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Chapter 348 - Instructor Tang, Will You Protect me?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 348: Instructor Tang, Will You Protect me?

    Tang Jinyu listened to the girl who liked to put on a show. He breathed out a heavy sigh. Then, he said frostily, “Go and find a place to hide.”

    “Instructor Tang, are you going to come and save me like a hero?” Jian Qi smiled and said. “Your little goddess needs your protection.”

    “Mhm.” Tang Jinyu replied placidly.

    At the same time, Zhao Yu had not switched off his earpiece. Although Tang Jinyu sounded emotionless, it was quite frightening for him.

    ‘Instructor Tang, did you just admit that you’ll save her like a hero or that the acting queen is your little goddess?’

    “Instructor Tang, you need to be faster. If not, your little goddess will be eliminated soon.”

    Jian Qi said pitifully.

    No one said anything for a long time. Jian Qi coughed and said, “Instructor Tang must be quite nervous and is coming to my rescue right this instant.”

    Zhao Yu looked at her. His lips twitched slightly.

    ‘Girl, are you sure that he didn’t hang up because he’s too lazy to talk to you?’

    Jian Qi smiled cunningly as she realized that Zhao Yu was staring at her. “Don’t worry. I’ll take revenge for you.”

    “Aren’t you waiting for Instructor Tang to come and rescue you?” Zhao Yu saw right through her lie.

    Jian Qi was calm. “You’re assuredly single from the looks of you.”

    Zhao Yu. “…”

    ‘Girl, I need my dignity too even if I’m single. Can you not be so forthright in your contempt for me?’

    “You’re single too.” Zhao Yu retorted.

    “No, I have Instructor Tang!” She sounded happy and smug too.

    Zhao Yu was annoyed, being mocked in such a way.

    She was indeed shameless. It would be better if were to leave right away.

    “I’m cheering on for you, young girl. I hope that you can be with Instructor Tang in the end.”

    Jian Qi remained calm. She was strangely confident in herself. “Of course.”

    Zhao Yu. “…”


    Zhao Yu left her. Lightning asked Leng Yu on the other side of the mountain, “Is Big Sister Qi gone? Zhao Yu has left.”

    Leng Yu looked at where Jian Qi was just now. If Jian Qi had followed the road and left, they would not be able to see her from where they were now.

    “She should be gone by now since it’s useless for her to stay there. We’ll see her as soon as she appears in front of us.” Leng Yu pointed out.

    “Let’s leave now. We need to change our location.” Lightning said. “It’s dangerous for us if we stay here and Big Sister Qi discovers another sniper spot.”

    As such, they left to search for the next hiding spot and target.

    Clearly, they underestimated Jian Qi’s stubbornness in wanting to be on the same team with Tang Jinyu.

    She was still hiding there. However, she hid herself well and she would not be found easily.

    On the other hand, Tang Jinyu was quite fast.

    Jian Qi was excited when she saw Tang Jinyu before her. She threw herself at him directly.

    Tang Jinyu turned sideways and dodged her incoming assault so Jian Qi did not get to hug him.

    She sighed deep down.

    “Instructor Tang, why don’t you comfort your little goddess?”

    Jian Qi looked at him sadly.

    “Stand up properly.” Tang Jinyu said.

    Jian Qi obeyed him.

    He scanned Jian Qi up and down. He spoke again after he saw that she was not injured. “What happened just now?”

    “Zhao Yu and I were ambushed by two teams. Luckily, I ran away quickly. If not, you’ll see a warm corpse by now.” Jian Qi explained that she did not have it easy just now.

    Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched.

    “Let’s go.”

    Jian Qi followed him calmly. She was still quite excited. “Instructor Tang, will you protect me?”

    “Mhm…” He replied stonily.

    Jian Qi smirked. It was indeed not easy!

    “Instructor Tang, are you afraid of feeling sad if your little goddess gets eliminated?” Jian Qi smiled wickedly.

    Tang Jinyu. “…”

    “Jian Qi, don’t force me to make a move on you!”