me for only one billion!  I never thought that she meant eleven dollars and thirty cents…..”

    [“Third question: The rich circle had rumours that she was a fool, what did you think?”]

    “I feel that they were the fools!  Look at that Wang Zi Hang, if it wasn’t for his family, he would be a rogue standing on the streets!”

    [“That’s very correct…..”]

    [“Fourth question: Did you bid with that sky high price in the auction just to stop her design falling into other people’s hands?”]

    “Not completely!”  He hesitated a bit before saying, “It was to see a smile from the beauty.”

    [“Fifth question: What touched you the most?”]

    “When she admitted in the cafeteria that she was my fiancee!  It felt like there was only her and me in this world at that moment!”

    [“Sixth question: Did she give you any birthday presents?”]

    “Many presents!  Speaking of birthdays, it reminds of something I said to her!”

    [“What?”]  The system wanted to say that there was always dog food to eat when the world ended.

    Can you scatter less dog food this time!

    “She bought me a very big cake and had me make a wish.  I said: Do you remember my wish from last year?  I want to stay with her forever and now she was listening to me.”

    [.....Good, good!  It was very like Lu Xi Feng!]

    [“Seventh question: How do you normally spend your time?”]

    “She played tennis with me and I watched drama series with her!  Although our hobbies were different, as long as you love each other, there is nothing impossible!”

    [“The system feels that people who say their personalities don’t match just don’t like each other!”]

    [“Eighth question: When was the first time you had a spat?”]

    “Spat?”  Lu Xi Feng seriously thought for a bit before saying, “It was because of a cat!  She spent quite a bit of time with a cat later on, so I felt that she liked the cat better than me!”

    [“How did you solve it?”]

    “Love knows no bounds!  She liked her little cat, so even if I didn’t like it, I had myself like it!”

    [“You really love the host!”]

    [“Ninth question: When did you feel the most pain for her?”]

    “Whenever her period came, she trembled with pain!  I didn’t know what to do!  I tried many methods later on and finally found one that worked!”

    [“What is it, please share it with the our little fairies!”]

    “Soak your feet for half an hour on the first day of your period and drink a cup of brown sugar ginger tea!”

    [“Wa, the system can really feel the host’s happiness!”]

    [“Tenth question: Can the lovely prince say something to her?”]

    “A lifetime of loving each other, sharing warmth with you!”

    [Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 13/100]