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Chapter 334 - My Wife Is Superb (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 334: My Wife Is Superb (2)

    With a swift glance at Gu Yu, Grandpa Gu caught sight of that expressionless face of his. After quickly collecting himself, he asked with no emotion evident from his voice, "Why did you mention her all of a sudden?"

    "Old man, didn't you hear? Yun Rou's back in the country. I met her a few days ago at the company. She truly is such a beauty; there's no doubt that she was born to be that way. Oh, and, she even clinched victory at the International Piano Competition and has now become a national hero. She's extremely popular now. She's even preparing to launch a world tour!"

    Grandpa Gu sipped on his tea leisurely as he asked, "Is that so?"

    "That's right. Yun Rou has always cherished her friendship with the Gu Family. Upon learning that Gu Corporation was searching for a new spokesperson, she was willing to take some time out of her busy schedule to sign a contract with Gu Corporation. With Yun Rou's current reputation, signing her would likely bring Gu Corporation an immeasurable number of benefits in the near future!"

    As he spoke, Gu Xiong suddenly sighed heavily before he said, "It's just that…"

    His gaze shifted from Grandpa Gu to Gu Yu, furrowing his brows in disapproval. "But Yu shot the idea down straight away without giving it any consideration."

    "Listen, old man. Since we're family, I'm not going to beat around the bush. In my opinion, shouldn't we separate public and private affairs when it comes to the company? Regarding this issue about the spokesperson, Yu called the shots when he wanted to use whoever he wanted back then, that celebrity called Su Ziqian. Even though the board of directors had something to say, we still respected his decision. Even so, he suddenly decided to not use her and haven't been looking for a replacement ever since. Now we've finally found someone that's excellent in all aspects, someone that is able to meet Gu Corporation's standards. And yet, he refuses to accept her!"

    "Old man, I don't deny that Yu is a very capable man. But he's still young after all… Bringing private matters to work and making a decision that doesn't benefit the company surely won't do any good, right?"

    "As for Yun Rou being our company's spokesperson, I'm not the only one in favor of it. I have also consulted the other directors; they also feel that Yun Rou is an extremely suitable candidate for it as well. So, old man, what do you think about Yun Rou being… Gu Corporation's new spokesperson?"

    Grandpa Gu finally understood the situation.

    ‘This Gu Xiong. Mentioning Yun Rou wasn't just a coincidence. He came prepared,' he thought.

    He had raised Gu Yu when the latter was a child. Considering what happened to his parents back then, the way Gu Yu acted when work was involved was incisive. Thus, Gu Xiong knew that it'd be hard to talk Gu Yu out of it. That was why he had the idea to convince Grandpa Gu instead.

    After his retirement, he focussed on self-cultivation. With how calm and amiable he was, it made people feel that he was the better person to approach for discussion.

    Grandpa Gu chuckled softly, "I can tell that you're genuinely considering the interests of the company. Not bad, not bad at all."

    A glint flashed past Gu Xiong's eyes at once, "Of course, Gu Corporation is our foundation. We are all hoping that Gu Corporation remains well. If it does, then we'll be even better!"

    Knowing that one needed to strike while the iron is hot, Gu Xiong pressed hurriedly, "What do you think, old man? Do you also agree to Yun Rou being Gu Corporation's new spokesperson?"

    The old man had the highest amount of shares in the company. If he were to agree, then this plan can be considered to have been given the green light. Even Gu Yu wouldn't be able to object then!

    It was just like how the old man had made Gu Yu marry Xu Weilai back then. No matter how unwilling he was to marry her, didn't he still do so in the end?

    At the thought of that, Gu Xiong couldn't help but snicker inwardly.

    Victory's in sight!