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Chapter 989 - A Huge Conspiracy

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 989: A Huge Conspiracy

    Wen Xinya clenched her fists tightly and pressed her back against the cold, hard wall. She then advanced forward, unable to see a single thing at all. All that was in front of her was a white layer of fog which she reckoned was because of the bright flash that she caught a glimpse of just now.

    Due to the various involuntary responses that her body was making, she felt a little slow-witted and her brain began to feel fuzzy too. She could not judge time properly and she had no idea how long she had been pacing for. However, the further she strayed away, the more uneasy she felt.

    She was petrified.

    She could not see a single thing and her body was feeble too. Everything was telling her that she was helpless.

    “Sis Yanhua…” Perhaps because she had been hallucinating, she felt like the sounds in her ears were amplified. Little did she know, those noises were actually incredibly soft and almost inaudible.

    “Is anyone there?” she asked.

    The only answer she received was her own echo and the sounds of heels being knocked against the ground.

    She could sense that she had already arrived in a secluded area where humans were scarce. Hence, she subconsciously turned around and walked backward.

    It was her first time feeling so helpless without her sense of sight.

    Soon, Wen Xinya began to experience another symptom.

    Her brain began to get increasingly fuzzier and her breathing quickened as well. She could sense that she was about to feel pain every soon. She tried to call for Si Yiyan. “Yan, Yan, Yan… where are you?”

    She thought about Si Yiyan.

    Her legs turned into jelly as her imagination began to run wild.

    She had no choice but to slide down the wall and thump herself down onto the ground while trying her best to remove her stilettos before struggling to get back up onto her feet.

    She could vaguely sense a figure zooming past her. She frantically walked towards the figure, only to realize that she began forming delusions again. Si Yiyan’s silhouette seemed to have appeared in front of her.

    “Yan, is that you…” She murmured while pacing towards Hell as if she had received the guidance of the Devil.

    She seemed to have entered a room while in a daze, after which she was hugged by someone who dragged her onto a spacious bed and pinned her down. She then felt a pair of hands wandering up and down her body beneath her clothes. She had already lost the ability to resist, though she did not want to resist either.

    “Yan, Yan…” she murmured his name continuously in a volume that was so soft that she was the only one who could hear it.

    She began to hallucinate and her body became weak and feeble. She could not see anything at all and the sounds in her ears were vague too. Although her judgment was impaired… her body had become increasingly sensitive.

    He was not Si Yiyan, he was…

    She got intimate with Si Yiyan every night and her body was more familiar with Si Yiyan than her mind was. Her body had already committed to memory, the feeling of joy that Si Yiyan brought her.

    This was not Si Yiyan.

    Those words flashed through her mind continuously and she felt a sudden moment of soberness. She tried to struggle but to no avail because of how weak she was in comparison to the assaulter. She instinctively fumbled about the bedside cabinet. After getting her hands on what seemed to be a wine bottle, she grabbed it and smashed it against the head of the person on top of her.

    She felt the person thumping himself down onto her, perhaps because she had used too much strength.

    With all her might, she pushed the body away from her.

    She then got up from the bed.

    She touched her clothes and found that they were fortunately intact.

    Incredibly flustered and anxious, Wen Xinya fumbled around the bedside cabinet for the telephone handset. She remembered that the first button on the first row of the keypad was for customer service. She pressed the button gently and could vaguely sense that the call had been connected, though she could not quite see or hear clearly.

    Hence, she smashed the table lamp against the ground as soon as she found it, trying her best to make as much noise as possible so as to catch the attention of the receptionist.

    She did not know what the outcome would be, but that was the quickest solution she could think of.

    She subtly felt like she had fallen into a huge conspiracy.

    She had no idea why she was experiencing those symptoms. First, it was the dilation of her pupils followed by her vision turning blurry. Hence, the only way she could navigate was by following the sounds that she could hear. It was just human instinct.

    She guessed that she had probably been lured to the place. Later on, she began to experience a loss of hearing and speech, ridding her of the chance to seek help. Her body then grew weaker and she could no longer escape. She began to hallucinate and mistake everyone around her for Si Yiyan, after which she was led to a room without resisting. If it weren’t because of her sharp senses, she probably… would have been violated.

    Hence, she deduced that the mastermind’s intention was to lure her into the room and make her get raped by an unknown man.

    This was Si Yiyan’s territory and nothing could escape his eyes. Hence, the mastermind decided to lurk in the dark and lure her into the trap slowly, one step at a time. He did not even have to alarm her. Indeed, it was a scheming and shrewd plan.

    Wen Xinya could not help but guess.

    Under normal circumstances, she would be betraying Si Yiyan by bedding another man and he would no longer love her once she did. He might even kill her out of anger.

    She fumbled around and tried to identify the items that she was touching in every room. She used the foolproof method of guessing where those items belonged, to trace her way out of the room.

    Wen Xinya finally reached the handle of the door after falling down and knocking into countless things.

    She subconsciously reached a hand out to open the door, only to discover that someone was pushing it.

    She asked, “Room service?”

    She suddenly clenched her fists and broke out into cold sweat. It was an involuntary physical response to an impending crisis. There was no reason for it at all and it was just a sixth sense.

    She subconsciously moved away from the door and grabbed a porcelain ornament which she guessed was an antique by the door. There were usually antiques and ornaments on display near the door. She grabbed it tightly without hesitation.

    Due to the impending danger and the external interference, her mind began to get foggier and she felt that her guess was too simple. Not only had she sunk into a major conspiracy, but she had also fallen into a black hole. If it weren’t because of the immense pain and torment that she had been through in her previous lifetime which strengthened her willpower, she would long have fallen into the trap.