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Chapter 279 - I Have Something to Do

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 279: I Have Something to Do

    This was the first time that someone hung up on him.

    Seeing Zi You's ugly expression, the assistant asked cautiously, "What's wrong, Brother Zi You?"

    "F*ck, I even called that woman with the surname Su. How dare she hang up on me? I've been in the circle for so long, but I've never met someone so arrogant."

    Not only was Zi You criticizing Su Cha behind her back, but he was also scolding her.

    The assistant at the side found it hard to explain.

    Although Zi You was known as a handsome, pretty man and often acted cute on shows, he was actually a very good person in private.

    Although the assistant did not know what Su Cha was thinking, it was definitely not a good thing for her to be targeted by a judge. He could not help but sympathize with her.

    She was too beautiful.


    The atmosphere was tense.

    After hanging up, Su Cha could only hear Bo Muyi's heavy breathing.

    He did not speak first. Su Cha thought for a while and said, "This person was our judge during the competition today."

    "I know."

    Bo Muyi suddenly stood up and looked at Su Cha with a deep gaze. Even though he tried his best to suppress his anger in front of Su Cha, it was still a little intimidating.

    Although Su Cha did not feel this way, she could not tell what Bo Muyi would do.

    "Cha Cha, you can go eat."

    Suddenly, the man got up and asked Su Cha to have dinner.

    Su Cha also sat up, puzzled. "What about you? Aren't you going to accompany me?"

    "I'm here. I'm not going anywhere."

    Bo Muyi kissed Su Cha on the forehead. "I'll get someone from the kitchen to serve you food. I have something to do."


    Su Cha could guess what Bo Muyi was up to.

    This man was clearly angry. He would never ignore the call just now.

    However, Su Cha did not plan to.

    This Zi You was indeed seeking death. He should know that some people were not people he could flirt with as he wished. It was fine if he could, but if he could not yet still tried to, that made him a lowlife.

    Judging from that person's tone, Su Cha guessed that he would find trouble with her if she hung up so straightforwardly.

    Since that was the case, Bo Muyi should act on it.

    She remained silent and waited for the kitchen to serve the dishes. Then, she started eating quietly. Bo Muyi went to the study room and made a phone call. He came out soon after.

    His expression relaxed as he sat down to eat with Su Cha.

    After Su Cha finished eating, she returned to the bedroom and saw that Ya Yazhou from the Embroidery Union had sent her a message.

    Ya Yazhou: "Are you there?"

    Su Cha saw what was coming and did not avoid it.

    Cha Yi: "I am here."

    Ya Yazhou: "That's great. It's like this, cough, maybe you really think it will be very abrupt, but I wanted to ask, if we can't meet, can you give me a phone number? My teacher wants to discuss some questions with you."

    Cha Yi: "If anything's the matter, you can say it. My number is not convenient for strangers."

    Ya Yazhou: "…I'll ask my teacher. I can ask her to add you on WeChat."

    Cha Yi: "Sure."

    After that much had been said, Su Cha did not refuse.

    Although she did not know what the Embroidery Union members were thinking, it was not a big deal to chat with them. Besides, they were also participating in the competition, so Su Cha did not have much time to deal with other matters.