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Chapter 359 - You’re as Shameless as I Was in My Younger Days

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 359: You’re as Shameless as I Was in My Younger Days

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    Ning Ke’s eyes widened in disbelief after seeing that Weibo post. She could not believe it!

    Animating “Ride With the Wind” had been her sister’s dream. She did not demand anything from anyone in life other than this last wish. Huo Beichen had already promised to help her out with this. If so, why…?

    Clenching her fists, Ning Ke felt a surge of rage churning in her stomach.

    Could it be that this was due to that woman?

    So, Huo Beichen had completely forgotten about Sis because he was now deeply, madly in love in this vixen?!

    He had completely forgotten all the things her sis had asked of him? He had said he would take care of her and promised that he would never forget Sis.

    So, this was how he was going to “take care” of her? This was how he was going to “remember” her sister?!

    Ning Ke was utterly pissed.

    Not bothering to read the rest of the comment chain that accused her of trying to stir drama in others’ marriage, she hurled her phone toward the closest wall furiously.

    Her face began to crease as rage burned in her mind…


    A few days later, Ning Meng had completely recovered from the fever. Thus, she invited her editors and assistants who worked for her in Lemon Studio for a meal at a restaurant.

    On her way to meet them, Ning Meng saw that Qi Shan had sent a few messages in the “Happy Idiots” WeChat group.

    Qi Shan: [Are you there? @ZhenShanmei]

    Zhen Shanmei: [Yeah. I’m kinda busy right now, though… Why?]

    Qi Shan: [Oh, I see. Okay, we’ll talk after you finish your business in the toilet.]

    Zhen Shanmei: [?]

    Ning Meng almost burst into laughter after taking a peek at the message as she was driving.

    This Qi Shan… he was such a moron!

    After arriving at the club, Ning Meng handed her keys to a valet before walking straight to the lobby.

    “Ms. Ning!”

    Just as Ning Meng was heading straight to the private suite that she had booked, she heard someone calling out to her.

    Raising her head toward the direction from where the voice had come from, Ning Meng saw Ning Ke standing nearby.

    Ning Meng frowned instantly.

    Walking toward her slowly, Ning Ke opened her mouth to speak. “Ms. Ning, is it fun for you to stop Mr. Huo from investing in my comics?”


    “Do you honestly think he is deeply in love with you? Have you never thought it through? That you are just a mere replacement.”


    Putting a hand under her chin, Ning Meng took a long look at Ning Ke before patting the latter on her shoulder. “A piece of advice, Ning Ke. You should learn to be a good girl. Although you look as shameless as I was in my younger days, you’re still going to be in heaps of trouble if you come out and disturb me. If you keep on harassing me, I’ll slap your pretty face so hard that you’ll remember every bloody embarrassing memory from before you were 8 years old. Do you want to remember your pathetic childhood that much?”

    Upon hearing this, Ning Ke’s face turned grim instantly. It was as though Ning Meng’s words had jerked up some awful memories in her head.

    Taking a step backward, Ning Ke stared at Ning Meng as she ground her teeth. “You’ll regret this.”

    Then, she turned around and walked away.

    K.O! Yay!

    A total victory for Ning Meng!

    Raising her chin proudly, Ning Meng walked into the private suite like a champ.

    Over the next hour, Ning Meng had a good, polite meal time with her assistants.

    The meal was not noisy and warm—they were, after all, just colleagues. Other than working together as a team, they had no other connections after-work.

    As they were chatting casually about work, they were finally able to decide the actual date to publish the finale of “Lifebloom”. Seeing that everyone was having a difficult time eating freely in front of her, probably due to being afraid of offending their boss, Ning Meng stood up frankly and announced her departure. “Alright, everyone. Eat as much as you’d like. It’s our celebration for completing the comic, after all. Unfortunately, I’ve got to go now. Duty calls.”

    As soon as she left the private suite, she saw that the door of the suite next door was wide open, and from the entrance, she could see a pair of rich men trying to take advantage of a young woman.

    One of the men put a hand under the girl’s chin and said, “You want us to invest in your anime? Sure! Spend a night with us. Then, we’ll give you a few dozen million yuan to spend. How about it?”

    “Let me go, you as*holes!”

    Hmm? That voice sounded very familiar.

    Oh, the maiden in distress was none other than Ning Ke herself!